Saturday, October 31, 2020

Gotham City Digest: Halloween edition

(Or "My Attorney Got Arrested", etc.)
     A long, interesting interview with Noam Chomsky. I'm not sure I agree with him when he says that Trump is the worst criminal in human history. I think he's too lazy and incompetent for such a distinction. Where do you define that kind of distinction? With actual accomplishments or just mere intent?
    “They gave me something called Regeneron. The next morning, Sister, I woke up, and it was like God touched my shoulder."
     No, God was grabbing your shoulder to pull you out of the body politic like the toxic orange splinter that you are.
     There is nothing, NOTHING, to dissuade me from believing that Trump is out to murder everyone in this country. Just last month, the White House tried to block the CDC from extending the cruise ship ban through October. Now this shit after relentless pressure from the cruise ship lobby;.
    Imagine following the deliberately Byzantine rules set up by Republican scum to fill out and mail off your ballot in plenty of time only to see this and realizing that same Republican scum is viciously petitioning for courts to shorten the ballot deadlines even after you followed their own rules? 
     DeJoy did this, on Trump's orders. It's all of a piece. This is why Trump wants all the ballots counted by November 3rd, even though the law mandates ALL the ballots get counted, however long it takes.
     Captain Moron I can see, not Captain Moroni.
     Sharpiegate once again rears its comb-overed, double-woven head.
     He. Is. Murdering. You. And. He. Doesn't. Care.
     Note the headline refuses to identify him as a member of the Proud Boys, the terrorist group of incel losers embraced by Trump during the first debate. Luckily, as I keep pointing out, these Neanderthals are always stupid enough to announce their terrorist attacks beforehand.
     "Family separation and forced sterilization have vanished from the headlines. But they must not be forgotten."
     Because once we start forgetting these crimes against humanity, the inevitable rehabilitation process begins.
     None of these are leading news items. Why?
     In other words, too much and never enough.
     We cracked 9,000,000 cases on Saturday. We'll easily pass 11 or 12 million cases by the end of the year, with 300,000 or more deaths. I guess COVID didn't get the memo that Trump defeated it.
      Buyer's remorse is the perfect phrase.
      Yes, even the indefatigable Daniel Dale had to give up tracking all of Trump's lies.
      85,000,000 of us have voted early as of Saturday, a 10,000,000 vote jump since Thursday.
    Trump's Bund is already planning on locking down Arizona's streets in the event he wins. Him winning is just one of the fantasies.
     I think it's adorable that dead-eyed fascist Stephen Miller thinks Trump will get a second term.
     Maybe he'll get a black 300 pound cellmate named Bubba. We can only hope. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC).
     Cartoon intermission.
     "President Trump and his congressional allies hoodwinked us. The law they passed initially lowered taxes for most Americans, but it built in automatic, stepped tax increases every two years that begin in 2021 and that by 2027 would affect nearly everyone but people at the top of the economic hierarchy." -Joseph Stiglitz.
     My my, I never saw THIS coming- One of Trump's impeachment lawyers had been mixed up with Russia for 12 years now.
     Now the cops are committing voter suppression, this time in NC.
     Trump's a fucking idiot. This is the guy to worry about.
     "Some people say DDT and Thalidomide got a bum rap and maybe they deserve a second chance, I dunno..."
      This is partly why Georgia will lose both its Senate seats on Tuesday.
      Bill Barr's house is being picketed. By antifa, BLM? No, by right wing nut jobs drenched in flop sweat because he hasn't locked up Biden, yet. They even brought a horse's ass, for good measure. No doubt, Trump will call them "very fine people."
Oh, this will make Trumpie the Klown happy while he's on the campaign trail giving the gift of COVID.
     "We’re in for a whole lot of hurt. It’s not a good situation. All the stars are aligned in the wrong place as you go into the fall and winter season, with people congregating at home indoors. You could not possibly be positioned more poorly.”
    In the last three days of the election, "President" Superman is revealed as a tired old fat man pathetically trying to relive his glory days. He's the high school star quarterback at the end of the bar 40 years later still bragging about the best four years of his life, he's Fat Elvis in Vegas, he's drawn and shrunken Hitler briefly out of the bunker patting the faces of his new child recruits.
     He's finished. And even he knows it.
A Republican fraud? Say it ain't so! And finally...
    One out of many reasons why Barack Obama will always be cooler than any Republican.

