Sunday, January 17, 2021

Gotham City Digest

(All for political expediency he doesn't need.)

     "Delta Air Lines has put 880 people on its no-fly list for not complying with its mask requirements and has banned others from flying with the airline for harassing other passengers or unruly behavior related to the U.S. election results, a spokesman said."
     If you act like a psychopathic brat, don't expect not to literally get grounded.

     "And let me say to my brother Thomas over there, wherever you are, and to my cousin Dale over in Wales, I am no Trump cult member!"
     Said every cult member, ever.
     Right wing to do list:
     1) Commit sedition.
     2) Back the Blue by thoroughly documenting your crimes.
     "Instructed not to use any of the half-dozen bathrooms inside the couple’s house, the Secret Service detail assigned to President Trump’s daughter and son-in-law spent months searching for a reliable restroom to use on the job, according to neighbors and law enforcement officials. After resorting to a porta-potty, as well as bathrooms at the nearby home of former president Barack Obama and the not-so-nearby residence of Vice President Pence, the agents finally found a toilet to call their own."
     Yeah, let's talk about "coastal elites" for a minute...

     OK, this is cool. Right wingers in VA are stripping chairmanships from each other for election trutherism.
     Wow. Breaking stump speech promises already and he hasn't even taken over, yet. Typical right wing bait and switch. Expect a lot more of this shit over the next four years.
AOC is right- If certain Republicans knew where she was, you're damned skippy they would've revealed her location.
     "First, just consider the impunity with which they operated. These terrorists besieged the capitol building and then roamed its halls undisguised. Likewise, on December 31, 1904, a mob of about 700 people broke into the jail at Newport, Arkansas, and took Louis Allwhite, whom they marched to a railroad trestle outside of town, where they hanged him... Of course, the greatest manifestation of the mob’s impunity was taking pictures of themselves with the lynching victim, knowing full well that documenting their crimes would not affect their lives at all."

Right winger claims Trump was punished on election day over the riots. The riot was 11 days ago. The election was two and a half months ago, stupid.
They may've just gotten the guy who killed Sicknick.
"They can't impeach me because I can't find a lawyer who'll work for me!"
Abusive marriages are doomed to fail.
Grab 'em by the... Pence?
They all knew. Except for the Metro Police.
They came within 60 seconds of grabbing Mike Pence.
Dude, five people died on the 6th. They ARE "a dangerous cult". Where have you been?
Here there be witches.
     "Maybe I spat on police."
And maybe you'll go to jail.
Elect a crook, expect a crime wave.
     "I severely underestimated the threat posed by a Donald Trump presidency."
    We liberals didn't. Fuck your apology, buttercup. You own this, lock, stock and barrel. Reap the whirlwind.<

     Meme intermission.
     "A Member of Congress gave a guided tour to insurrectionists."
     Lauren Bobo: "It wasn't me!"
     The real reason blue lives matter.
     How much do you wanna bet they were all or mostly right wingers?
     "Okay, are you guys ready? My statement is just, I made some notes. I went out, you know, met with the General VanHerck today, and his team. Key tasks were, one, kind of get an update on, um, state of homeland defense, two, make sure that we were synced on not just the inauguration threat, because that’s really like…but at this point there’s a machine that’s cranking on that, but just made it…wanted to talk about the rest of the country, you know, and uh, then listened to his team on the stuff that they’re doing."
     This is the acting Defense Secretary, ladies and gentlemen. And, believe it or not, it actually went downhill from there. He wound up praising Russia and exclaimed he couldn't wait until he was out of the Pentagon.

     In other words, those in liberal counties, they can fuck off and die.
The cop that had hit her was given a written reprimand so at least there's that. 🙄
Now it's time to find out how much Daddy really loves you.
I don't know how Dale was able to winnow it down to 15, considering the fire hose spewed 20,000 lies in under four years.

     Half the Squad called on Hawley to resign. This is one of them.
Mike Lofgren might be a Republican but he's one who knows what he's talking about.
Again, destroying public records (not "mishandling", ABC) is something a totally innocent guy would do.
Poverty isn't a lack of character. Extreme, bloated wealth and an unwillingness to help the working class is a lack of character. Nobody "earns" billions of dollars.
This is so cool. The code of silence is finally breaking down.
Now these right wing nut jobs are calling for Trump's execution just for disingenuously calling for calm. I wish I could say I'm surprised by this but I can't. It was inevitable that he'd eventually lose control over his own mob.
     And sometimes, the criminal flees the scene of the crime.

     If you're in Illinois and are on Facebook, I hope you got in on this before the claim deadline.
     Speaking of Fuckbook, w
e need to be talking more about this. Facebook got Trump in the WH fours ago. Last week, they helped get five people killed.

Future Trivial Pursuit card answer mocks AOC for her fear of mob that he helped send to DC.
Yeah, yeah, cancel culture. Blow me. Look what else just got canceled. That would be Josh Hawley's fundraiser.
Misinformation dropped dramatically after Trump got thrown off Twitter. How dramatically? Try 73%. Which was why they should've suspended him years ago.
...and 530 rounds of ammo. Perfectly honest mistake, I'm sure.
You want fries with that?
     Wow, that was fast!
Congresswoman Bobo's Comms Director quit. And this guy used to work for Moscow Mitch and could tolerate him for years.
This is an op-ed by Ben Sasse. Quote:
     "But no matter what happens in that trial, the Republican Party faces a separate reckoning. Until last week, many party leaders and consultants thought they could preach the Constitution while winking at QAnon. They can’t. The GOP must reject conspiracy theories or be consumed by them. Now is the time to decide what this party is about."
     A fascinating interview with a scientist who thinks Oumuamua just might have been an alien spacecraft.
This is an incredible mini-documentary of the riot in the Capitol building on January 6th, using a 3D map of the Capitol. I never knew until now how close they came to getting their hands on lawmakers or the electoral votes. And finally...
Who'd make a better president?


At January 18, 2021 at 12:13 AM, Blogger Stan B. said...

Love how the TOTALLY Innocent real estate vandal captions her photo with a physical threat...


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