Sunday, January 31, 2021

Pottersville Digest

("For the Unity!")

    OK, question: How did these lunatics get maps to the Congressional tunnel system and who gave them to them?
     They used the N word, repeatedly, extolled the superiority of slavery and seriously discussed who'd they rather fuck: Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms or Stacey Abrams.
     They turn their body cams off while they're murdering black people but turn them on for conversations like this. It seems Georgia hasn't progressed a bit since the 18th century.

I seriously hope Black Lives Matter wins the Nobel Peace Prize for lots of reasons, not the least of which is that it would completely finish off Trump.
Of course a fascist is going to be hostile and paranoid about a nonexistent organization opposing fascism.
Your Karens o' the day.
A wonderful obituary for the late Cicely Tyson.
Well, I'm just shocked that no one wants Trump living near them.
“I think if the election were a week from now he would be in a world of hurt,” answers one Wisconsin Republican official.
The Lincoln Project's Steve Schmidt just announced that they'd be suing Giuliani, Bannon and Trump.
You KNOW who this asshole voted for- twice.
It's wonderful that aspiring actress Louise Linton (Mnuchin's wife) is keeping busy after the election. Or is it?
Couldn't have happened to a better neo-Nazi.


      Generally, I hate lawyers, especially ones at white shoe law firms. But there's nothing in this letter that I cannot admire. It is elegant in its brutality and brutal in its elegance. The Lincoln Project's law firm of Caplin and Drysdale sent Giuliani this cease and desist letter giving him until Wednesday to take back his slanderous statements about the Lincoln Project on Bannon's show. It's very worth reading in its entirety. (Click on the images for an expanded view.)

It would've extended parental rights to rapists and those having committed incest (So much for family values). In typical Republican fashion, she blamed a staffer.
Go fuck yourself, "Chip." (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)

     Donnie Dumbo lost two more lawyers less than a week before the impeachment trial. The people who'd talked about it here claimed not to know why Bowers and Barbier backed out practically at the last minute but I can tell you-
     Trump wanted Bowers to relitigate the 2020 election and make it another grievance session in absentia. And neither Bowers and Barbier would go along with that.

So, who wants to start a pool predicting when the Notorious MTG gets her Twitter account shut down for good?
Fuck Eric Bolling and his Sinclair mud room show and double fuck Hogan's zeroes and their white grievance.
Oops. Donnie Dumbo lost all five of his impeachment attorneys last night.
"A little bit different"?! She believes Jewish space lasers started California's wildfires and that Hillary Clinton's wearing the faces of dead children.

Joe Manchin seriously needs to shut the fuck up and switch to the GOP. It's who he's been working with them for years, anyway.
The Lincoln Project's filled with Republicans so it was inevitable something like this would come up to haunt them.
Another example of a right wing nut job loving right wing ideology more than his own kids.
One of my congressmen, Stephen Lynch, tested positive for COVID-19 as he was getting his second inoculation. So much for the much-vaunted vaccine. Now what, peeps? Some may stand by the vaccine and that's fine. But this story doesn't do anything to allay my skepticism of something made by Big Pharma. I'm not an anti-vaxxer by any stretch of the imagination but the fact is that the FDA's approval was fast-tracked by at least a day because someone in the Trump administration pressured the director, Steven Hahn, to approve the Phizer vaccine in the next 24 hours or be fired because Trump was anxious to grab credit for it. And now we're hearing that this new mutation of the virus, B 1.1.7., may become, by March, the dominant source of transmission and infection and that the vaccine currently being given to us (albeit in dribs and drabs) may prove to be only 60% effective. So, please forgive my skepticism of Big Pharma and the last two administrations' efforts in confronting this pandemic.
     "My first question to Congresswoman Greene was 'do you really believe that Parkland and Sandy Hook were false flags and staged? That was a real important question to me; to this moment I cannot fathom that somebody could say something like that. Her answer was unequivocally 'no, I do not.'"
     This seems to indicate she doesn't really believe the bullshit she trowels out on a daily basis. Or, as Alex Witt suggested, perhaps Greene said that because she thought that was what Mrs. Shulman wanted to hear. Either way, it's not a good look for MTG.

"Pedophiles and grifters." Yet more projection from Fredo.
     I fully support what this guy's doing. It's not cancel culture (something started by right wingers). It's apprising corporate America of the facts and risks involved when they hire ex Trump officials. if they insist on hiring or retaining them, that's their right. But then they'll reap the whirlwind.

I almost hate to say this but, Republican or no, I'm really starting to like Adam Kinzinger. And finally...

