Wednesday, September 30, 2020

... But Don't Stand Down.


 (By American Zen's Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari.)

 Proud Boys, stand back and stand by."

     Those words, hopefully, will come back to bite Donald Trump in his fat ass come election day. That now-infamous moment came toward the end of the first presidential debate at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio last night. Taking too many words and interrupting Trump too many times, debate moderator Chris Wallace set up a layup that no sane politician would ever deliberately muff: Will you tell your supporters to stand down on election night?

     Trump, feigning ignorance, wanted a name. Biden fed him another assist: "Proud Boys." "Proud Boys? Stand back and stand by!" he said. It was the predictable nadir of a debate performance that, on Trump's end, seemed poised to alienate the left wing base, scare the vast pool of undecided moderates and independents and feed red meat to his real base. It was, also on Trump's end, a master class in rudeness, boorishness, crassness and sociopathy. Trump's conduct during the 100 minute-long debate was so universally panned, the Commission on Presidential Debates swiftly issued a press release announcing that, "additional structure should be added" to the remaining two debates.

    Because, as child rearing experts constantly say, problem children need structure.

   Hands slapped over faces in Republican circles, even among his insiders. Peter Navarro was spinning the bullshit 180 degrees, as usual. By this morning, Republican senators either went into the Witness Protection Program (I'd be surprised if Lindsey Graham wasn't now going under the name of Mizz Lillian Grant). Fox Business' Stuart Varney, who probably owns Trump pajamas, today told Kayleigh McEnany that Biden won the debate. The Lincoln Project, predictably, had a field day with it. Chris Wallace is panning his own performance, stating he naively never thought Trump would act like that, despite him acting the same exact way in his debates with Hillary Clinton four years ago. "A missed opportunity", a shell-shocked Wallace told the New York Times today.

   But the debate featured an even more infamous "missed opportunity" and that was, again, when Wallace served up a softball to Trump by asking him if he would tell his base to stand down on election night. Trump whiffed. Because that's what Nazis do and Nazis gotta fascist (see Frog, and the Scorpion).

    There were enough examples of degradation and shocking behavior to pick over. Trump was sloppy, ill-prepared if prepared at all and thought his Twitter tough guy persona was a viable debate strategy. It's not an exaggeration to say Vice President Biden was either smiling or laughing at least a quarter of the time because Trump was, as Wallace should have expected, rude, uncouth and just flat out mendacious.

     If that was a party debate and Biden was matched up against whatever few true progressives that were in the hunt until last winter/spring, Biden would've come off looking like the stereotypical, cranky old right wing uncle. But compared to Trump and his constant disrespectful interruptions, Biden looked like a flaming liberal, a hapless victim of an out of control rage monster. Biden is no friend to black voters or liberals but he was handed an easy debate win by default simply because Trump forgot to bring what passes for his brain to the debate stage.

     Meanwhile, proving that even rabid dogs can hear dog whistles, the Proud Boys heard and they obeyed Trump's not so subtle order to "stand by," as their latest merch shows.

   "I Don't Know Beau."

Donald Trump greatly diminished himself by attacking Vice President Biden's sons, Beau and Hunter. But the one Trump fixated on was Hunter, as he had several times last night. Speaking of Hunters, the late Hunter S. Thompson once described Joe Biden as a "rabid weasel on speed" and the surest way to bring that out was to attack both of Biden's sons. It's a pretty good bet that Trump didn't even know that Beau Biden died of brain cancer years ago.

     But the guy who shouldn't be mentioning Moscow and nepotism too much these days went there by advancing time and again a long-discredited conspiracy theory about the late Mayor of Moscow giving Hunter Biden $3.5 million. He mentioned Burisma, he threw in everything but the kitchen sink. He broke all the most sacred rules of debating- Wait your turn, don't interrupt and don't make it personal.

     That includes bringing in family, especially dead relatives.

     But nothing's sacred to Donald Trump except for his corporate brand.

     Not even the truth. Especially the truth.

    He lied about getting the endorsement of the Portland Sheriff, Mike Reese, who had to take to Twitter to remind people he did not endorse Trump and never would. The Marine Corps Times had to do a fact check and push back against Trump's lie that Biden got hundreds of thousands of soldiers killed. A former Neo Nazi went on Democracy Now! to denounce Trump's refusal to tell right wing extremists to stand down instead of standing by. And Joe Biden himself had to constantly fact check Trump in real time about the Green New Deal, which Biden does not endorse.