Friday, October 30, 2020

Gotham City Digest

("You're a meanie for not letting me lie!")

     Don Lemon buried Trump Wednesday night.
     This election's getting majorly freaky.
    The next time you hear Laura Ingraham (aka Nuremberg Barbie) and other Fox talking head flog this conspiracy theory in the final days of the election, remember that Fox's producer's didn't want to touch it.
     I guarantee you not a single Exxon executive douchebag will lose their job.
    Trump is so incredibly losing Wisconsin. Watch for him in his remaining months in the WH to cut financial aid to all the many, many states he will lose this Tuesday.
     This is why Twitter is such a useless, right wing cesspool. Brainless, as with all corporations, do all the decision-making. Case in point- Twitter's abortive and mercifully brief foray into AI with its chat bot that, within hours, was spouting neo-Nazi right wing talking points once it was exposed to Twitter's users.
    Black man gets kicked out of sushi restaurant for wearing sneakers while white woman wearing sneakers is allowed to stay. I've never heard of a restaurant prohibiting sneakers but if you MUST be that anal, then enforce the edict consistently. And DON'T target just black customers.
    The one good thing about these right wing weekend warrior militias like the 3 IQ Militia are they announce their crimes beforehand.
     These idiots in the terrorist group the Base are so stupid, they got the wrong house. Fun factoid: How do you say the Base in Arabic? al Qaeda.
     Happy Hour Larry announces there won't be a stimulus package ahead of the election, after all. That's because Trumpie the Klown realized it's too late to buy votes.
      Sometimes, the headline just says it all.
      Good on them. Wisconsin Republicans had it coming to to them.
     "There’s an added benefit for Trump: The stadium is a new site for in-person early voting, and the campaign figures he can seriously juice turnout before, during and after his rally. It’s a controversial move that has the Biden campaign privately fuming, because electioneering is prohibited within 150 feet of a polling station, but the rally is technically on the outskirts of the no-electioneering boundary."
      It's not "controversial", it's outright illegal. How can he be within the polling place and remain more than 150 feet from it?
      Because I'm sure it'll come out during the litigation that Liberty's Board of Trustees forced Falwell's wife to fuck the pool boy for six years and forced poor Jerry to jerk off while he watched.
     After 4 bankruptcies and $421,000,000 of debt. I think he deserves the benefit of the doubt, you morons.
      Jon Ossoff had his "You're no Jack Kennedy" moment last night at his debate with Purdue.
     The fix is in at Duval County.
     "'was driven by an administration that was willfully blind to its cruelty and determined to go to unthinkable extremes to deliver on political promises'.”
     I disagree on this point. They were not blind to their cruelty. They reveled in it. As Adam Serwer reminded us in 2018, "the cruelty is the point."
     First Omaha now Tampa. Trump is so toxic to America, his rallies are putting people in the hospital. Which are packed with COVID patients.
     Yeah, about that "draining the swamp" thing...
     Meme intermission.

     Your Brad o' the day.

     "Trump thought the coronavirus pandemic that thus far has claimed nearly 230,000 American lives was 'a good thing' so he could personally be spared the 'disgusting' experience of shaking the hands with the people who would, and have, and will, literally die for him. In the last five days before the election, with Trump losing in virtually every state in one poll or another, he's letting it all hang out and literally telling his supporters at his rallies that he'd rather be anywhere but in their hometowns."

     Aw. Nuremberg Barbie is having a mad-on. Sad!

     No, the world's not a little blurry right now. Everything in it is out of focus if we're blaming Billie Eilish for the destruction of the world. (And Michael Caputo is still a raving psychopath.)

     The man in the iron mask, seriously?

     Yeah, about that swamp draining...

     And right wingers rant about "activist judges."

     Suck it up, buttercup, they do it to all of us, eventually.

     You hit them once and right wingers fall apart faster than fresh chicken shit in a monsoon.

     Shit like this in this day of funhouse mirror fascism no longer surprises me.

     And yet another right wing coward runs from a debate.

     April 7th- A date that should forever live in infamy.

