Thursday, December 31, 2020

Gotham City Digest: Fuck You, 2020 edition

     Cassidy's right. We have to Trump-proof the next government.
     Great moments in signage.
     "If this gets covered up, there's no reason Democrats won't continue it in the future. I believe they are doing it right now in the Senate race that's going on in Georgia. They are using all the same fraudulent practices they used in the presidential race."
     Sure, Rudy, like closing down over half of all the early polling stations in exclusively minority neighborhoods in direct violation of state and federal law.
     "These Republicans in the Senate seem to have an endless tolerance for other people's sadness."
     Oscar Wilde couldn't have said it better.
     Michael Cohen on Trump.
Yeah, LET'S look beyond Moscow Mitch's improbable 20 point "win" and start paying more attention to other impossible wins in other states, specifically states where ES&S systems are used.
Because we need to take care of the scandal-riddled charter schools above all else.
The inevitable result of not listening to women who know what they're talking about, in this case, the Nashville PD & the FBI.
Cy Vance Jr's criminal investigation into Trump's finances just got a huge shot in the arm.
What a surprise. The 10 richest right wing scumbags in the Senate don't think you need more money.
Did you honestly think that Trump wasn't somehow going to fuck up the vaccine rollout on his way out the door?
"Kelly Loeffler campaigns with Klansmen." I am really loving on Jon Ossoff more and more.
Your Karen o' the day.
Only Republican scum would think to do something like this.
An LA supermarket had an assclown stampede recently...
Gee, Mikey, what happened to 20,000,000 doses by the end of the year? This is some serious 1984 shit.
If warp speed was like this on Star Trek, they'd never leave dry dock.
A GOP congressman-elect died from COVID-19 complications the night before.
This is what you get every single time when you vote Republican- Death, disease and destruction. 2020 has been the deadliest year in US history, with fatalities up by 15% from last year.
Mary Ann has gone up to that great uncharted island in the sky. RIP, Dawn Wells.
     “I wasn’t on the conga line. I ate by myself. I don’t know how I got this."
     Gee, let's think about this, you right wing moron- How about attending an ill-advised large social gathering sans masks and no social distancing observed?
     Yeah, good job, Tara. Always a good idea to crawl into bed with the misogynist far right wing.
In typical scumbag Republican fashion, Moscow Mitch has thrown in so many poison pills into the COVID relief bill that he knows he won't pass. Yet, he's accusing the Democrats of "trying to pull a fast one" on the American people.
     "If he actually was a child, this would merely be pathetic. Because he is threatening democracy itself, however, Trump has sunk below pathetic and crashed through the floor into the realm of being a forever loser. Anyone who supports him in his effort is, by extension, a forever loser too."
     The biggest loser, in other words.
     Moscow Mitch is a lying, festering bag o' pus.
      Trump decided to append to his campaign video that was eight weeks late for an election he lost the wrong picture of the Nobel Peace Prize that he never won.
     Meme intermission.
    Why should Walmart apologize? Hawley IS a sore loser. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC)
Someone should make a Lin Wood desk calendar. Because for every day this guy, literally every day, has a new conspiracy theory. Last night he implied John Roberts killed Scalia. Today, Jeffrey Epstein is still alive. Oh, I'm so glad Kyle Rittenhouse has him for an attorney.

     “You’re killing me! This whole thing is! We’ve got all the damn cases,” Mr. Trump yelled at Jared Kushner, his son-in-law and senior adviser, during a gathering of top aides in the Oval Office on Aug. 19. “I want to do what Mexico does. They don’t give you a test till you get to the emergency room and you’re vomiting.”
     Oh, NOW he admires Mexico.
     Trump's claiming victory over something he called "a Democrat hoax."
     We lost 3,927 Americans yesterday to a virus that he called a hoax and said would "disappear, like magic."
     Why this man isn't in a rubber in four point restraints is beyond me.
Another innocent black man is railroaded because of faulty facial recognition software.

     Another Trump stooge that hates democracy.
     What the hell is Texas doing?!
The Party of Lincoln? With one Congressman-elect already dead and another in the hospital, the GOP should be called the Party of George Romero.
GOP Gov. of NH cancels outdoor inauguration when lives of he and his family are threatened by his own voters over a mask mandate.
Oh my. David Perdue is quarantined? Isn't this a shame? And five days before the runoff election.
You want to know why we're losing nearly 4000 people a day in this pandemic? Because Trump and his Nazi stooges began purging HHS officials two and a half years BEFORE COVID-19 hit us.
Jake Tapper tells us 140 Republican scum will contest the electoral college results on January 6th. That's 20 more than the number of Nazis who signed on to Trump's disastrous lawsuit that the SCOTUS refused to hear. Yet Biden still drones on about bipartisanship and collegiality in Congress when they won't even acknowledge he won and refuse to give him an inauguration.
American voters are without a doubt the stupidest ones on the planet. This is largely why. And finally...

We used to execute Nazi cunts like this at Nuremberg. 75 years later, they're getting pardoned thanks to another Nazi cunt named Donald Trump.


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