     And despite Fredo's moist and manic interviews on three networks last night just prior to the debate, Trump even thought it was a good idea to bring up Hunter's long since conquered substance abuse problem. Again, this debate was a master class put on by Trump in crassness, rudeness, boorishness and, now we can include with the shit showmanship, projection.

     It was an easy default win for Biden, who looked less like a Democratic presidential nominee and more like a victim of elder abuse. When he should have been addressing the undecided voters or Joe Biden, Trump spent half his time pleading his case directly to Chris Wallace for the simple reason that the right wing Wallace was seen by Trump as an ally.

     And all Trump did in his mendacious, crude, bleacher bum style of debating was to alienate even more voters, for the Commission on Presidential Debates to vow for tighter rules, make Joe Biden actually look appealing by conspicuous relief and make the 2016 Donald Trump look like the 1960 John F. Kennedy.

     Hours after the debate, a far right wing terrorist was arrested for pointing his gun at peaceful protesters, thereby balefully promising it would be mere prelude to what will happen on Election Night.

Monday, September 28, 2020

Literally the Brad o' the Day

      I'll just begin this post right now by stating that the only thing the Republican Party and I have in common these days is that I, too, have no use for most political correctness. This especially applies to Republican scum who beat their wives, draw guns on them and endanger the community. And I don't care very much if Candice Parscale is a dyed-in-the-wool Trump Republican. No woman deserves to get beaten by her husband to the point where when she calls 911 on him, she has bruises all over her body and face. I feel horrible for that poor woman. If you need additional empathy, imagine living with a creature larger and at least twice as strong as you flying into a rage and physically abusing you. That's what's like to be a woman living in an abusive situation.

     Having said that, it needs to be stated for the record that, yes, I laughed when I saw this video of the former Trump campaign manager get body tackled by police in Fort Lauderdale. I laughed when I first heard the news last night about his barricade situation that, after his wife ran out of the house in fear of her life, involved just Parscale and his dog.

     If that makes me a horrible person, so be it. But it wasn't just that situation that got me thinking. And, while I had to laugh at Parscale's life turning into an episode of COPS: Fort Lauderdale, in spite of the terror his poor wife Candice must have lived through, this is part and parcel to the quality of people that get sucked into Trump's orbit, the kind of toxic human intake that the Trump machine sucks in, chews up and spits out.

     Parscale, as we all now know, was demoted  from his role as Trump campaign manager. It was a role that had bloated Parscale's bottom line to the point where he could suddenly afford luxury houses, condos, cars and even a small yacht. Then the gravy train derailed and, despite being left with a pretty cushy life and lots of money in the bank, being deprived of most of his earning revenue took a toll on him so that yesterday, he threatened his wife's life and even his own.

     And, as stated, this is becoming typical of the massive criminal enterprise that is Donald Trump and his swampy life. We got a brief taste of what was to come when, early in the Trump administration, we learned about Trump's pick for Labor Secretary, Carl's Jr. President Andrew Puzder. Puzder had been accused by his ex wife of spousal abuse, an allegation that by early February 2017 had been vigorously denied.

     Exactly a year later almost to the day, top White House aide Rob Porter abruptly resigned when news broke that he had abused more than one ex wife. He, too, denied the spousal abuse allegations because, Republican. At the same time, speechwriter David Sorensen was also accused of domestic abuse and he, too, had resigned.

     Trump, true to form, accepted the resignations but called the allegations lies and defended these two wife-beaters because, who can believe women when they make credible allegations against the master sex? And then, there's Parscale.

     And those are just the wife-beaters.

     The roll call of criminals proved guilty and deeply suspected of other crimes from collecting child pornography and sex trafficking to white collar crimes involving money laundering and tax evasion and, in Felix Sater's case, outright assault and battery with a deadly weapon, grows exponentially. It's damning enough when one considers this motley assortment of international criminals are attracted to Donald Trump. It's even more damning when one comes to the conclusion that these are also exactly the type of people to whom Donald Trump is attracted.

     Yesterday, the NY Times published a bombshell article, the first of many to come, after they'd received anonymously roughly 2600 pages of Trump's financials. Just to be clear, these are not the Trump tax returns that the administration's shysters have been bitterly fighting to keep hidden from Manhattan DA Cy Vance, Jr.