    I think this is just more hair-on-fire alarmism from Michael Moore. He utterly fails to address several major salient points, such as the 2020 polls being corrected and pre-compensated for how off the polls were and that, after adjustment, Biden still gets 300 electoral votes, the 75,000,000 early votes that were cast as of yesterday, the Democratic energy of this election cycle (again, evidenced by the many tens of millions of early votes already cast, the resurgence of the youth vote and all this coming about after four years of the very worst administration in US history. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)
    I'm amazed this virus hasn't killed more Republicans since they're the ones flouting the rules and denying there's any problem.
    Another momentarily useful idiot heard from. This one hates the sinner but loves the sins.
   Greg Sargent (He of the Plum Line) says that Fredo last night on the Nuremberg Barbie Show actually made a case as to why we should vote out his moron father. What "normal" is there to go back to, since his father destroyed much of what was once good, decent and normal?
#1, I'm amazed the Log Cabin Republicans are still a thing and, #2, that they still fall for election year lies that the GOP has always been on their side. Trump has never once declared June LGBTQ month.
Just as we predicted, just as this idiot himself had signaled several times, he's counting on the SCOTUS to steal the election for him. Ballots cannot and should not have an expiration date. The fact is, as of yesterday, 75,000,000 of us have already voted early and we all know the overwhelming majority of those are Democratic votes. 75,000,000. That's 10,000,000 more people than those who'd voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Trump's already lost this election. We just have to count the votes.
Your Brads o' the day.
Oh, a lot of rent boys are going to flogged by Lady G on election night.
As someone who's written two novels about 1850s Boston and is currently writing a third, I can vouch that my research informs me of how vicious that decade, the last full one for slavery, truly was. Between the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, the final piece in the quintet of bills that was called the Great Compromise of 1850, and Boston's & New York's open rebellion against the federal government, I can tell you better than most that it was av unimaginably brutal, vicious and cruel decade. Trump wants to return us to that, so that abolition and the Underground Railroad will once again become necessities.
    What the fuck is the matter with these people and where do they come from? Witness Gretchen Whitmer's evil twin.
They used a toddler as propaganda to cover up for their hideous crimes. This is the same police department that bombed an entire neighborhood in the 80s to dislodge a handful of black radicals.
These are the kind of meathead right wing thugs who are running for federal office thanks to Trump's example. This creep body-slammed a 14 year-old boy & kicked and pushed a girl into traffic just for taking his sign. Greg Gianforte was just the beginning.
Sorry, Chuckles, an election isn't 2 out of 3 falls with a 10 minute time limit. This isn't old school professional wrestling.
Digby nails it. Just like Muslim terrorists, Republican terrorists play the long game.
Gee, maybe they should have run an actual Democrat like, I dunno, Bernie? Just a thought.
And the demented right wing calliope screeches louder and louder. Trump just said doctors get $2000 more of the say a patient died from COVID-19. That's blatantly false.
The federal government begins slapping Lori Loughlin's wrist for the next two months. And finally...

    Another apostate crawls away from the rotting carcass of the Republican Party.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Trump's Fans Have Stockholm Syndrome

