Saturday, June 27, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(For a very limited time, specifically January 20th, 2021)

    This could have turned out so much worse. First, the Detroit Police called his job to tell him to turn himself in because they were too lazy to arrest him. Then when they did arrest him, they wouldn't tell him WHY he was being arrested. Then they never asked him if he had an alibi the night of the robbery. He did.
     This is the downside of facial recognition software.

    So the department doesn't investigate people for criminal activity, any more? Check out this asshole Gilmore's excuses for making these racist, inflammatory statements. He said he couldn't wait to buy an assault rifle and start slaughtering black people.

     Remember when I said that it'll be interesting to see the coronavirus cases in Tulsa a week after the rally? Well, here they are and it's about what you'd expect. Just based on this and the fact that six members of Trump's own advance team, two Secret Service agents and a local reporter were all diagnosed with coronavirus, every city in America should ban him from holding rallies since he's obviously a danger to public health.

    Doxxing BLM protesters? This is the last kind of Democrat we need.

    Remember this crook? If you ever encounter her, avoid her like the plague.

    Your Karen o' the day week year. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)

     Meme intermission.

    The Sierra Club just kicked Trump's fat, pasty ass in court. The 9th Circuit just ruled that Trump illegally stole money from the Pentagon to build his vanity wall.

    The New York Times released a bombshell that Russia's been paying Afghan militants to kill US troops, essentially putting a bounty on their heads. Trump's known about this since March and, typically, has done nothing about it.

     Peter Navarro: "The China trade deal is over."
     Trump: "No it's not."
     Wall Street tanks yet again.

    The three Minneapolis cops currently being charged with second degree murder could get their jobs back?! Please tell me this isn't happening. Why is it the only unions left that have any muscle these days are the wrong ones?

    The Meidas Touch just launched a new ad against Ivanka.

    Because it's all about me, Me, ME.

    “If the rioters were Saudi nationals... (w)e would understand immediately that it’s terrorism."
     Someone please explain to the whitest man in America that there's more than a subtle difference between social activism and Islamist terrorism.

    A Chicago columnist epically trolls right wing gun nuts arming themselves to the teeth over the scary black people. Typically, he got trolled back by a gun blogger and his right wing ditto head readers.

    "LAW AND ORDER! Now, watch this shot..."

    "There's nothing to worry about! We've flattened the curve. It's just, uh, a little too dangerous to do a Victory lap just yet."

   But I don't know how this happened. It all looked so legit. The company was started by a fraudulent telemarketer.

   It seems with every Republican administration, the names of the same right wing barnacles keep coming up. Like Art Laffer, who got $20,000,000 in wingnut welfare from the government while telling it to close the spigots to everyone else.

    Remember when Whole Foods used to represent part of the left wing counter culture, when they were renowned for taking care of their employees? Then a bald-headed, lazy eyed little twerp named Jeff fucking Bezos swooped down like the vulture he is and bought it.

     "I'm so sorry this man is your president." Keep in mind, this is coming from a former US Marine and a member of Congress. And finally...

     Woodrow Wilson is now officially persona non grata at Princeton University.


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