     Nonetheless, they offer a clarifying picture of Trump's business dealings, we'll charitably call them, over the past 15 years. Among them:

     Trump paid no taxes for 10 of the last 15 years.

     In 2016 and 2017, the year he ran for office and the first year he assumed it, his total tax was $750 each year.

     Somehow he managed to write off a mansion belonging to someone else that he'd borrowed during a family vacation.

     $70,000 in hairstyling costs, after ragging on AOC for a $250 haircut on her birthday.

     Paying his daughter Ivanka nearly $1,000,000 in "consulting fees" as a "contractor."

     And, of course, there are the massive business losses that immediately put the lie to Trump's carefully and elaborately-constructed mythology that he's actually a successful businessman. And Forbes, the legendary money magazine, after taking a look at those financials, concluded that Trump was over $1.1 billion in debt.

     And the note's due in less than four years, giving us another explanation why Trump so desperately wants to hang on to a presidency he never legitimately won, in the first place. He doesn't want the presidency or the obligations and duties that come with it. All the White House was to him was another branding opportunity, with the Oval Office looked at solely as a profit center. He merely wants the problematic immunity that goes along with the presidency. He must know all too well that soon after Nixon left office, the IRS descended on him for back taxes and paying them off bankrupted him.

     The fact is, a person is defined largely if not entirely by the company they keep. Trump has collected around him figures from Russian and American organized crime, he's been closely associated with money laundering, tax evasion and those figures include people who would've been shot dead on the spot if they were poor urban black people instead of rich, white people. The sooner that policymakers come to the conclusion that Donald Trump is a criminal, the sooner we can eject said criminal from the halls of power.

     And then maybe the American people can get back to the business of electing into said halls of power a better class of criminal than Donald Trump.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(I can think of some volunteers...)
     Another bribe.
     "Joe Biden won’t be doing this.”
     Joe Biden doesn't the financial resources of the US government and, in this instance, neither do you.
    These are the "Trump cards", btw, that scuttled that $150,000,000 Medicare drug reimbursement plan. Even if this bribery scheme was legal, this one-time debit card would barely make a dent in some of these seniors' out-of-pocket drug costs.
    That's right. Our so-called Attorney General is whispering conspiracy theories into our so-called president's ear.
      Lock. Him. UP!
      The mental gymnastics is the only exercise they get.
      This government is run by a pack of insane, screaming right wing jackals.
      Predictably, Wall St. is ramping up the bribes to the Biden campaign and, naturally, Honest Joe will accept them even though his campaign still has hundreds of millions of dollars even though the election is less than 40 days away.
     Typical right wing scum. Fighting extradition because he's too cowardly to face the music.
     It's a tragic state of affairs when Republicans would much rather trust self-admitted crooks than doctors with decades of experience in public health.
      These are the inevitable results of voting Republican: Death, destruction, financial ruin for the poor and middle class and wastelands. It amazes me every day that the Republican Party hasn't been outlawed across the country, yet.
    “I’ll tell you what, I’m like a wall. You know we’re building a wall on the southern border it’s almost complete. But I’m like a wall between the American dream — I’ll say this because it sounds nice but it’s true — I’m like a wall between the American dream and chaos and then a horror show, a horror show, it would be very bad it would be very bad.”
     “I’ll tell you what, I’m like a wall. You know we’re building a wall on the southern border it’s almost complete. But I’m like a wall between the American dream — I’ll say this because it sounds nice but it’s true — I’m like a wall between the American dream and chaos and then a horror show, a horror show, it would be very bad it would be very bad.”
      Yes, he actually said that.

      Of course they didn't, the anti Semitic right wing fucks.
     “Mere capitulation to what Washington insiders see as the inevitable will be viewed by many as abandonment of the Democratic base and could undermine enthusiasm.”
     Why do I see this is as mere cynical damage control in an election year? These centrist assholes abandoned the Democratic base decades ago.
     Let's face facts- The Republican Party got to where it is today by inflaming racist hatred and, 52 years after the implementation of the "southern strategy", they're still doing that, only worse.

     Yes, Republican scum in Wisconsin gave Rittenhouse's mother a fucking standing ovation.