Christopher Miller, the Acting Sec Def in Trump's political twilight, deliberately left Washington DC vulnerable on January 6th. This is the "smoking gun" document that proves it.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(The Zodiac killed five people. Cruz's actions helped kill five people. Hm...)

    Yes, even Bannon thinks Rudy is batshit.

    Marjorie and her Marietta mafia are now chasing black lawmakers from their offices. This woman has got to go. Like, immediately, if not sooner.

     Man, Trump sure knows how to pick 'em, huh?

     AOC accused Ted Cruz of attempted murder (which was true). So the dependably batshit Chip Roy decided to retaliate by threatening her with "alternative means" to condemn her. Chip and Ted Yoyo are part of a dying breed that can't die quickly enough.

     Andy Biggs. Lauren Boebert. Matt Gaetz. Paul Gosar. Marjorie Taylor Greene. And a Dishonorable Mention Mo Brooks. Remember these names. They're all tied to far right militant groups that rioted in the Capitol nearly a month ago.

    When he isn't telling fake war stories, Brian Williams is venturing into late night comedy.

   "On the phone, the next day, talking about what happened, McDaniel became emotional." They wanted to kill Pelosi, too. I'm sure she didn't shed a tear for her.

     Cosplaying- It's for racists, too.
Apparently, the Soviets, then Russians, groomed Trump for over 40 years. Shocking, I know.
The only reason he feels betrayed by Trump is because he didn't pardon him. If he had, no way would this asshole be returning to the scene of his crime.
My senior senator on CNBC yesterday.
     "The GOP collectively shrugged when a couple of its members were photographed down in D.C. on Jan. 6, but my pride and weed flags are a point of outrage for them?"
     I love John Fetterman. I would love to see him in the Senate.

     Of course they have a plan to make it easier for them to steal elections. They're Republican scum. That's what they do. It's the only way they can win elections.

At least one of them gets it.
Another video MTG scrubbed from her Facebook page (so, obviously, Facebook had no problem with it), calling for Pelosi's execution (like the rioters in the Capitol Jan. 6th). It was so vile, even RawStory wouldn't post it.
Your Karen o' the day.
Anyone who can swing on the mental pendulum from Bernie Sanders to QAnon is obviously someone who's too feeble-minded and susceptible to influence to be trusted to vote.
So Donald Trump shouldn't be too surprised if he gets a hunting invitation from Dick Cheney.
You have to be a platinum-plated, dues-paying, five star professional asshole to be worse than Steve King. Kevin McCarthy stripped him of his committee assignments. Congresswoman QAnon just got put on the House Education Committee.
I love Bernie Sanders. He's America's crusty uncle.
And yet another video of MTG surfaces.
Yet more proof of radical, Socialist Democrat voter fraud! Oh, wait...
Sad to say, but we need to set up Treason Caucuses in both chambers to weed out and expel these right wing 5th Columnists.
Naturally, Donnie Dumbo will attempt to appeal the ruling all the way up to the Supreme Court that's long since lost patience with him.
I'm sure there's lots of new evidence. Trump was never very subtle. And since the riot took place two weeks before Biden's inauguration, there was no time for the usual Republican coverup.
I don't know what Rubin was thinking regarding Mitt Romney being "honorable" but she's spot on with everything else here.
There's usually, if not always, just one side in an insurrection. Yet, the WaPo, as usual, is playing the "both siderism" game.

Was Roger Stone behind the riot? Why, yes. Yes, he was. And finally...
To succeed at toxic masculinity, you first have to actually be a man.

