Thursday, August 6, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(Too soon? Not when it comes to right wingers.)

     Republican scum can't even trust each other.

     Great. Another disease to worry about.

     Yo Semite?!

     OK, this is the third time this year we've heard from the government about flying saucers. So I have to ask the question everyone else is asking- WTF does Trump know and is he eventually going to blab about it? Apparently, Lou Dobbs is the new foremost expert on UFOs because he's always screaming about illegal aliens.

     Loeffler probably thinks she owns the black players and not just their contracts.

     Good for him. Someone should take those arrogant right wing twats to task.

     Why the hell aren't more towns and cities doing this?

     It's the economy, stupid, redux.

     For you folks in Kansas, rest easy tonight. Far right conspiracy theorist whack job Kris Kobach is out of the Senate race.

     Beirut: Something else the blithering idiot got wrong.

     How surprised are we these crimes against black people took place in Mississippi? The best thing they could do for society is to release them into the general population.

     Another State watchdog bites the dust. This government's disintegrating before our very eyes.

     Trumpie the Klown thinks he can give his acceptance speech from the WH. I guess he never heard of a forgotten little bylaw called the Hatch Act.

     And only in Trump World could the "president" promise to violate a federal law and his hotel responds with price gouging.

     Lady G made the mistake of getting into a bitchy cat fight with Lady Y. It did not end well for Lady G.

      Looks like someone got voted off Treasure Island.

      Dr. Fauci and his family have been getting death threats from right wing trogs.

     Yeah, I can see a right wing little fist fucker like Jacob Wohl doing this yet I have to ask, Why didn't Corrigan disavow these tweets, which perfectly mirror her previous statements, days ago when they first came out?

      The Trump administration and campaign knows they're going to lose. So, like typical right wing scum (and we saw this in Wisconsin after Evers beat Walker), they're salting the earth for the incoming Democrats who are about to dominate two thirds of the government. Because that's what Republicans are- Fifth Column terrorists who destroy everything they leave behind and fuck the good of the country. We've got to keep that pedal to the metal during this election and beyond. We need to keep going at warp speed and ensure the incoming administration doesn't lose a chamber of Congress in the next midterm as it historically does. We need to ensure these political terrorist Republicans are withered to a southern regional rump party until we wipe that right wing scum off the face of the planet.

     Your Karen o' the day.

     Of course he doesn't give a shit. How is this a surprise?

    Yeah, I can see Kushner doing this. He knows this is the sweetest gig he'll ever get (Remember, Javanka made $36.1 million last year alone) and he's not letting go so easily.

      Typical corporate scum.

     Cartoon intermission.

    I remember watching a movie years ago when a tween boy says, "I'll put it on Youtube and make a million dollars!" and his older sister said wearily, "It's free, stupid."
    Remember those good old days?
   Then corporations saw the potential to make a lot of money by driving content, hence ad revenue, and practically overnight no talent scumbags like the Pauls were celebrities when their large followings of idiots translated to millions of hits hence dollars and a new nouveau riche class was created from a bunch of JACKASS wannabes.
    So now they're blowing their ad wealth by throwing parties where people are getting hurt. For every Youtube millionaire that gives money and cars away to the underserved like that sweet kid in LA, there are literally 1000 grifters, rapists, sociopaths and scumbags like the Pauls.

     Too little, too late, Fuckbook.

     The only thing that's more hilarious than Trump thinking he can suggest debate moderators is the list of suggestions itself. Most of them are Fox boot lickers. Frankly, I'm surprised Sean Handjob, Lou Dobbs and Laura Ingraham didn't make the cut. (Fact: Not one CNN reporter is on the list.)

     Trump cut National Guard coronavirus funds to 47 states and territories. Texas and Florida were the two exceptions.

     Five people piled on him for 12 minutes while he died beneath them. And this body cam footage took 8 months to come out... WHY?!

     He didn't "stabilize" anything, CNN. You just stopped reporting on the protests.

     "Trump has no human care (sic) or concern for other people. By comparison, normal babies and other children — as well as animals such as rats — have empathy for others of their kind. "  -Daniel Drezner, Salon.

     Welp, that didn't take long. An entire second class and its teacher under quarantine. After just a day. Way to go, Georgia.

     Pastor of a Florida death cult whines about the UN turning America into a death cult.

     Another right wing, pro-Trump investment paying off. The cost is only 100+ human lives.

    Apparently, in Mayor Rudy Drooliani's world view, BLM is trying to "overthrow our way of life" that includes the privilege to lynch black people with impunity.

    It seems Pence believes that Supreme Court justices should bend to the will of religious and political far right activists instead of being impartial jurists. Roberts was a useless figurehead during the impeachment "trial" of Donald Trump and has proved to be one of the most pro-corporate SCOTUS justices in US history. So Pence can go fuck himself.

    156 years ago, Abraham Lincoln thought he'd lose the election but he insisted it be held, anyway. And he and General Grant made sure mail in ballots were used by soldiers deployed beyond their districts.

     Sure, Lady G. Perfect time to bring up Clinton's emails again. As a politician of the past once said, "Boys, he's thinner than piss on a hot rock."

     For once I agree with Rubin about something- Sally Yates needs to be the next AG.

    NY AG Letitia James just announced she's filed a civil suit to dissolve the NRA for fraud and abuse. When asked today why she's seeking its dissolution, she simply answered, "Because the corruption is so broad." You go, girl.

     C'mon, assholes, this is something we'd expect from Fox. "Liberal media"? WHAT liberal media?

     I couldn't watch the entire Axios interview with Trump. It's my job but there's only so much even I can stand. But in the clips I DID see, every time Trump looked away from Jonathan Swan in exasperation, I kept thinking of that famous video of the baboon clutching its head and banging away at a laptop before pushing it off the table.

     Right wing quitter to be replaced by right wing war criminal.

    No, just because politics may be played like a blood sport, that doesn't mean it's a game. And finally...

     Your co-Karen o' the day.


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