     This is how you make a maniac look normal- The more insane and authoritarian he is, the more you ignore him.

    Senator Skeletor on Democratic hypocrisy. Typical right wing nut job- Highlighting so-called hypocrisy of Democrats and blithely ignoring his own party's even more egregious hypocrisy. They keep bleating that Trump has the right to fill a Supreme Court seat but McConnell had no problem denying that right when the black guy tried to do it nine months before the 2016 election. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.).
     Good question. Let's find out.
     The funniest "campaign ad" you'll see all year.
      It's her. And it's on. Ladies and gentlemen political bloggers, start your skullduggery.
      Yeah. About those nine discarded Trump ballots. It seems it was the GOP's fault.
      As always, the worthless hacks of the Democrat Party are all noise and no teeth. Once again, they're laying down like the lap dogs they are for their abusive owner.
      Someone please explain to me why this right wing hack was allowed to illegally occupy this office for 14 months? And why aren't we going after Chad Wolf at DHS for the same thing?
      This is why liberals and establishment Democrats alike lose all the fucking time, because they keep second-guessing themselves and are afraid of pissing off right wing nut jobs. And, once again, we've failed the black community.
      This is really disappointing. Support for our black community should be permanent and not subject to fads, whims or momentary, transitory passion.
      Ah. THAT'S how they paid for their propaganda campaign. They stole the $300,000,000 from the CDC, after already slashing its budget by 18% last year.
      James Fortune, James O'Keefe, what's the difference? They're both right wing jesters in service to the court of Trump, the Drooling King.
      A McGrath win would guarantee it.
      Col. Lawrence Wilkerson: "If I were the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, I’d start impeachment proceedings against (Bill Barr) immediately. He’s no attorney general- he’s not even a good lawyer. He’s a dangerous threat to this country.”
   If there's no president by January 20th next year, Pelosi becomes the president, period. Then hopefully we'll all be treated to the sight of Trump frog-marched out of the WH.
     This is the pettiest administration in history.
     This may be the angriest article Lucian Truscott IV has ever written... and I'd like to see more.
     So, to Trump, a peaceful transition would be "stupid."
     One reason why this aging Klansman has the highest-rated nighttime show on Fox.
    These are the same frauds who told us Clinton would win by double digits in some polls up until election night. So, no.
     Like Middle Eastern terrorists and their Nazi forebears in 1933-1945 Germany, Republicans play the long game. But not always. And finally...
     Civil War II: It all comes down to white fear, paranoia, grievance, cruelty and selfishness.

Friday, September 25, 2020

Gotham City Digest: expanded edition

(IOW, president of a country that never was.)

     Dean Baker, an economist, isn't mincing words. He's openly speculating if right wing governors are deliberately killing people to help Trump.
     Rat fucker Zero Louis DeJoy wasted no time in fucking the rat. On his first day, June 15th, the mail started slowing down.
    Yeah. You reelect this fascist, people, there will be a 4th Reich that Sinclair Lewis never imagined.
     Wall St. Kelly has gone off the deep end. And, no, the ad is real. Unfortunately.
.     I still don't understand why Trump thought he had any business getting involved in this.
     This clown railed against face masks and called it a Socialist plot while talking up Trump on his Facebook page. So which one killed you again, Tony?

     People sometimes wonder why I loathe establishment "Democrats" such as Feinstein and Manchin. It's simple- I hate all Republicans, especially those posing as Democrats and caving to the establishment Republicans.

     Right wingers are utterly devoid of reason and sanity, such as this ex Never Trumper, for instance.

     I knew Mitt Romney, that right wing greaseball, would cave. Remember what Jane Hamsher said many years ago- There is no such thing as a moderate Republican.

     So, Lady G has already decided to rubber stamp whoever Trump's nominee is, regardless of who it is. And he presumes to speak for all members who do.

      We cannot let this right wing psychopath on the Supreme Court. She's already visited the White House, according to Jim Acosta.

      Yes, a girl who was in high school and barely old enough to vote for Trump during the last general election is now shaping policy at HHS.

      Marcotte's right.

      The balls on this brazen motherfucker! He's actually pretending he never told Woodward about COVID-19 killing kids, that the book & the tapes never came out and he's counting on his mouth breathing supporters to forget or discount it.

     This is encouraging, even though not a single Democrat running against these GOP senators are even remotely liberal.