(By American Zen's Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari.)
In mid-November five years ago, Donald Trump asked the people of Fort Dodge, Iowa, “How stupid are the people of Iowa? How stupid are the people of the country to believe this crap?” He was, of course, speaking of Ben Carson, his main rival at the time and future HUD Secretary. That  was led up by Trump's skepticism of an account in Carson's book, Gifted Hands. In it, Carson had related an apocryphal tale at how he lunged toward his friend with a knife and the knife hit the belt buckle and broke the blade.
     “It ain’t going to be successful,” Trump had said after turning his belt buckle this way and that. Then, “Anybody have a knife, you want to try it on me?” Of course, in real life, Trump would've shit his pants if anyone had actually taken him up on it. 
     Now, on the other hand, with Secret Service protection that holds him in contempt for treating them as he treats his supporters- Like expendable human assets, with the emphasis on "assets," Trump's free to mock anyone on the planet, even the people baking and freezing at his rallies. And they love him all the more for the abuse he hurls at them.
     Criminal psychologists have a phrase for that- It's called "Stockholm Syndrome." It was coined after a failed 1973 bank robbery in Stockholm, Sweden in which the captives actually seemed to bond with their captors, even to the point of aiding them in their criminal endeavors even to the point of refusing to testify against them in court. Of course, Stockholm Syndrome in active criminal situations is virtually impossible to conjure as a coping mechanism unless there's some reciprocation of kindness. It's also quite rare.
     This is where this particular, marathon instance of Stockholm Syndrome deviates from the clinical definition. There is no reciprocity of kindness, especially on Trump's part. Trump, as anyone who doesn't paint reproductions of The Last Supper on the wall with their own fecal matter knows, is simply incapable of kindness. In lieu of random acts of kindness, there are merely calculated, carefully-weighed favors that, like a true mob boss, Trump expects to be repaid at some future date. Or. as his niece, clinical psychologist and bestselling author Dr. Mary Trump would say, all his relationships are "transactional."
     The most hopeless aspect of the deteriorating mass delusion Trump has woven around himself seems to be in his supporters cheering him on even as he's insulting him in one "Give us hell, Harry!" moment after another. Last night on CNN, Don Lemon memorably played a supercut of Trump's most recent rallies in Erie, PA, Omaha, NE, Allentown,. PA and other places. As well as risibly feigning hating doing rallies, Trump was essentially saying, "I'd rather do anything but be here with you losers."
     And, time after time, the peasants rejoiced.
In the Middle of Fifth Avenue
It wasn't so long ago even in political time that former Coronavirus Task Force member Olivia Troye revealed in a video last month at how much Trump loathes his supporters. Troye had said this statement by Trump "pretty much defined who he was"- During a meeting, Trump had said, "Maybe this COVID thing is a good thing- I don't like shaking hands with people. I don't have to shake hands with these disgusting people."
     He was, of course, referring to those attending his rallies, his small money donors and supporters, in other words, ones you'd never see at a Trump resort as a guest or member.
    That was earlier this year and Trump thought the coronavirus pandemic that thus far has claimed nearly 230,000 American lives was "a good thing" so he could personally be spared the "disgusting" experience of shaking the hands with the people who would, and have, and will, literally die for him. In the last five days before the election, with Trump losing in virtually every state in one poll or another, he's letting it all hang out and literally telling his supporters at his rallies that he'd rather be anywhere but in their hometowns.
    In other words,  "You Can Die After You Vote For Me. After that, I don't give a shit what happens to you."
    Trump might be a completely insane fascist, someone inexorably inching to Hitler's mindset in the bunker in the spring of 1945, but never let it be said he does not know his base. He once infamously said on the campaign trail years ago that he could shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue and not lose a single vote. That holds true more than ever, which is why he's now emboldened to tell these same supporters in the last week of the last presidential election in which he'll likely run how he really feels about them.
    He'd ridiculed fallen Marines in France two years ago as "suckers and losers" for making the supreme sacrifice in following the orders of Trump's predecessor, Woodrow Wilson. Yet countless servicemen and servicewomen will still vote for him. He'd secretly called faith leaders "hustlers" (which most of them are) and considered them rubes waiting to be roped in by his snake oil pitch. And millions of them will vote for him.
     As Adam Serwer reminded us two years ago, there's a perverse joy among such people in shared cruelty and contempt squirted at self-perceived enemies, even if some of that cruelty splashes back on them. They tend to be as servile as that John Cleese character in the infamous Mr. Creosote sketch in which the customer hurls nastiness, abuse and even vomit Cleese's waiter's way and yet the servility continues without a hitch. This is the perverse strain of Stockholm Syndrome we're seeing these days- They're being abused. (The recent death march of a rally in Omaha, Nebraska put at least seven people in the hospital while Trump, who'd complained about the cold, jetted off on a toasty Air Force One and thinking, if he thought of them at all, what "suckers and losers" they were.) The same with the supporters who succumbed to the heat and had to be carried away on stretchers in Tampa today. And they love him for it even to the point of aiding him in his criminal endeavors.
     In his memoir, Gifted Hands, Ben Carson had written, “As an example, child molesting. You don’t cure these people. You don’t cure a child molester. There’s no cure for it. Pathological, there’s no cure for that.” And Donald Trump, a self-described rapist of women, one who was sued twice for raping a 13 year-old child in Jeffrey Epstein's Manhattan townhouse, is now rearing his ugly, double-woven head proving that, as Dr. Carson rightly pointed out, "there's no cure" for being pathological.
     And there's none for his completely insane supporters.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(Very stable genius.)

