Monday, June 8, 2020

Gotham City Digest: The KKK is Alive and Well edition

(Make room, Karl Rove's Leather Slave.)

   Yes, the protests have altered the pandemic. By the same token, you could also say that the pandemic changed the protests. Tens of millions of us are out of work or working from home, so we can spend more time at protests than we ordinarily could with a fully-functional economy.

     If you want to know why the Minneapolis City Council voted in a veto-proof majority to disband the MPD, start with this paragraph.
    "For years, activists have argued that MPD has failed to actually keep the city safe, and City Council members echoed that sentiment today during their announcement. MPD’s record for solving serious crimes in the city is consistently low. For example, in 2019, Minneapolis police only cleared 56 percent of cases in which a person was killed. For rapes, the police department’s solve rate is abysmally low. In 2018, their clearance rate for rape was just 22 percent. In other words, four out of every five rapes go unsolved in Minneapolis. Further casting doubt on the department’s commitment to solving sexual assaults, MPD announced last year the discovery of 1,700 untested rape kits spanning 30 years, which officials said had been misplaced."

     Trump's clown car of a campaign is searching for a new slogan, as if a bumper sticker slogan will fix everything. So let's hear your ideas. I'll get it started: "Our biggest death counts are still ahead of us,."

    Don't expect the Minneapolis cops, still under the control of power-mad Nazi psychopath Bob Kroll, to go gently into that good night.

     Make Trump give a speech on race? Yeah, this ought to end well.

     The master race slathers itself in glory yet again.

     Another angry white asshole. He got knocked flat on his fat ass then sanctioned by his employer.

     Karen Does Phoenix and Gets Slapped in Her Racist Face.

     City of Brotherly Love, indeed. Joey Bologna apparently has his fascist fanboys.

     "Is This the Trump Tipping Point?" Yes. It is. The old quicksand trope that the more you struggle in it, the faster you sink seems to illustrate Trump's behavior of late. Mattis, Kelly, Mullen made the trifecta among flag officers who have gone after him. And, true to form, Trump the COVID King is attacking them back. He's hip-deep in quicksand and doing an Irish jig.

     OK, I have to ask- Where were the cops when this psychopath was walking around through a large crowd brandishing a loaded gun? Why did this have to result in a young black man getting shot?

    Trump is literally a plague and a pox upon us. Because of his bullshit photo op in Maine, this medical supply factory had to toss desperately-needed swabs made for coronavirus tests because he refused to wear a mask. Puritan is one of just two companies on the planet that make them. And Trump's idiocy just seriously put them behind their production schedule. At one point, he put his arm around an employee and said, "I'm not supposed to do that." When are companies going to start barring this asshole from entering their facilities?

     "Good riddance!! One less thug!" That's what they'll be saying when this douchebag Minneapolis cop gets his ass fired.

     Cartoon intermission.

     Oh, crime's down? That's because your criminally horrid response to the pandemic necessitated lockdowns, you fucking moron. In fact, most of the crime we've been seeing lately have been committed by cops and your screaming, brain-dead voters.

     But he's not racist, he claims, after saying with bugged out eyes he wished he could shoot black people with his new toy, an AR15.

    The coronavirus pandemic and especially the George Floyd protests have exposed for all the world to see not just Trump's racism and brutality but also what an ugly, racist and bitter country we are as a whole. It is so embarrassing to be a white American these days.

     She's right. Her own people helped create Derek Chauvin with their police fetish cult.

     On the campaign trail, he insulted war hero John McCain because he was captured, waved away a 2005 audiotape of him bragging about sexually assaulting women, insulted female journalists in disgusting terms, mocked a disabled reporter. So fuck you and your sticker shock and buyer's remorse, you skinhead loser.

     We are so fucking stupid. The United States has remained resilient through wars, other pandemics, depressions and recessions and civil unrest. Yet I don't see how we're going to survive this pandemic, our stupidity toward it AND Trump. What we've seen thus far will be nothing compared to what awaits us this fall, summer and winter.

     "The president* is very much against kneeling in general." But on black peoples' necks, eh, not so much.

     Another very fine person heard from.

    "Oh, nos! That old Jew's sending opponents of fascism to our little town that no one's heard of! Maw, git mah gun!"

     "I... will not stand for racism," says white CEO right after making a racist post on Twitter.

     Surprise. Trump caused the recession even before the coronavirus hit.

   Oh, horrors! Wouldn't THAT be the worst? Getting shunned by their fellow Manhattan 1% scumbags. That must be worse than, I don't know, having a knee on your neck for eight minutes and forty six seconds.

   The Nuremberg rallies are coming back? Coronavirus approves.

   Now we're knocking out kids' teeth because of loud music. Face it, folks, this nation sucks. Help this kid get his smile back. He was the one in Michigan who got three of his teeth knocked out by a racist asshole Saturday night. Here's the link to his Gofundme page.

   Once again, Trump threatens Antifa and within days every deranged right wing nut case with dubious histrionic gifts wants to kill Antifa protesters. And finally...

    'They were laughing,” Mogelson recalled. “They had grins on their faces.'” Cops are thugs and vandals as well as murderers. Tit for tat, I say. Start taking out the tires of their cruisers, see how they like it.


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