     “And he revealed new details- for example, writing that the same business account that sent hush payments to an adult film star who alleged an extramarital affair with Mr. Trump had also received 'payments linked to a Russian oligarch.’"

      Oh, heavens to Betsy, a Republican violating the Hatch Act? Say it ain't so!

      “Shouldn’t the president be telling people the truth about this virus at his rallies?” Acosta asked.

     “The president is telling people the truth,” the press secretary insisted.

     “He’s not telling the truth,” Acosta pressed.

     “Jim, but you’re again taking the president out of context,” McEnany complained. “He was referring to young people.” Young people and children have died by the tens of thousands. You can only massage the figures so much before the bodies start showing up through the rug.

     A snapshot of the radical Christian mindset:

     “Hitler had good intentions. He reformed Germany. He did a lot of good things. He rebuilt their economy. We’re just not going to hold this murder of these Jews against him, are we? He did a lot of great thing. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, why she went and advanced women’s rights. She brought women out of the kitchen. Oh, she did so many good things. Do you see where I’m going with this, folks? Wake the heck up. She was destructive. She was wicked and destructive.”

     Ladies and gentlemen, Christianity 2020.

     Your Brad o' the day.

      "The Marine guard posted outside of Trump’s office when he is in it almost never appears before noon and is rarely seen in the afternoon."

      It's screamingly obvious at this point the only reason Trump's running for reelection is to stay out of Rikers Island.

     And this isn't the October surprise we should worry about.

     As with the Lincoln Project, I look at Olivia Troye as just another momentarily useful right wing idiot (She said she still respects Mike Pence, who'd recently dismissed her as, yawn, "a disgruntled ex-employee".). But this revelation that Trump was glad for COVID-19 because he would no longer have to shake hands with voters he called, "disgusting", needs to be repeated as often as possible between now and Election Day.

      Fluoride? Seriously? That hoary right wing conspiracy theory again?

      Heh. Looks as if Bill Gates & Volkswagon just got swindled out of a half a billion dollars.

     Meme intermission.
    Mike Pence can seriously go fuck himself. Ramming Trump's choice without it even getting in committee, before confirmation testimony, before the written question and answer part, before any visits to Senate offices, is, frankly, unconstitutional.
     Apparently,. Robert Redfield is more of a duplicitous scumbag that we'd hitherto thought.
     One out of three. And none charged with Breonna Taylor's murder. Sorry, not good enough.
     Your Karen o' the day.
    Good luck, Dr. Debbie, in finding another job. As far as I'm concerned, she's lost all credibility during this shit show.
      "A new analysis out Wednesday reveals that the Federal Reserve bond purchasing program meant to prevent workers from losing their jobs amid the Covid-19 pandemic instead bolstered companies who laid off more than one million workers while paying massive dividends to shareholders." Obviously, those investors include over half of Congress, including Kelly Loeffler.
      So, Dr. Fauci took on Rand Paul (R-A woodland animal died on my head). It didn't end well for Mitch McConnell's Mini Me.
      Past and current White House officials say Trump's too stupid to be a white nationalist. Let that sink in for a minute.
     “With that said, I still forgive them. I don’t think that they’re racist, but I also don’t think that they realized the connection that they made, whether it was consciously or unconsciously, when they looked at me and they saw me and assumed that I was a burglar.”
      Oh, honey, wake the fuck up. Of COURSE they're racist. They wouldn't have called the cops on you if you were white.
     Republican scum in the Senate are essentially doing Trump's opposition research for him for free- Free for him, not the American taxpayer. And, as expected, the report didn't find that Hunter Biden's position on the board of Burisma affected US policy. Bottom line, Ron Johnson was doing Putin's bidding.
      Racist turned up in Florida. Film @ 11.
      Trump campaign whines about Democrat "bullying and Mafioso tactics". Oh, yes, sweetcheeks, tell us all about it.
      Look for Eric to fight this, too.
     Trump is obsessed with putting a rabid right wing ideologue on the SCOTUS for one reason- To steal the election. He even said it last Tuesday.
      This was my senior senator Wednesday.
      “The most fitting tribute to her is to refuse to be silenced, and to name exactly what Donald Trump and Senate Republicans are trying to do—steal another Supreme Court seat. This kind of sleazy double-dealing is the last gasp of a desperate party that is undemocratically over-represented in Congress and in the halls of power across our country.”
      Good on her.
      Amy Coney Barrett, who's likely to be shoehorned into the SCOTUS by Republican scum, belongs to a cult, according to this woman who knows her. I'll bet my left nut Pence is in this cult (He told Lou Dobbs last night they should just jettison the confirmation process, bypass the committee and put her up for an immediate up and down vote.).
      "In Washington, he mounted another front of the international charm offensive, which culminated in a $1.7 billion merger in 2018 between his tanker fleet and Diamond S Shipping—a concern in which Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross’s private equity firm holds a large stake."
     This is about Evangelos Marinakis, a Greek shipping magnate who's been credibly linked as being one of the masterminds of the Noor One scandal, the shipping vessel that had transported two tons of heroin into Greece, the largest drug shipment in European history. I'll say that one more time- Our Commerce Secretary is in bed with a Greek drug kingpin