Friday, January 29, 2021

The Notorious MTG

     It used to be, back in the good old days, the only way to ignore, rationalize or excuse barking insanity was if there was some genius or immense talent tied to it. John Nash, for instance, who'd spent years making nonexistent connections between disparate news and magazine articles to hand off to nonexistent government agents through dead drops, nonetheless was a mathematical wizard whose formulas gave us game theory and economic theories still used today.
     Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, the nihilist philosopher, went completely insane in 1889 and never regained his mental faculties for the remaining 11 years of his life. Yet, in the preceding decade, he'd given us timeless, seminal works of philosophy, such as Thus Spoke Zarathustra, that have been credited as the seedbed for the 20th century movement, Existentialism.
     That old rule for overlooking insanity still holds but now, apparently, there's another excuse for being bonkers: Running for, and getting elected to, public office.
     Hell, Donald Trump showed us that in 2016. And God knows the mentally impaired got shoehorned onto the Beltway long before Trump. There was Michele Bachmann from MN-6. There's Louis Gohmert of TX-1. But since the 2018 midterms that gave us the Squad, the right wing crazies energized by Trump have also seen fit to send their response to the Squad.
     North Carolina's 11th District sent us Hitler-on-Wheels, Madison Cawthorn, who never saw a Nazi retreat he didn't love. He'd also brought a gun to a certain riot earlier this month. There's also Lauren Boebert out of CO-3, who first rose to infamy by running a dive bar in which patrons and staff alike were actually encouraged to show up strapped (Alcohol and firearms? What could possibly go wrong?). Bobo also made a name for herself on January 6th by tweeting Nancy Pelosi's location during the riot. It was a riot that was aided by Boebert leading some identified rioters through Congress (even though tours were shut down last March due to the pandemic) for the purpose of security recon.
     As if bound and determined to distinguish herself as the craziest freshman right winger in Congress, Bobo also got into what was essentially an armed standoff with Capitol Police when she tried to bring her gun on the House floor, even after tripping a metal detector that was installed right after the riot. Her place was seemingly assured. She was going to get the Bachmann Golden Corndog Award.
     Then Marjorie Taylor-Greene, that toothy little tornado of terrible out of the wilderness of Georgia-14, said to Lauren, "Hold mah moonshine."
     Practically from the moment she was sworn in with all the other House members January 3rd, MTG has made a name for herself and seems to be on a holy crusade to make herself more reviled and loathed than Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan and Ted Cruz combined. And she may pull it off.
     Over the last week, it seems hardly a day goes by when we're treated to yet another video of right wing horrors made by Greene in 2018 and 2019. Today alone brought us two, one in which MTG informed us, thinking she was channeling Jefferson, that democracy is "earned with the price of blood" (Not hers, obviously). Another video that she'd scrubbed from her Facebook page revealed she was calling for Nancy Pelosi's execution for treason.
     Former GOP Congressman Denver Riggleman went on CNN today to remind us that MTG is much worse than recently ousted Iowa Rep. Steve King, who was stripped of all his committee assignments by Kevin McCarthy his last year in office for asking what was the big deal about white supremacy.
     That would be the same Kevin McCarthy who'd long since become Trump's butt boy and who's now coddling Congresswoman QAnon, who just got put on the House Education Committee, with McCarthy's blessings. To solidify her base in Deliverance, Georgia that her gun-humping bona fides are in order, she'd voluntarily released last week a video of her stalking and harassing Parkland School shooting survivor David Hogg in 2018 as he was on his way to testify before Congress.
     To make the Beltway even more interesting, among the things Greene has been furiously scrubbing from her social media accounts (but not quickly enough, obviously), was her conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton's been murdering children and wearing their faces a la Hannibal Lecter. Then there was this doozie that's hard to top even by QAnon standards: That Gov. Jerry Brown deliberately started the Camp Fires over two years ago with a giant space laser financed by the Rothschilds.
     Yes, a Jewish laser satellite weapon too far-fetched for even a James Bond movie.
     Sandy Hook and Parkland were "false flag" shootings, Seth Rich was murdered by Camp Clinton, yada yada.
     Kevin McCarthy said he'd have a talk with her.
     It's obvious that Marjorie Taylor-Greene is beyond the reach of anyone or anything, as much as was Trump. In fact, the only thing that could possibly make a dent in Greene's obvious right wing, fever dream psychosis is 24/7 Haldol enemas. McCarthy might be privately retching in his office wastebasket at the very thought of Taylor-Greene but he's giving her the kid gloves treatment because she's the one most closely aligned and synonymous with the screaming morons who'd invaded Capitol Hill on the 6th. In doing so, he's essentially acknowledging that she's the future of the GOP, the Queen of the zombie hordes who'll call Georgia-14 and then some back to the Potomac if she feels she's being dissed.
     And McCarthy may be right. Greene, along with Boebert, brings to the table the energy that the rotting corpse of the establishment GOP is lacking. She brings in the parishioners, as they say, if by parishioners you mean rioters calling literally for the Vice President's and House Speaker's heads to be put into nooses.
     It was this supine attitude toward right wing bullies with right wing lunatics at their backs is what got the GOP kicked out of the White House and the majority in the Senate. It's what kept them from reassuming the majority in the House. A guy who lost the popular vote, twice, and a sawed-off little tyrant from the hinterlands of northern Georgia who got into Congress by running unopposed succeeded in co-opting the Republican Party because it has no excitement, no ideas and, apparently, no balls.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(Admittedly, it's nice not knowing what Jill Biden's tits look like.)
     Oh fuck. This is not beginning well...

