Saturday, January 2, 2021

Gotham City Digest

(Their most valuable resource sits 63 feet ahead, so you know they're fucked.)

     What a great way to kick off 2021, courtesy of Massachusetts. Say, "Thank You, Boston Dynamics."

     "Welfare for the rich." At least Moscow Mitch sees the 2017 tax cut bill for what it is... Oh, wait. He was talking about the onetime $2000 check for the rest of us. OK, fuck him, then.
     "Beginning 19 days from now, McConnell is the most powerful Republican in the land."
     Somehow, that doesn't even qualify as cold comfort.

     This is biological terrorism, plain and simple.
This kind of hagiography would be embarrassing even by North Korean standards.
Figures that Trump would try to cash in during inauguration week by gouging Democrats. As if people celebrating Biden's win would stay at a Trump hotel.
Oh, the dark force is strong with this one.
Dana Milbank throws on some disinfecting sunlight on Russell Vought, one of Donald Trump's most vicious and dangerous right wing bomb throwers.
Foiled by Bill Gates yet again! Oh, Louie Gohmert must really miss clay tablets.
It's only fitting that handing Trump his first veto override would be the final act of the 116th Congress.
Trump slouches to Georgia for one more grievance session and to turn off more right wingers from voting on Jan. 5th.
I thought front line workers were supposed to be among the first to get vaccinated. What happened?
Palm Beach has been Maggot Central for years, already.
There are some seriously misguided voters out there. How was it Pelosi's fault this idiot didn't get his $2000 check? Now, on the other side of the aisle...
Maybe they could've gotten through better to Moscow Mitch if they'd written it in Cyrillic.
This is one of the saddest and most infuriating articles I've ever read on the pandemic and at how much we've shortchanged our nation's hospitals at a time when they needed the government more than ever.
“He’s not some moron like Louie Gohmert.”
     Well, Josh Hawley now officially is.
     Imagine paying $1000 to risk your life at a NYE party only to find out all you're getting is Fredo, Eric and Vanilla Ice?
I just cannot fathom what's going through Hawley's mind right now. He's essentially risking his career and reputation, such as it is, over a stunt that's guaranteed to result in doom and utter, humiliating failure.
Lin Wood's conspiracy theories and batshit insane predictions will make one hell of a great desk calendar some day. Because literally every day brings a new level of bat shittery from Wood.
All he needs is a venue for his banana republic coup.
     What is this, now, 1-61? I'm honestly losing count here.
     "The consequences to the republic for overthrowing a democratic election because you don't like the result -- because you believe that the election was somehow corrupted, when in fact, the evidence shows that it was not. That's an interesting approach. I think it's crazy, frankly." -Josh Hawley a year ago.
     "Yeah, that shit I said a year ago? Forget I said it." -Josh Hawley these days.

     Yeah, sounds like a totally stable genius to me.

     These are just some of the reasons why I hate, loathe, revile and despise the latter-day Democrat Party, why I absolutely refused to vote for Obama, Clinton and Biden. The duplicitous back-biting and rat fuckery just got too obvious to ignore. What happened to AOC two and a half weeks ago at a Steering Committee meeting alone would've made me desert the right wing Democrat Party if I hadn't already abandoned it over four years ago.
If these are the people Josh Hawley is cynically trying to curry favor in advance of 2024, then he ought to know he's juggling old dynamite. Those fascist assholes will turn on him like a school of piranhas on a dime the second he strays from the razor-narrow path they'll map out for him.

     Substitute "election procedures" with "racist voter suppression", THEN you'll have an accurate headline.
They're going to have to carry him out feet first on January 20th.
A little late to crawl away from the dumpster fire, isn't it, traffic lawyer? You're fully involved, no pun intended.

Whitehouse on the current White House. And finally...

Walmart, like Amazon, wants to dominate the planet and be the last corporation standing. This is another step in that direction. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)


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