     “It’s been extremely painful for me that anybody would even think that I took this job to enrich myself or my former colleagues.”
     The balls on this bald headed cunt.
      Coxsackie, New York celebrates no longer having the most embarrassing name in the Empire State. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)
     It's out- The cocksucker admitted it- He will not go peacefully, he will never concede. This is war. He has to be removed, one way or the other.
      When you can't find any real people to kiss your fat, pasty ass, use Republicans.
      They weren't saying, "Vote him out." They were screaming, "Lock him up!"
     Meme intermission #2.
     I love it when Republican scum eat their own. How do they deal with the aftertaste?
     OK, this is worrisome. The county reached out to their private "cybersecurity" firm, BizProTech, which "services" other Texas counties. Their solution?
    "Change your password." which any tech-savvy 6th grader can tell you is a worthless tactic. Understandably, BizProTech LLC isn't answering requests for comment.
     Right wing dirtbags don't consult election experts. Instead, They consult with right wing conspiracy theorists with fantastic Nazi-sounding names like Hans von Spakovsky.
     I guess he had to take a call from Frederick Douglass.
    The Kremlin-sanctioned RT News came out with this deep fake of Trump as an RT anchor. It was made and released for one reason- To show us how little respect we deserve and how thoroughly they own our "president."
    “'Fraud was not just the family business — it was a way of life,' the lawsuit claims in its first sentence." You go, girl!
     Why do we keep electing these right wing conspiracy theorists to public office? I thought Rob Ford, the late mayor of Toronto and the Chris Farley of politicians, was as horrible a mayor as you could possibly get. I was so very, very wrong.
     How many conflicts of interest does Trump have? Let us count the ways... all 3,400 of them.
     Mob bosses are gonna crime.
     Fat Billy loses yet again. Proceed, Mr. McCabe.
     "Whoever you are... I have always depended on the kindness of strangers from out of state, with lots of swag and, hopefully, Kremlin connections."
      Violent gang of thugs have riot in Seattle, civilians alarmed to see it's their own police.
     “We were unable to find any information about a contractor named Rinaldo Nazzaro briefing any senior Special Operations Forces leaders on counterterrorism in [2014].”
     This means:
    #1 That the DoD's Special Forces Command routinely hires "contractors" for multimllion dollar contracts and issues top secret security clearances to those whom they're unable to vet.
     #2 That the Guardian and Vice News can succeed where the Defense Intelligence Agency fails.
      But, please, let's keep talking about how violent and dangerous Black Lives Matter is.
      Back in the 90's., Fox weaseled out of a lawsuit by claiming they weren't really a news organization. Then yesterday, it worked again when they claimed Tucker Carlson can't be trusted to tell the truth.
     Another bribe.
     "Joe Biden won’t be doing this.” 
     Joe Biden doesn't the financial resources of the US government and, in this instance, neither do you.
    These are the "Trump cards", btw, that scuttled that $150,000,000 Medicare drug reimbursement plan. Even if this bribery scheme was legal, this one-time debit card would barely make a dent in some of these seniors' out-of-pocket drug costs. And finally...

