Monday, January 4, 2021

Gotham City Digest

(Until bleeds your ass, hm?)
     Reap the whirlwind, you right wing snowflakes.
From Jenny Offill's introduction of her edition of Mrs. Dalloway, which comes out the day after tomorrow.
Refusing to convict him in the Senate a year ago is what emboldened this brain-dead crime boss to extort another elected official. There's no way anyone can convince me this asshole isn't completely insane.
What Republican scum are trying to do is set up a Spanish Inquisition for electoral results, essentially challenging only the states with which the aforementioned Republican scum don't agree with the results. Even Lindsey Graham and Tom Cotton aren't on board with this.
If the system works, Mikey (and it DOES), then why do we need a commission?
Even Fox & Frauds is washing its hands of this sick, silly bullshit.
    Chuck Toddler to Ron Johnson:
"Why didn't you hold hearings about the 9/11 truthers? There's plenty of people who thought 9/11 was an inside job. What you're basically saying is if there's enough people who believe a conspiracy theory -- how about the moon landing? Are you going to hold hearings on that?"
And fine Trump for his super spreader event on New Year's Eve.
At this point, Trump's apologists are good only for brief comic relief.
And before you ask, yes. Gym Jordan's next in line after Nunes for the Medal of Freedom.
Think Trump will demand a recount?
"This man, President Donald Trump, is the same behind the scenes as he is in public." Yeah, that's the problem, Hogan.
Trump's base: Out and proud.
Finally, a Trump legal strategy that makes sense. I don't know what makes him think famously liberal Scotland would want him, either. They didn't even want his golf course there, much less him.
Trump is beyond the reach of any therapist. Psychiatrically, he's a lost cause.
I hate to agree with right wingers on anything but with Trump, it's inevitable.
I love Ilhan Omar and this is one of the reasons why.
Now Trump's attacking Tom Cotton, who's just one smidgen to the left of Adolph Hitler. So what does that say about Adolph Jr?
Let's see what conspiracy theory awaits us today on our Lin Wood desk calendar. Oh my...!
Forget conspiracy to commit electoral fraud. They could nail Trump just for stalking Raffensberger.
Once again, Mary Trump has her uncle nailed. I can't wait until her next book comes out.
     "Trump was persuaded to go ahead with the rally as a stage from which to reiterate his claims of election fraud and to present, as he tweeted Monday, the 'real numbers' from the race."
     He was going to Georgia just to air his grievances, anyway.
     "Plaintiffs' aims in this election challenge are bold indeed: they ask this Court to declare unconstitutional several decades-old federal statutes governing the appointment of electors and the counting of electoral votes for President of the United States; to invalidate multiple state statutes regulating the certification of Presidential votes; to ignore certain Supreme Court decisions; and, the coup de grace, to enjoin the U.S. Congress from counting the electoral votes on January 6, 2021, and declaring Joseph R. Biden the next President."
     I've never before seen such a masterpiece of sarcasm masquerading as diplomacy before. If I could fit it on a coffee cup, I would.
     Head Proud Boys thug Tarrio was arrested in advance of hate rally in DC. The same day (today), his organization was sued by Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. Not looking good for Trump's Amateur Hour Bund.
Oh, please disbar Congressman COVID. That's all I want for my birthday this month.
     One point I should have brought up in my article yesterday: It seemed absurd on the face of it that Trump would pressure Raffensberger to throw the results of the election in his state when Georgia only has 16 electoral votes and Trump lost by 74.
     Why are we assuming that Raffensberger was the only Secretary of State that Trump called on Saturday?
     What else did you expect in the Glorious Age of Trump?
Professional psychopath Kelli Ward got her last lawsuit thrown out so quickly (8 hours and 3 minutes) that she didn't have time to file a brief. Now she's pissing and moaning to Sam Alito. And finally...
The worm turns against another Trump shyster.


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