Friday, January 8, 2021

Gotham City Digest

(And when you factor in her brother Eric, Betsy's not even the worst thing to come out of Holland, MI.)

     Watch this racist Republican redneck rat-fuckery in action, in real time, courtesy of Greg Palast.
Let's forget about this idiot's impotent threat of civil war if Republicans lose the Senate. Since when do Puerto Rico and DC get two votes each in the Senate?
Sure everyone loved your phone call, if you exclude the Democrats clamoring for your impeachment, Republicans denouncing you for it and state and federal officials who are investigating your call and may prosecute you for violating state and/or federal law. Aside from them, yeah, perfect call.
If she weighed 20 more lbs, she could've hit him with her Rascal scooter. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)
That Wisconsin pharmacist that destroyed over 500 vaccine doses? No wonder his wife's divorcing him and taking the kids.
"Coming to play golf is not what I would consider to be an essential purpose." Oh, God, I love the Scottish.
I guess, in Clay Higgins' addled Nazi brain, "sovereign states" aren't so sovereign if they don't vote the way he wants them to.
This is very close to a closing line of an article I recently wrote, that Trump's going out not with a bang but a whimper.
"Lemmings with suicide vests." Perfectly descriptive line to describe today's GOP.
Wow, @Jack, just in the nick of time, after five people were killed in DC on Wednesday and 365,000 died from this biological terrorist's inaction, four years of threatening public officials and nearly instigating nuclear war with two nations. Kudos, you right wing corporate cunts. You're not protecting America, you're protecting your corporate bottom line and your market valuation on Wall Street.
A behind the scenes perspective of the infamous hotel room scene in the Borat film.
"Hand-picked by politicians, some magistrates were found to have accepted bribes, stolen money, flubbed trials, trampled over constitutional protections and mishandled even the most basic elements of criminal cases."
     I'm amazed Trump didn't already put these crooks and hacks in the federal judiciary.
     The Proud Boys? "A peaceful track record"?! Their chairman got arrested yesterday for burning a BLM sign stolen from an AME church. They've been arrested for attacking people.
WTF was CA thinking when they passed Prop 22? Or was thought even involved?
     I guess that "interdimensional machine" that can cure illnesses couldn't cure him of his hillbilly heroin addiction.
In other words, we're looking at a looming Palestinian Holocaust.
     But the good news is that they're not pressing charges against Jacob Blake, either, who was shot seven times in the back in front of his kids and is paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of his life.
     So, there's that.
     Nice firewalls, assholes.
So, she chose to quit the law firm in which she was a partner to work for a guy who's going to be unemployed in a couple of weeks. Brilliant career path, Cleta. (chef's kiss)
Look what Republican scum are doing in Pennsylvania. This is what it's come to. This is how hyper-partisan these criminal, Nazi Fifth Columnists are.
Who knew that Trump's cerebral infantile paralysis was communicable?
Again- The "DC" in Washington DC now stands for "Death Cult."
Sherman, you magnificent bastard, he read your book!
     Meme intermission.
     Karma, thy name is Merrick Garland.
Oh dear. It looks as if Pence's search history on Amish porn is about to come out.
Fredo channels his inner Kimberly Guilfoyle and screams and curses in front of the WH on live national TV. Fox finally had to pull the plug on this greaseball lunatic.
    The right wing circular firing squad has already opened up. A brief tutorial on Democratic elections, Tiana- When the Democrats win elections, it's not a "stolen election". It's called democracy. Now go back to chewing on your hind leg, snowflake.
So, what happens now that there's an even 50/50 split in the US Senate? Well, Lisa Kerr fills in the gaps and tells us VP-elect Kamala Harris, as president of the Senate, suddenly becomes very, VERY relevant and can strip McConnell of his Senate Majority Leader status and privileges simply by recognizing Charles Schumer, thereby allowing the Minority Leader to introduce bills, amendments and other legislative measures that McConnell had, until now, routinely blocked.
     "Is her sudden enlightenment as to the plights of pregnant and postpartum people worthy of praise? No. Instead, it’s indicative of a long-standing Republican tradition: a problem isn’t a problem unless it impacts me, personally. And a systemic solution isn't necessary unless it will help me, personally."
     I'm glad Meghan McCain and her new baby are doing fine. but, like a typical Republican, she can't see the world and its problems beyond her nose.
     More right wing thuggery.
"A peaceful track record", eh?
If they were BLM protesters, the cops would've had 100,000 of them there and would've killed them in the blink of an eye. In Ferguson and Kenosha, the city police had tanks on the streets.
Chris Wallace called the chaos last Wednesday mob rule. He's right. There's no other way to describe this. These amateur storm troopers are walking freely around the Capitol Building like the world's worst-dressed tour group. Hardly a cop in sight. They just had to evacuate the Senate floor and hustle Mike Pence out of the Capitol Building. Trump has turned against his own Vice President, his own Congress, his own country. He needs to be arrested and thrown out of office immediately for these treasonous acts.
Speaker Pelosi and Mayor Bowser had both begged for the National Guard to be deployed. Injured cops were begging for backup on their two ways.One was killed when his skull was crushed by a fire extinguisher.
     Trump's DoD said No. But they can certainly clear out a street of peaceful protesters with riot gear, pepper spray and tear gas when Ill Douche wants to have a photo op in front of a church, can't they?
     Hey, greaseball, this IS the other side. You and your crazy dictator father both own this.
This is what Mo said about the mob inside the Senate chamber. He actually blamed the nonexistent antifa for the right wing violence in our nation's Capitol. No word, yet, on what Larry and Curly have to say.
     How's this for cancel culture? Facebook and Twitter removed Trump's tweets and videos showing support for his fascist thugs that resulted in the needless death of five human beings Wednesday.
    Trump is literally being erased before our very eyes in real time. And finally...

     So, even after five people died in the bloodbath that was the insurrection, Mayor Rudy called Tommy Tuberveille's office to hatch his plan to contest 10 states.
     The problem? He called the wrong senator, who then shared the voice mail with the right wing Dispatch.


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