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(Time to take out the white trash.)
      The New Yorker just published an exposé on Moscow Mitch and how duplicitous and cold-blooded he truly is. Then there's this:
     “McConnell’s telling our donors that when R.B.G. meets her reward, even if it’s October, we’re getting our judge. He’s saying it’s our October Surprise.”
     While RBG was still alive.
     Which is something a typical Republican ghoul would say.
     This is how RBG should be remembered, not as an empty seat that needs to be filled as quickly as possible with someone infinitely worse.
      Apparently, once you ascend to the rank of Captain, you're police royalty who can do no wrong.
      According to this right wing nut bag, RBG's death was a "gift" to Donald Trump.
     Protesters? What were they protesting, democracy? And where were the police and why weren't they arrested for blocking a polling place during early voting?
      "I was happy to give the planet Venus to Vlad, even though he said he was taking it anyway and for me to shut up. We'll have to talk about who's taking Mars because I'd like to trade it for Puerto Rico. But whoever gets it, it'll be the greatest deal in galactic history, lemme tell you..."

      You know who else fears political rivals? His boss Putin.
      Yeah, I'd say 340 electoral votes would be a blowout. What say you?
      Pelosi's just threatened to impeach Trump again if he tries to ram another right wing ideologue onto the Supreme Court.
      Right wing nut bags are coming right out and admitting why they voted for this fool.
      Chris Wallace skewers Tom Cotton for being a hypocrite.
      Years ago, Lady G invited us to use his words against him. So the Lincoln Project did
      Fox's Pete Hogsbreath is at it again with the right wing name calling.
     "This has nothing to do with people who break rules about trespass or fire-setting or bottle-throwing, No, this is the baring of raw power to shut down dissent."
      I don't see them clearing more than one or two of these hurdles.
     "Fewer than 1 in 10 (9%) Americans have a great deal of confidence in Trump to confirm vaccine effectiveness with another 18% reporting only a "good amount" of confidence in the poll conducted by Ipsos in partnership with ABC News using Ipsos' Knowledge Panel."
     No doubt Trump would consider 9% "a great mandate, the greatest mandate any president ever had, I dunno..."
     So, while the nation mourned the passing of Justice Ginsburg and the 200,000th American to die of COVID-19, Trump started his day doing this.
     Our country is run by a 13 year-old Beavis and Butthead groupie.
    Oh, this is bullshit. Florida's about to put three worthless cops back on the streets because of a clerical omission.
      You and tens of millions of others.
     Meanwhile, this is what college Republican scum were doing in North Carolina today. Yes, North Carolina. Shocking, I know.

     Meme intermission.
     Loving Trump and what he stands for is exactly the same as saying you hate the United States.
     This is why we need to drive every last Goddamn one of them out.
     Your Brad o' the day.
    Yeah, about that strong economy... I expect within the day, Fox Business' Charles Payne will be blaming this on Bernie, too.
     About 10-15 years ago, learning that a right wing rat fucker like Crews was working for the gov't would've shocked me. Not any more. But this is serious. Last June, Crews wrote this on Red State: "If there were justice, we’d send and [sic] few dozen of these fascists to the gallows and gibbet their tarred bodies in chains until they fall apart.” Why hasn't he been arrested, fired and charged with threatening federal officials?

      There's no way anyone can convince me Kristi Noem isn't out to murder everyone in South Dakota.

     Meanwhile on Fox & Frauds, Trumpie the Klown knows what Ginsburg really said on her deathbed.

      From the The Less You Know, the Better Donald Trump's Re-election Will Go files. And finally...

      The Task Force “was like a family office meets organized crime, melded with ‘Lord of the Flies.’ It was a government of chaos,” according to Max Kennedy, Jr, the grandson of Robert F. Kennedy.

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  • Our Worse Half: The 25 Most Embarrassing States.
  • The Missing Security Tapes From the World Trade Center.
  • It's a Blunderful Life.
  • The Civil War II
  • Sweet Jesus, I Hate America
  • Top Ten Conservative Books
  • I Am Mr. Ed
  • Glenn Beck: Racist, Hate Monger, Comedian
  • The Ten Worst Music Videos of all Time
  • Assclowns of the Week

