Friday, December 18, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(Trump's signal was of a vulture.)

     "I’m not nuts… I’m not a conspiracy theory person. I don’t like them. I don’t like conspiracy theories at all. But something is going on here that’s bigger than meets the eye.”
     Yeah, keep telling yourself that, Chuckles.
     Is anyone surprised by this, that Kellyanne Conjob and Ivanka would water down CDC guidelines?
Draining the swamp, eh?
Personally, I don't know what she ever saw in an evil, avaricious scumbag like Bezos but good on her for walking away with $56 billion of his fortune and giving it to the needy.
DeJoy's USPS calendar was finally released... and, typical of that furtive Republican rat fucker, it's almost totally redacted. AOC comments. Mic drop, fade to black.
Yeah. The guy replacing Barr, Jeffrey Rosen? He's another moral quadriplegic just like Trump and so many others in this kakistocracy. Maddow explains his crimes here and here.
Even if Nevada could be flipped through sheer force of will, it has only 6 electoral votes. What difference would that make when he lost by 74?
This is Trump's America.
     Josh Hawley (R-Don't Show Me the Facts State) thinks his people are "reasonable people" because they "believe" the election conspiracy theories.
     We also used to believe in hoop snakes, that porcupines could shoot their quills and that old women in Salem were witches.

     Speaking of that genocidal scumbag Paul Alexander, this is what he'd written about COVID disproportionately affecting African Americans:
     “In this election cycle that is the kind of statement coming from the CDC that the media and Democrat antagonists will use against the president. They are already doing it and accusing him directly of the deaths in the African American community from COVID.”
     IOW, "Let's suppress these facts because it could hurt the so-called president in an election year."

     Looks as if there might be a relief bill passed in time for Xmas, even if we're not going to get the money until next year. This is what I call the emaciated version of the GOP's original $2 trillion "skinny bill", or less than $900 billion. The onetime payments will be a fucking joke ($600 or half of the $1200 we got last spring) and maybe, MAYBE unemployment extensions of $300 a week (again, only half what we got last spring). And it'll still include corporate immunity from lawsuits arising from people who got sick and/or died from COVID after being forced to go back to work by their employers.
     The only reason McConnell's even going this far is because he's worried that Perdue and Loeffler are getting hammered in Georgia over the lack of a relief bill and he wants to remain majority leader.
     It's all about staying in power.

     Yes, he was thinking of organizing a sit-in like he was some 60's hippy radical. I was thinking more along the lines of him running up on the inauguration stage, pushing Biden over the edge then, as he gasped and wheezed for breath, putting his hands on the Bible and demanding John Roberts read the oath to him.
     Yes, I can vividly imagine that and still half expect it. That's how insane Trump is these days.

     Trump thinks he's going to live at Mar a Lago. He can't, according to the 1993 agreement he signed with Palm Beach County officials in which he promised not to use it as a residence. And the family next door has hired a lawyer to make sure that doesn't happen.
Pharmacists have learned a trick that could expand vaccine doses by up to 40%. This is huge news.<
     Have you ever seen those Youtube videos of highly-advanced androids using artificial intelligence to converse with humans?
     That's not what Loeffler is. She's LESS advanced.
     "When the coronavirus struck, big companies promised to help battle the crisis. Dozens of prominent chief executives, who last year signed a public pledge to focus less on shareholders and more on the well-being of their employees and broader communities, appeared eager to make good on that promise. Many suspended payments to investors and vowed not to hold layoffs."
     The eight scariest words are, "We're a corporation and we're here to help."
     Seriously? The right wing rag founded by William F. Buckley Jr thinks there are special needs colleges?
Looks as if The Apprentice and the last four years really is literally a shit show.
"Hm, what do I use for a new password? I know, MAGA2020! No one will guess that!"
     Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Jill Karofsky recently slapped down yet another idiotic voter fraud case of Trump's, saying, “You want us to overturn this election so that your king can stay in power, and that is so un-American.”
     It didn't go over well with a bunch of MAGA cheese heads. And finally...
     Sometimes the headline writes itself and says it all.


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