     If you're wondering why Donnie Dumbo's bringing his super spreader road show to Nebraska, here's the nightmare scenario that made this possible.
     Rat fucker Louie DeJoy gets cock-blocked.
     Kobach must be really hurting for scratch.
     Speaking of Republicans hurting for cash...
     And in that vein...
     "Hello, ma'am? We've traced the calls. They're coming from inside..."
     " house?!"
     "No, Lindsey Graham's house."
     Yeah, Donnie, SURE they're retaking the House.
    “We will vanquish the vaccine.” This is what you get when you keep a demented nursing home resident up past his bedtime.
     "Ethics attorneys"? Isn't that a contradiction in terms? Especially these days?
     69,000,000 & counting. And Republicans are freaking out.
     Politics make for strange bedfellows, indeed. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)
     These people are psychopaths, plain and simple.
     "The president may have just left himself out in the cold again."
     His supporters, literally.
     Only a right wing scumbag would make a rape joke and, in doing so, would be stupid enough to split the right wing vote and hand the election to a Democrat.
     Right wingers who lambaste the left about us "moralizing" and "virtue signaling" can't afford to talk when they admit their votes for Trump in 2016 and even now are form of trolling the left. Plus, they can't afford to talk about the left "moralizing" when Reagan crawled into bed with the Moral Majority in the early 80's. Now the GOP does nothing BUT moralizing. So fuck Republican trolls.
     Down and Soon to be Out In Beverly Hills. The right wing calliope gets louder and more demented as the election approaches.
     I fully expect him to pardon Hitler and Vlad the Impaler.
     Here's a frightening article by my friend Sarah Okeson. You can always count on Republican scum like Ken Paxton, the most corrupt AG to ever hold office, to lead the charge against Native Americans and perpetuating a heartless, racist, sadistic policy that's been in effect since 19th century America and Canada. Read Shingwauk's Vision (, a book I have in my library, about the cruel and horrendous record of Native American resident schools.
     By George Conway. Bear with him. It makes sense after the first sentence.
     This asshole is toast. Of all the right wingers about to lose their seats, I'll cheer the loudest when this douchebag crashes and burns.
     Your Karen o' the day.
    This is delightful. Forget for a moment the right wing hysteria over Democrat voter fraud. Let's concentrate on the fact this guy inadvertently revealed by changing DeSantis' voting info not only how easily the voter database in Florida can be hacked but also that it was designed to be easily hacked. And, in the crowning irony, it was revealed by a fellow Republican.
     Jared Kushner is without a doubt one of the most evil men on the planet.
     Meme intermission.
     Still waiting for your October surprise? This will be it. "Anonymous" is Miles Taylor.

     Georgia proves why we can't have nice things like elections.
     "Both Nebraskas"? Would that be Nebraska 1.0 and 2.0?
     Your October Surprise.
     Keep in mind this scurvy piece of shit Stephen Miller works for a guy who once raped a 13 year-old girl tied down to a bed in Jeffrey Epstein's townhouse. So, the projection is very, very strong with this one.
     It was entertaining to watch Ted Cruz today try to chew his hind leg off that's attached to the ball and chain that were his compliments of Joe Biden and skepticism about the Hunter Biden "story".
     This is the inevitable result of voting Republican- Death, disease, destruction and poverty for those not in the well-heeled class. Some call this "progress." Others say it's worth it to "own the libs."
     Fastest GDP growth in history, eh? That's because after the Gross Domestic Product lost a third in 2Q, there was nowhere to grow but up. This is some serious Winston Smith 1984 MiniTru shit here.
     Trump finally had his "Mission Accomplished" moment.
     I guess white power isn't as powerful as it once was.
     Those 300 young, right wing nut jobs he and McConnell stuffed into the federal judiciary... It was leading up to this moment. It was all of a piece. And Trump admitted it.
     Another momentarily useful right wing idiot heard from.
     Jacob Wohl and his jerkoff sidekick, Jack Burkman, are now officially terrorists. And finally...

     The Supreme Court rejected NC Republicans' demand to shorten the deadline for mail-in ballots from 9 to 3 days. While Barrett didn't recuse herself as she'd been asked by Democrats, she refused to weigh in on it.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(For the last week of his campaign, Trump should just drop the pretense and the Village People music and just make this his theme song.)
     Well, they've illegally packed the court with yet another fucking right wing ideologue. You've gotta love the look Trump's giving Barrett, as if he's saying, "If you don't overturn Roe v Wade by tomorrow, I'll blame you for me not getting re-elected in a week."
     If this is how deceitful or ignorant Kavanaugh is, imagine what a fucking prize Barrett will be.
     OK, this:Lincoln Project ad is some serious nightmare fuel.
    Look for Republican scum to wage an all out war next year and 2022 against early and mail-in voting.
     I say take the motherfucker up on his arrogant dare. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)
     Question: What happened to the Democrats? Aren't there any Democratic US Attorneys?
     This is some serious grade school playground shit.
     A federal judge just ruled that the DOJ can't be Trump's personal law firm in his defamation case. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, stupid.
     I'm still waiting for Trump to call Raniere "a very fine person" and that he wishes him luck.
     Your Karen o' the day.
     And the demented right wing calliope gets louder and louder.
     This is how it all started with Trump & CNN.
     My old buddy TBogg. He's still got it.

