Sunday, June 28, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(And take McConnell and Miller with you.)

     What's the male version of a Karen? They need a name. I nominate "Brad."

     "The F-35 Lightning II Can't Fly Near Lightning." Yes, you read that correctly. The F-35 Lighting can't fly anywhere near lightning. And we've spent HOW many hundreds of billions on this sack o' shit?

     UN workers taped getting jiggy wid it in a UN car. Oh, jolly excellent form and good show!

    I look at the ridiculously and cluelessly named Lincoln Project as a bunch of useful idiots. But their latest anti-Trump ad is a savage work of art.

     Bullshit. Why WOULDN'T they brief him about Russian bounties on US troops?

     I love Sacha Baron Cohen, especially when he trolls right wing nut bags.

    Let the Facebook ad purge begin. The Fuckbook ad boycott is going global. At last count, 160 corporations were pulling their ads. Looks like someone's about to have an even worse summer than Trump and it's this asshole.

     Then, to show what a true profile in courage he is, he deleted the "white power" retweet. Now the WH is trying to say he didn't hear the "white power" part of that video. Uh huh.

    While US troops are getting killed by Putin, the nation is dying of a plague, the economy's in freefall, there's racial unrest all over and his campaign's in a shambles, the "president" decides now's a good time to go golfing with Lady G. Well played, sir, well played.

      This is the crowd of goobers who came to hear Mike Pence in Dallas today. At a time when Texas is seeing a massive spike in COVID-19 cases, he thought this would be the perfect time to bunch hundreds together.

    Meme intermission.

    Your Karen o' the day: Get Off Your Lawn edition.

    That's right, Uncle Tim, keep a civil tongue on that jackboot.

    NYPD to hold end of watch ceremonies for 272 snowflakes.

   Flynn's lawyer wrote a letter to Bill Barr, the boss of the prosecutors, and sent it in "utmost confidentiality" (I'll bet it was) begging for his help, which is so incredibly improper, it boggles the mind. How could this not be grounds for disbarment.

    Another paean to white supremacy from Mel Gibson.

    OK, the question I have is, if the Intel community knew about Russians putting bounties on our troops way back in January, why did it take them until late March to brief Trump about it? Ther only scenario that makes sense is if Trump told them to weed out any reports about Russia, which I can easily see him doing.

    Remember the Doomsday choir of mutants in Beneath the Planet of the Apes? I give you the completely unmasked 100 member choir at Pence's happy Bullshit Talk in Dallas today. Don't say life doesn't imitate art.

     "I want to commend the governor for your decisive action reopening this economy", that's resulted in a massive spike of COVID-19 cases and record numbers of coronavirus diagnoses for 16 straight days, Pence didn't but should've added.

      If you've just about completely lost Liz Cheney, you've lost Bullshit Mountain.

    I'm coming perilously close to actually feeling sorry for the people who have to work under Fuckface von Clownstick.

    White police union head blames black parents for their kids getting shot. Kids like Laquan McDonald, for instance. And finally...

      If we can defund the police, Facebook and everything else standing in the way of social justice, then we should certainly be able to defund the right wing assholes at Fox.


At June 30, 2020 at 12:03 AM, Anonymous Comrade Rutherford said...

" "The F-35 Lightning II Can't Fly Near Lightning." Yes, you read that correctly. The F-35 Lighting can't fly anywhere near lightning. And we've spent HOW many hundreds of billions on this sack o' shit? "
Oh, how much like the B2 Stealth Bomber that can't fly through a cloud. Good thing there are no clouds in the sky, ever.


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