  • Links to the first 33 Assclowns of the Week.
  • Links to Assclowns of the Week 38-63.
  • #106: The Turkey Has Landed edition
  • #105: Blame it on Paris or Putin edition
  • #104: Make Racism Great Again Also Labor Day edition
  • #103: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Toilet edition
  • #102: Orange is the New Fat edition
  • #101: Electoral College Dropouts edition
  • #100: Centennial of Silliness edition
  • #99: Dr. Strangehate edition
  • #98: Get Bentghazi edition
  • #97: SNAPping Your Fingers at the Poor edition
  • #96: Treat or Treat, Kiss My Ass edition
  • #95: Monumental Stupidity double-sized edition
  • #94: House of 'Tards edition
  • #93: You Da Bomb! edition.
  • #92: Akin to a Fool edition.
  • #91: Aurora Moronealis edition.
  • #90: Keep Your Gubmint Hands Off My High Pre'mums and Deductibles! edition.
  • #89: Occupy the Catbird Seat/Thanksgiving edition.
  • #88: Heil Hitler edition.
  • #87: Let Sleeping Elephants Lie edition.
  • #86: the Maniacs edition.
  • #85: The Top 50 Assclowns of 2010 edition.
  • #(19)84: Midterm Madness edition.
  • #83: Spill, Baby, Spill! edition.
  • #82: Leave Corporations Alone, They’re People! edition.
  • #81: Hatin' on Haiti edition.
  • #80: Don't Get Your Panties in a Twist edition.
  • #79: Top 50 Assclowns of 2009 edition.
  • #78: Nattering Nabobs of Negativism edition.
  • #77: ...And Justice For Once edition.
  • #76: Reading Tea Leaves/Labor Day edition.
  • #75: Diamond Jubilee/Inaugural Edition
  • #74: Dropping the Crystal Ball Edition
  • #73: The Twelve Assclowns of Christmas Edition
  • #72: Trick or Treat Election Day Edition
  • #71: Grand Theft Autocrats Edition
  • #70: Soulless Corporations and the Politicians Who Love Them Edition
  • Empire Of The Senseless.
  • Conservative Values for an Unsaved World.
  • Esquire's Charles Pierce.
  • Brilliant @ Breakfast.
  • The Burning Platform.
  • The Rant.
  • Mock, Paper, Scissors.
  • James Petras.
  • Towle Road.
  • Avedon's Sideshow (the new site).
  • At Largely, Larisa Alexandrovna's place.
  • The Daily Howler.
  • The DCist.
  • Greg Palast.
  • Jon Swift. RIP, Al.
  • God is For Suckers.
  • The Rude Pundit.
  • Driftglass.
  • Newshounds.
  • William Grigg, a great find.
  • Brad Blog.
  • Down With Tyranny!, Howie Klein's blog.
  • Wayne's World. Party time! Excellent!
  • Busted Knuckles, aka Ornery Bastard.
  • Mills River Progressive.
  • Right Wing Watch.
  • Earthbond Misfit.
  • Anosognosia.
  • Echidne of the Snakes.
  • They Gave Us a Republic.
  • The Gawker.
  • Outtake Online, Emmy-winner Charlotte Robinson's site.
  • Skippy, the Bush Kangaroo
  • No More Mr. Nice Blog.
  • Head On Radio Network, Bob Kincaid.
  • Spocko's Brain.
  • Pandagon.
  • Slackivist.
  • WTF Is It Now?
  • No Blood For Hubris.
  • Lydia Cornell, a very smart and accomplished lady.
  • Roger Ailes (the good one.)
  • BlondeSense.
  • The Smirking Chimp.
  • Hammer of the Blogs.
  • Vast Left Wing Conspiracy.
  • Argville.
  • Existentialist Cowboy.
  • The Progressive.
  • The Nation.
  • Mother Jones.
  • Vanity Fair.
  • Citizens For Legitimate Government.
  • News Finder.
  • Indy Media Center.
  • Lexis News.
  • Military Religious Freedom.
  • McClatchy Newspapers.
  • The New Yorker.
  • Bloggingheads TV, political vlogging.
  • Find, the next-best thing to Nexis.
  • Altweeklies, for the news you won't get just anywhere.
  • The Smirking Chimp
  • Don Emmerich's Peace Blog
  • Wikileaks.
  • The Peoples' Voice.
  • CIA World Fact Book.
  • IP address locator.
  • Tom Tomorrow's hilarious strip.
  • Babelfish, an instant, online translator. I love to translate Ann Coulter's site into German.
  • Newsmeat: Find out who's donating to whom.
  • Wikipedia.
  • Uncyclopedia.
  • Icasualties
  • Free Press
  • YouTube
  • The Bone Bridge.
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