Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(Suck it up, buttercups.)
     To show you how corrupt the Chicago PD is, they elected this Nazi clown this year while he was still on suspension.
More butt fuckery from Trump's lackeys. Who cares of the incoming Commander in Chief is briefed by the Pentagon?
Your Brad o' the Day: Asshole MAGAts on wheels edition.
OK, this crooked right wing scumbag Robert Bentley, who was barred from seeking office ever again, got to jump to the head of the line for a vaccine... why? Oh, right. White Republican.
Then there's the constant Secret Service presence, traffic jams, detours, in addition to the reasons given here.
This is just sheer, sociopathic, right wing sadism. So, instead of waiting for the Trump maladministration to give them guidance, why isn't Pfizer just bypassing those psychopaths and directly approaching state health officials?
Last Friday, Mike Pence announced all those in the Space Force will be called "Guardians". Trump had a temper tantrum that his name wasn't chosen even after he was reminded Disney already co-opted and copyrighted "Mouseketeers".
Here's your Karen o' the Week. The Karen is white (of course). The targeted couple is Hispanic. Yet the police released their images before clearing them. Why?
     "Then there is the question of why a county like Breathitt (Kentucky) has more registered voters than it has people of voting age? 2019 population data shows that Breathitt County had 12,630 people with approximately 23% below the voting age of 18. This means approximately 9,700 people are of voting age, yet there are 11,497 registered voters. Having 100% of the voting-age population registered would be astounding enough, but Breathitt County appears to have almost 120% more registered voters than age-eligible citizens. And looking further, it appears this is not limited to Breathitt..."
     Yeah, Republicans, LET'S talk about electoral fraud.
     Of course they are, the racist cunts.
This innocent black woman got handcuffed naked in her own apartment during a botched raid that was nearly two years ago but the video just came out. The guy they were looking for? He was next door on home confinement and was wearing an electronic ankle bracelet.
Oh, you won't take the vaccine because you're American? So were 318,000 others I can think of.
This was a profoundly disappointing article to read, especially since I loved the first season of HEROES. If I rewatch it on DVD, I'll never be able to view it the same way again. I never knew Ali Larter was such a racist bitch.
What do these states and governors have in common? Trump hates every one of them.
The grift goes on...
You have to wonder why he didn't think of this during the start of the pandemic. 
Trump finally addressed the Russia hack. It went about as well as you could expect. racist bitch.
What do these states and governors have in common? Trump hates every one of them.
The grift goes on...
You have to wonder why he didn't think of this during the start of the pandemic.
     Trump finally addressed the Russia hack. It went about as well as you could expect.
COVID-19 finally killed a Republican, a month and a half after he attended a state GOP function. This is the same state party, mind you, that warned its own caucus while pointedly excluding Democrats and nonpartisan staffers from that memo.
All I know is, when the Big Bang comes, I don't want to be anywhere within a light year of Trump.
     Cartoon intermission.
My kid was at two of those Boston protests last summer and could've been one of those protesters this cop had bragged about running over.
It's all finally starting to make sense. The demand for schools reopening, everything. The Trump administration took the side of COVID-19 as if Trump owned stock in it. There was always a method behind the madness.
We keep saying, "That is a bridge too far" and yet, the bridge never seems far enough to Trump and his loping pack of upholstered jackals.
Trump went to Arlington National Cemetery and asked John Kelly over his son's grave, "I don't get it. What was in it for them?" So shut the fuck up about Biden, MAGAts.
"Under plenty of perjury"? The first time Lin Wood's ever told the truth about anything.
Last Friday, Trump also floated Flynn's idea for martial law then, of course, called it "fake news."
I still can't believe I saw this headline. Our kids didn't go back to school?! Says who? We opened the schools in late August, business as usual, until school districts saw a massive, sudden spike in cases and teachers and students began dropping dead. This is what Trump told us to to do in his psychopathic demand for herd immunity. So I don't know where the fuck this guy got his information but the Atlantic ought to print an immediate retraction.
     I can put it even more succinctly why Trump is MIA on the pandemic and Russian hacks in a riddle:
     Q- What do COVID-19 and Putin have in common?
     A- Trump partnered with both of them to weaken America.
     Well, thank God at least Republican executives get to enjoy a tax break on their three martini power lunches.
Only a 1% scumbag like Kelly Loeffler would try to get away with claiming owning a private jet is "an asset", especially after not using it that often and using taxpayer-funded flights, anyway.
     Meddling from the WH with CDC reports?
Well, I'm just fucking gobsmacked all to Hell. How about you?
The seven lowlights of the 5600 page skinny version of the "skinny bill":
     Five pages on reincarnation.
     Filing for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) will be more difficult.
     Owners of race horses got a tax break (Giving Lou Dobbs his first erection since the Nixon administration) .
     Two new museums will be established.
     The new eviction moratorium only lasts for 5 weeks.
     Stimulus bill decriminalizes unauthorized use of Smokey the Bear.
     Stimulus includes "three martini" lunch deductions for corporations.
     As usual, we got the crumbs from the pie crust AND the bill for it. And finally...

     "Not too little too late"? Tell that to people who'd gotten evicted from their homes last spring and summer, asshole.


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