Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(Can the FBI deputize? Let's find out.)
     So, the Devil went down to not only Georgia but also Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Nevada. Looks and sounds legit to me.
And he gave it to 4 of his relatives. Give the gift of COVID this Xmas.
This is pathetic. Republicans had to play to his vanity to get him to sign the damned thing.
Considering what a shit show 2020 has been, we really need to read more stories like this.
They finally identified the Nashville bomber. His name was Anthony Quinn Warner.
     "People like free money"?
Especially wealthy right wing scumbags like you.
Oh, for fuck's sake...
Your Brad o' the day.
Rev. Barber, the driving force behind the Poor People's Campaign, is absolutely right about religion being used as a fig leaf for corporate greed.
Should senators be allowed to own stock? Of course not, especially if their positions as senators enable them to manipulate stock prices, bloat their bottom lines, give cover to predatory industries and concentrate their positions according to their stock holdings.
Even though it was signed 24 hours too late for 14,000,000 Americans, I suppose we should be grateful anything was done last weekend considering Trump's vacationing at Mar a Lago, Pence is at Vail and Mnuchin is in Mexico.
The lack of the Passion of the Christ.
“During interviews with investigators and the media, there have been some references to God and demons... The investigation done so far indicates that this is an isolated incident, NOT the actions of a cult.”
     Sometimes, you've gotta love cancel culture just because it triggers the right wing snowflakes.
Most admired man? You've got to be fucking kidding me. After cratering the economy, killing over 340,000 Americans and empowering and excusing Russia's countless crimes against our country? We are indisputably the most brain-dead nation on the planet.
    "Donald Trump has betrayed the United States and the rule of law. He is a thug, a crumb and a louse, aided and abetted by a party and a significant segment of the populace who for whatever twisted reason find his hate and penchant for mayhem appealing. Pray for peace and reconciliation but do not forget." -Michael Winship
About the only humane thing Trump can do in the twilight of his "presidency" is to willfully sabotage the senate runoff elections in Georgia and give the Senate back to the Democrats just to get back at Mitch by having him demoted.
Lo, how the mighty have fallen. This brain-damaged little leprechaun was once entrusted with national security secrets. Now he's a pitchman for QAnon dog shit.
There's something more than vaguely despicable about a woman worth at least half a billion dollars getting into the Senate just to get even wealthier.
In short, she girl who used the N word is white and blonde and this shouldn't be happening to her!
Your co-Brad o' the day.Your Brad o' the day.
It takes a very special kind of grifting brazen scumbag like Kris Kobach to petition a court of law to try to get his hands on money that was donated under fraudulent means.
No charges for Tamir Rice's murderers. The DOJ said the video wasn't good enough. And finally...
     Shorter Lin Wood: "Yeah, I know I'm full of shit and I got nothin' but no one's gonna sue me because, First Amendment."
...which only protects you from the federal government.


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