Saturday, December 26, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(They're Republican scum. What did you expect out of them?)
     So, in Texas, it's illegal to drive with your windows up and you can be arrested for making a wide turn? Riiiight...
    Olivia Nuzzi's account of what REALLY happened at Four Seasons Landscaping.
     "Casey Goodson Jr, 23, was shot several times on December 4 while returning home. His family say he was holding a sandwich in his hand which law enforcement mistook for a gun."
     Why are these people empowered to make split second, life-and-death decisions?
    So, of course white, Republican scum are suppressing early voting in black and Latino districts because early voting worked so well for Democrats.
Good. I hope Dominion DOES sue Trump like they're suing Giuliani.
I always said that Donald Trump is to sleaze what Bill Gates is to software.
I don't know if he can be recalled this long after his retirement but I'd love to see them try it just so they can prosecute Flynn's rancid little leprechaun ass.
     Just think- Over 74,000,000 of us wanted four more years of this shit. They eroded the Democrats' lead in the House, may let them retain the senate.
     74,000,000 of us wanted four more years of this vicious scumbaggery. If you were one of them and are still fighting the election results, you don't get to say you love America and the concept of democracy.
     Gee, I dunno where Ted Cruz could've gotten the idea for this grift.
Merry fucking Christmas, courtesy of the Republican Party.
Another totally innocent man, I'm sure.
Fired lawyer uses right wing podcaster being sued for fraud to make case to overturn election that's already been decided. This should end well.
Make it 1-60.
     Fixed it.
In this season of peace (That I disturbed with Otherism), we cherish the warmth, generosity, and faith that breathe life (without ventilators) into our holiday gatherings. The love we share with our family and friends (especially those of us who got elite medical care unavailable to you peasants) fills our hearts with joy, just as the story of Christ's birth inspires people all over the world. This year, we come together as proud Americans (Not really) —grateful for our sacred right to worship freely (A sop thrown to evangelicals I really hate) and to openly profess our trust in the enduring light and promise of the coming of God (that I NEVER believed in).
         PS. Good luck paying your bills, suckers, after I scuttled out of town without signing a relief bill   so my trophy wife, crime family and I could live high on the hog on your dime one last time. #MakeAmericaGriftAgain

     When your guy can't legitimately win, resort to right wing thuggery. Because that's the American way!
     Meme intermission.
     Yeah, we never heard of this guy.
Looks as if America's most beloved fictional cow chaser is trying to catch up to the Trump legal team in losses.
The headline says it all. This shit has to stop. Immediately.
It wouldn't make any sense to investigate Hunter Biden now that Trump's within his last four weeks of power, except as a ham-fisted attempt to harm his father's reputation.
     And while we're at it, why don't we just ignore the 6,000,000 Jews who were killed in the Holocaust and concentrate on the survivors? Right wingers are pure sociopaths. It's a prerequisite for being a latter day conservative.
More projection on steroids. Who else has January 20 circled in red on their 2021 calendar?
1945 Nazi government creates 1776 Commission. This is the guy who'd told Justin Trudeau that his country burned down the WH and said during the Revolutionary War we guarded the airports.
Amanda Marcotte's Top Ten List of the 10 stupidest things Trump's ever done or said.
You installed a third of it, stupid.
If you've lost the anti-vaxxers, you know you've gone way 'round the bend.
For once, I agree with Rick Newman. We ARE pampered assholes.
What has centrism given us? The trade nightmare known as NAFTA. The repeal of Glass Steagall and Wall Street excesses that paved for the way for the crash of '08 that put us on the hook for $700,000,000,000. The extension of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and a ramped-up drone strike program. Workfare. The Crime Bill that put hundreds of thousands of black men in prison for non-violent offenses. A health care bill that was just a giant gateway to the health care market. Cozying up to corporations. Neoliberalism is just neoconservatism with moderate charisma.
Dem lawmaker tells Trump to "put up or shut up." If Trump really wanted those $2000 stimulus checks for us, he could've said so months ago before his political capital evaporated to nothing after the election.
Even the right wing Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court of WI, who'd voted to hear Trump's ridiculous lawsuit, is sick and tired of Trump's neo Nazi base and their anti Semitic death threats against his colleagues. And finally...

     Who did JK Rowling become? Boris Johnson in a skirt. It was bad enough that she became a right wing bigot and denying transgender identities were valid. That could've been dismissed as typical right wing lack of empathy. But then she made it worse by trying to unpack her bigoted positions and then was really, truly aggrieved to discover that her words actually had consequences. This just made her look and sound like a typical elitist who obviously thought her bigotry should be accepted as canon law and that she ought to remain immune from even criticism.
     Personally, I don't see what all the fuss was about regarding her books and the obscene deference paid to her. That isn't jealousy, it's disgust, disgust at the excess of money, fame and entitlement that we've been throwing at her for 21 years. I appreciate the fact she raised a generation of children to believe that reading was cool and her book launches were circuses not seen since Beatlemania. But after her cruel and dismissive comments about trans people were recently made public, it'll take a helluva lot more than that and the occasional nasty tweet at Donald Trump to put me in her corner.


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