Sunday, December 20, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(Getting your news from Trump's Twitter feed is like getting all your nutrition from Cheeze Whiz.)
     The fat man lost in court again.
Your Karen o' day.
The difference, of course, is that Scrooge saw the light. Moscow Mitch shrinks from it.
The great thing about right wing thugs is they're always stupid enough to announce their plans beforehand... IN PUBLIC.
Ladies & gentlemen, we have a new record.
Speaking of right wing morons telegraphing their intentions... I guess Tommy Tuberhead didn't get the memo from Moscow Mitch. Then again, maybe Mitch wrote it in Russian.
     "Where are the white women at?"
Where are the sane, non-racist Republicans at?
     COVID-19 doesn't give a damn about politics. Why do these nurses?
     Governors as dissimilar as DeSantis and Inslee are complaining about 40% reductions in vaccine shipments to their respective states. There's no way anyone cannot convince me that Republicans aren't out to murder as many of us as possible.
Have you ever had one of those days when it seems as if the entire universe wants you dead?
     You want to know how Russia was able to hack the entire US government? Blame Trump stealing money from our cybersecurity budget for his fucking unbuilt wall.
     Considering he built a grand total of three miles of the wall during his alleged presidency, it begs the question: Out of all the billions he stole from government programs, if the wall wasn't built, then where'd the money go?
     As proof of my declaration that Republicans are trying to murder as many of us as possible, get a load of this story. We'd actually planned to throw way extra doses of the vaccine, CONTRARY TO FDA GUIDELINES.
     Yes, we were going to throw away 40% of a lifesaving vaccine in the middle of a pandemic.
     Das Boot's inner liberal is starting to show.
Speaking of the bottleneck in the vaccine shipments... As more proof the government is trying to kill us, get a gander at this.
This is coming from the same ignorant right wing meathead who proved he couldn't properly pronounce the name of Canada's capital, Ottawa.
What makes him think any network would want him back?
     Let me get this straight- Trump actually wanted to do the right thing and he let his aides stop him?!
     What a feeble-minded moron.
     Typical grifting motherfucker. Invoking the Georgia Senate runoff races in his fundraisers is like setting up a Go Fund Me account for your neighbors whose house burned down then pocketing all the money.
     Which would be illegal. So why is he allowed to do this?
     Another thick-necked anti-education moron weighs in on Dr. Jill Biden...
     "Lara Trump, Mr. Trump’s daughter-in-law and a senior campaign adviser, served on the board — and was named on drafts of the incorporation papers — of a limited liability company through which the Trump political operation spent more than $700 million since 2019, according to documents reviewed by The New York Times."
     And the grift goes on...
     Hey, why didn't you use the US Pos...? Oh, right. Never mind.
     Fascists gotta jackboot.
     Trumpie the Klown promised to drain the swamp in DC. Instead, he's given Washington, DC swamp fever from end to end.
"Snakes" on a plane and the plane is Air Force One.
Hurry up & wait, then go back.
Shorter Ron Johnson (R-Moscow): “The path to prevent mortgaging our children’s future is to cripple their parents' ability to pay their mortgage.”
Your Brads & Karens o' the day. And finally...

Maybe Trump can recommend Nunes a good lawyer.


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