Sunday, June 7, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(Fornicate responsibly.)

    DC is literally crawling with police. And last week we saw just a tiny sliver of just how many there are.

     I can see both sides of this argument but just to look at it from Mayor Frey's side-
    You abolish the police department, then what do you replace it with? A city needs law enforcement and without cops to enforce the law, then you'll REALLY see looting on a scale we haven't seen over the last fortnight.
   At this point, defunding ought to be a threat, bargaining leverage only when negotiating with police officials for meaningful change. If you lead with defunding, the police will have no incentive to negotiate in good faith with city leaders. The answer isn't to defund the police except in the interests of demilitarization.

    Because we ARE playing favorites with our white nationalist brothers. Watch the video. The cop tells Proud Boys that Command sent him over. That's why the Chief's apology was a mealy-mouthed reaction to getting outed on video.

    I so do love my English brothers and sisters. The people of Bristol tore down a 125 year-old statue of a 17th century slave trader then tossed it in the drink.

    You had the power all along, you executive morons.

    Can we all agree that Tom Cotton is just a very unfunny version of Tom Green and primary his tight ass out of Washington?

    Trump promised to do this on Inauguration Day. Review those words in his inaugural speech and match them up against his deeds these days.

     Meme intermission.

     We need to revisit the Kerner report. It was the report that Johnson had commissioned during the riots of '67, then shelved when he felt he wasn't given credit for the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts. You may've heard it mentioned from time to time these days. There are reasons for that.

     A wonderful retrospective of the late Robert Stone, that most quintessential of American novelists.

    Ben Carson: "I grew up at a time when there was real systemic racism. I remember, as an eighth grade student, I was the only black student."
    And you're the only black member of Trump's Cabinet, stupid. So, yeah, there's STILL systemic racism.

    Candace Owens really is a sad, pathetic, pitiful joke. You have to wonder if she said to herself while growing up, "Hm, I think I wanna be the black Ann Coulter and the country's first preeminent female Uncle Tom."

     Oh, so now we're splitting hairs, are we, Billy boy? By the bye, pepper spray is, too, a chemical irritant. It wouldn't be used otherwise.

     Maybe someone should remind Peter the right wing penis eater that the FBI concluded the "pack of animals" who were looting were linked to white supremacist groups.

     White man white mansplains that African Americans "feel slighted" by police murders and there's no systemic racism in America, oddly enough, the same exact wording used by Ben Carson on CNN this morning. I'm glad we got that cleared up.

     As everyone now knows, most English police aren't even armed with guns and never have been since the Met was created by Sir Robert Peel in 1829. Yet, you don't see anarchy in the streets of England, do you? And they're having George Floyd protests in London, marching right past #10 while Met cops are passively looking on, sans riot gear. It's all really quite civilized and nary a gun in sight. As with power in Washington, if you give the police military-grade hardware, they will use it.

     "I don't want my face out there," the landlord said as he evicted his black tenants for peacefully protesting.
     Guess what? It is now, asshole.

     A disaster will always bring out a tyrant's true self.

     Forrest Fenn's treasure's been found at last.

    They shouldn't have allowed Bennet to resign. They should have immediately fired his ass for dereliction of duty. Neither he nor any of the Times' senior editorial staff even read Cotton's op-ed before running it.

     So naturally, they're being attacked by right wing nut jobs all over social media. My response to them is, If you're 100 times more pissed off about cops not getting discounts on their stereotypical donuts than you are about them murdering unarmed POC, then you are so incredibly the fucking problem.

    This happened yesterday in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She blocked protesters with her car then spat in a black kid's face. This is an attorney who did this, meaning cops and lawyers alike are breaking the law left and right.
     Meanwhile, our government breezily insists "systemic racism doesn't exist."

    I was beginning to wonder when people were going to start doing this to Widdle Donny's Babygate.

     Mitt's marching with BLM protesters. What a nice bookend to complement his father George not marching with Dr. King in the 60's. 

    They're getting murdered and in greater numbers under Trump. So, to quote a certain fascist tyrant, what have they got to lose by voting Democrat? And finally...

     I'd recently written LZ Granderson a long email mostly about my son. It was in response to an article he'd written that recounted the story of him having police draw their guns on him just for trying to get home. His white husband had to come down and tell the cops he belonged there. And he's rightly calling bullshit on Ben Carson for his incredibly tone deaf statements this morning.


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