     Now you know why Hillary picked that right wing milksop Tim Kaine to be her running mate.
I'm not exactly a Mike Pence fan but I really feel sorry for these people. Seriously, I take no joy in reading this. How could a former VP be homeless?
A talking to. Yeah, Kevin, that'll set her straight.
Rachel makes some damned good points here.
The wheels are already falling off the shit wagon that is CPAC 2021.
And then she financed the Nazi assholes who tried to carry it out.
And the rats start eating each other.
And speaking of right wing rats turning states' evidence...
Shorter Michigan GOP: "We're going to hold childrens' education hostage until the Governor gives back the power we gave to the executive."
At last! Evidence of radical Democrat, Socialist voter fraud! Oh, wait...
Marjorie Taylor-Greene: A true profile in cravenness.
"Rogers, according to an FBI affidavit, claimed the pipe bombs were for entertainment purposes."
     Who the hell builds pipe bombs for "entertainment purposes"?

Another right wing pod person turned up. Doesn't the damned White House do any vetting, at all?
"Even if acquitted, impeaching Trump is meaningful for another reason. Two hundred and forty-six out of 261 Republicans say, in effect, that treason's okie-dokie if you're a Republican. So the Democrats can safely ignore their demands, because there's nothing but downside to negotiating with terrorists and their confederate enablers." -The Editorial Board.

     "We're now talking about a movement and a president that inspired people to come to Capitol Hill to try to kill, their words not mine, the vice president of the United States and the speaker of the House. and guess what, Mike Pence is now in Indiana because of Donald Trump, trying to lay low because there are people now who have Mike Pence on their hit list because of Donald Trump."
     And, yes, he was screaming at the top of his lungs when he said it.

Saddam Hussein also had a couple of sons who stoked insurrection. What happened to them? Oh, right.
Naturally, being a right wing snowflake, she felt she was being "attacked."
Your Karen o' the day: My Own Public Idaho Meltdown edition.
My old friend, Charlie Pierce, describes how Matt Gaetz (R-Do You Know Who My Daddy Is?) has the unique ability to make a member of the Cheney family look like a victim.
When Uncle Toms go wild.
Jared created and ran a shell company to prevent transparency of campaign expenditures? Well, I'm just gobsmacked and disillusioned, how about you?
Meanwhile, one of the secret perks of living in Mr. Rogers' neighborhood is white privilege. Keep in mind, these are the same bigoted assholes who bristle when equal rights are extended to women, minorities and those in the LGBTQ community, sneering that they're "special rights."

The very fact that we have to write and read articles like this just proves what a right wing, neoliberal cesspool the Biden administration is. GOP House and Senate members led and supported an insurrection to keep Biden from getting sworn in. His response? "Let's work with them and fuck the liberals," despite Democrats having the majority in both chambers.
Separate but unequal even after death. This is 2021 Louisiana.
Despite Rupert Murdoch turning on Trump on election night, nothing's really changed at the network. In fact, Fox, predictably, is returning to its fascist, right wing roots after they discovered their viewers were bailing on them for even more fascist, fringe outlets like OAN & Newsmax.
What's the difference between Democratic and Republican Town Halls? At Democratic Town Halls, reporters can actually ask questions.
The silly side of liberal political correctness.
Just another sign of what a stable business genius Trump is.
John Avlon nails these paramilitary terrorists in his newest reality check.
gain, Twitter should have done this years ago. They gave him a platform for over a decade and since 2015, let him get away literally with murder because of their insistence that he was a head of state and therefore deserved an exemption.
Another redneck lone wolf terrorist bites the dust.
ight gradually dawns on Marblehead.
Jennifer Rubin calls on Republicans to stop running for office if they're going to refuse to work.
The death toll from January 6th just rose yesterday when another DC Metro cop killed himself.
     If Trump thought he'd be the zombie president, he thought wrong.
Of course he did. Shocking but not surprising he'd play up the antifa/BLM angle while playing down the white, right wing terrorist threat.
Trump never thought his private businesses would take a hit even after acting like a fascist touchhole for four years and trying to overthrow the government.
I warned you guys that Biden would pull this bait-and-switch bullshit but, as usual, no one would listen.
Oh, this will be entertaining. Let's see if the NYPD cracks down on them like they did the original protesters a decade ago. And finally...

Yes, she wrote this. No, it's not even Marjorie Taylor Green's craziest conspiracy theory.

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