    A relative who was also a lover. One of the worst things about living in 2020, aside from the obvious, is waking up literally every morning to headlines like this and realizing they're commonplace.
    Has inbreeding not been outlawed in WV?
   Neoconfederate hillbillies have been searching for another lost cause for a century and a half and Donald Trump's re-election just gave it to them.
     And what plan is that? Murdering everyone in sight before getting kicked out the door?
     It's time that 63,000,000 of us to confront the fact that they voted for a sociopath who cares nothing for them.
     Gretchen Whitmer tore Trump a new one today.
     The White House Science Office can't possibly be serious.
     Meme intermission.
     “Trump’s company has charged taxpayers for hotel rooms, ballrooms, cottages, rental houses, golf carts, votive candles, floating candles, candelabras, furniture moving, resort fees, decorative palm trees, strip steak, chocolate cake, breakfast buffets, $88 bottles of wine and $1,000 worth of liquor for White House aides.”
     Wait until you read about the $3 glasses of water.
    Trump just said in Michigan that the hillbilly militia busted for plotting to kill Gretchen Whitmer was "maybe... a problem, maybe it wasn't". But the organizationally non-existent Antifa, THAT's the problem, right?
   "We’re getting your husbands back to work." Imagine if Ozzie Nelson or Ward Cleaver had a pernicious, personality-reversing brain tumor. 
     Now look at Trump. What would the difference be?
    Trump just
fired the NOAA chief for asking political hacks to follow scientific guidelines. This guy's got to go, by yesterday.
“I would like to give me full credit. I don’t want to give the drug any credit. I want to say, because I am a very young person that’s in perfect physical shape, I took that virus and I woke up the next morning and I felt like Superman.” -The Psychopath in Chief.
This shows beyond a doubt Trump's about to lose Florida, too.
Trump basically said on the way to Lansing that he wants to throw out your votes after election day. Yes, yes he did.
"Trump and the Republicans are still at it, swearing in Amy Coney Barrett as the newest associate justice of the United States Supreme Court. Barrett isn't there because she's especially qualified or intelligent. No, the entire purpose of her nomination in the last days of the campaign is to get in one more giant fuck-you to feminists before the women's vote throws Trump out on his butt." -Amanda Marcotte, Salon.
...and sometimes, the law does get it right and drives a big fat stake right through the fucking vampire's heart.
Voice of America just turned into MiniTru thanks to a right wing scumbag political hack whose job overseeing it was created the Republican scumbags in the Senate. Anf fvinbazlly...

How to dodge paying taxes on nearly $300,000,000 of forgiven loans, the Trump way.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(Send more bananas. The chimps running red states are rioting.)

    As Jane Hamsher once said in Firedoglake 15 years ago, "There's no such thing as a moderate Republican." And Lisa Murkowski just proved it.

     The Gray Lady finally stopped clutching her pearls.
     Ross Douchehat shadowboxes with a Straw Man in a pathetic display of bifurcation. In doing so, he makes a case that Republicans shouldn't be allowed, ever, near writing implements.
    What a great guy! He steals from the poor box then eventually gives it back to buy votes!
    I don't see why we shouldn't reelect him on the economy considering he blew through a billion and a half dollars with nothing to show for it.
    What is with this sick fuck's obsession with LaCrosse, Wisconsin?
    Our Commander in Chief, ladies and germs.
    We'd tallied nearly 84,000 new cases so far last Saturday alone... a new record. Yet Donnie Dumbo is still talking about us "turning a corner" weeks after contracting the deadliest disease in a century.
    But, like the scorpion in the proverb, Republican scum just can't stop acting according to their natures.
     At this point, putting Trump voters on TV is only good for entertainment value.
     Seriously. Entertainment value. That's all these idiots are good for.
     "Like I said before, these are people that believe ‘Lord of the Rings’ is a documentary. And the fact that we’re trying to appeal to (QAnon) is just ridiculous.” -GOP lawmaker to GOP anchor Chuck Toddler.
     Mark Meadows, the WH Chief of Staff, essentially waved the white flag to coronavirus.
     Headline: "Postal Service awards $5 million contract to Postmaster DeJoy's former company, XPO." Former company?!
     And, just in case you were thinking Rick Perry's smart guy glasses made him magically smarter... Sidebar to Secretary Suckup, With your boy in the race, almost EVERY state is a battleground state. And he's dragging your party over the fucking cliff.
      And he doesn't care.
    Well over 100,000 people won't get to celebrate any more wedding anniversaries because of your sociopath husband, bitch.
     This is all they have, these right wing nut jobs- Thuggery and arson. I am so ashamed this happened 25 miles east of me.
     Please tell me this lunatic Caputo is still securely locked up.
     Meme intermission.
     I wouldn't shed a tear to see Esper and Haspel go but this is a dangerously unstable psychopath. God only knows where this will end up.
     They should've just gone all the way and called it, "White Nationalist Geographic."
     For me, not for thee, motherfuckers.
     I'm amazed that he didn't claim Netanyahu said it.

     God, these people are fucking stupid. Come on, Darwin and COVID, hurry it up!
     Couldn't've happened to a nicer guy.
     Another career official leaves the listing ship of state.
     Maybe Biden was comparing him to George III. He was as crazy as a shithouse rat in flames, too.
     "If you have a heart attack or get in a trauma and all the beds are full. If you have a stroke, we can’t care for you.”
    Utah and many other states are faced with the horrifying reality of rationing care and triaging according to age, which they are NOT trained to do. Meanwhile, Donnie Dumbo is telling us we've "turned the corner." Yeah, we've turned the corner so many fucking times, we've gone full circle and are back to where we'd started.
     "The poll has found 'historic interest in the upcoming election' among voters between the ages of 18 and 29, as 63 percent of these voters say they will “definitely” be voting this year, up from just 47 percent who said the same at this time in 2016.
     What’s more, the poll found that these voters are going overwhelmingly for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, who leads Trump by 63 percent to 25 percent among the voters most likely to go to the polls."
      Florida Man, the world's worst superhero: Blight of the GOP edition.
      You have to hand it to Jared, because that's the only reason he's not living in a refrigerator crate.
      I have a pretty good idea who she voted for before she passed away from COVID.
      Remember this rat fuck apostate? Say bye bye, Jeffie.

    I guess, according to white cops, black people are a threat that need to be maced even while unconscious.
     NOT the Chief Justice. They're just rubbing our faces in it at this point.
     No doubt, ratings-obsessed Donnie Dumbo will be crowing like a rooster on a shit hill about this.
    What these childish mouth-breathers don't get is they're inviting the granddaddy of all shutdowns- Being stuck in a box six feet underground for all eternity.
     Trump jack bootlicker turns on Trump jack bootlicker for not being racist enough.
     Your "president" would rather battle black people and Democrats than a virus that's killing his own voters. Let that sink in for a minute.
     A local boy, Jake Marrazzo, in my small town recently held a book signing here in Hudson for his childrens' book, ONE WANTS TO BE A LETTER. It gives me hope that soon other authors will be holding book signings like in the good old days. You go, Jake, and may you have fantastic book sales.
    There are only two reasons why Abbot would do this: Voter suppression and crowd control after Trump loses Texas.
   This is perhaps biggest unfulfilled campaign promise out of many from four years ago- The manufacturing jobs not only not came back, they left, especially after the higher tariffs on China.
    Right winger Nicolle Wallace just called Twitter, "right wing Twitter." Which, of course, it is. To illustrate this, they yanked all three of my remaining accounts this fall on the dodgy rubric that i needed to confirm my cell phone number that hasn't existed since Verizon sent me a kill code five weeks ago that makes it impossible for me to even reboot the device. Meanwhile, Donnie Dumbo gets to threaten countries with a nuclear holocaust with complete impunity.
   Those five states in 23 counties seeing a rapid rise in corporate evictions? Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Texas, the nexus of Trumplandia. Trump won all five states in 2016
    Aren't you glad you voted for Trump, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas? And finally...

    The other guy gave you COVID-19, Kayleigh. Never forget that while you're still selling what's left of your black, withered soul.

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