Saturday, January 9, 2021

Gotham City Digest

(Donald Trump's the goat, alright.)

     These are the names of the right wing scum who voted to subvert democracy.
God help her but Sandra Smith's not terribly smart.
Right wing goon is pissed that antifa was generously given credit for yesterday's mayhem in DC.
And naturally, the CCP in Beijing are milking Wednesday's violence in Washington for all it's worth. Note that they're deliberately ignoring the glaring difference, that the Hong Kong protesters in 2019 were fighting FOR democracy against an oppressive regime whereas the goons in DC yesterday were trying to subvert it. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)
Chad Wolf made an official press release condemning Wednesday's violence at 10:28. Exactly an hour later, Trump pulled his name for consideration as DHS Secretary, a posting which would've lasted for just days. What a petty piece of shit he is.
As if the violence Wednesday afternoon wasn't bad enough, some right wing scumbag from Texas, Colin Allred, didn't like being called a liar and nearly caused a bench-clearing brawl.
Sheer genius. But for the next revolution, try leaving your work badge at home.
He's not a thief, he says. Let's hope he's a prophet.
Booyah, motherfucker.
     “They’re shooting at us. They’re supposed to shoot BLM, but they’re shooting the patriots.”
     Yeah, well, BLM was nowhere to be seen, snowflake. That's because, unlike you, they're smart.
     Yeah, Trump used you to commit a crime. And this is different from any other lawyer that Trump's ever had... how?
     A poll taken during yesterday's siege revealed some shocking but hardly surprising insights. 45% of Republicans supported the looters and rioters and more than two-thirds of them believe the violence and looting pose no threat to our democracy.This isn't the lunatic fringe, these are mainstream right wing voters.

Moscow Mitch's wife quit the DOT so she wouldn't have to commit to signing on the 25th amendment. Real profile in courage, she is.
"But the current context is now fundamentally different, involving use of our platform to incite violent insurrection against a democratically elected government"? It was never different, Fuckerberg, you right wing asshole. He's been doing this for years, on your platform and Dorsey's, and you egregiously excused this as "protected free speech" while terminating accounts like mine simply for putting up an antifa meme. The difference was, yesterday the fat, rabid dogs of war slipped their leashes and trashed our nation's Capitol, resulting in the deaths of five people, one of them a cop. So FUCK YOU and your convenient, retroactive piety.
Trump and Pence: It's almost like Napoleon and Snowball all over again, isn't it?
Biden's right and I should've made this point sooner- The media need to stop calling yesterday's mob "protesters." "Protesters" seems to imply they were legitimately protesting honest grievances. They were not. They were rioters, looters, the same exact thing of which they accuse antifa & BLM protesters, who DO protest to air legitimate grievances.
GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger, albeit reluctantly, is also on board with this.
The House Sergeant at Arms also resigned and Schumer says he's ready to fire the Senate's Sergeant-at-Arms unless he quits.
You know Gaetz sat on his sister's head and farted on it when they were kids. Or maybe it was more recent than that. Either way, she's getting her revenge.
     Donald Trump, you just failed in your fascist takeover of the US government. Where are you going now?
     "I'm gonna go to Camp David and eat worms. MAGA!"
     Even John Kelly says it's time to get rid of Trump.
Well, there goes my brilliant idea for a Lin Wood conspiracy theory desk calendar.
     Meme intermission.
     She wanted to go spend more time with her 10 yachts.
The death toll from Wednesday rose to five, the last one being a Capitol cop.
     I can't believe this redneck conspiracy theorist and terrorist enabler got a book contract but whatever S&S was going to pay him, say bye bye. Obviously, they're just out to protect their corporate brand.

     Good God, this is horrifying news. And the assholes who went to DC for their super spreader putsch are bringing back the virus to THEIR home states.

    They didn't want soldiers to be seen in the Capitol Building because of optics? They're working for the same clown who didn't give a fuck about optics when he sent eponymous goons to Portland to clamp down on legitimate protesters.

Aw. The poor right wing snowflakes got their fee fees hurt by the Orange Man.
In other words, Hee Haw's main sugar daddy pissed off that he made a bad investment. This guy provided him with nearly half his war chest This douchebag has no chance of winning reelection in two years.
Five people died violently and abruptly Wednesday because of your boss. Fuck your next job.
Still doing Putin's bidding, I see.
   Like a typical right wing snowflake, Meghan McCain still hasn't learned that actions, especially treasonous ones, have consequences, yes, even for right wingers. So fuck Josh Hawley and his Simon & Schuster contract.

     "We thought that once he got the nomination and then once he got a Cabinet, he was going to get better, he was going to be more presidential.”
     I'm thinking Susan Collins said this, she who said a year ago, "The president has learned a pretty big lesson." But, really, are you fucking serious?! You thought "he was going to get better"?! Despite the warning signs in flashing neon red in 60 point bold?

    Animals. There's no other way to describe these idiots that literally shit all over the Capitol Biilding. They're fucking animals. The barbarians that sacked Rome in AD 476 had more class and dignity than these animals.
This probably encapsulates Trump's entire mindset, the gleeful default to chaos, death, vandalism and discord rather than the calm, orderly, boring well-oiled function of democracy.
     "As thousands of pro-Trump supporters streamed into Washington, DC, Wednesday headed first to the Ellipse to hear President Donald Trump speak, and then to the United States Capitol to lay siege to the epicenter of American democracy, first lady Melania Trump was doing a photo shoot at the White House."
    For her future book.
    Let them eat cake, in other words.
    Woman who carried "Don't tread on me" flag trampled to death in DC riots.
Dominion is suing Sidney Powell for $1.3 billion. I'm sure Trump will pay it for her or he would if he was actually a billionaire.
Man, Tennessee voters sure know how to pick 'em.
RAGA+MAGA=riots and five dead people. Yes, right wing state AGs organized this riot. Like typical fascist scum, they're now trying to crawl away from it.
Member of MAGA mob blames "Twitter mob" for getting shit canned after streaming himself live on own social media account.
This means Trump doesn't trust his ambulance chasers, anymore.
Another right wing moron who was caught rioting after live streaming himself and is now blaming others for his crimes.
    A wall around the WH, now a fence around the Capitol Building.
Yes, they wanted to execute Mike Pence. Think that's laughable? Don't forget, they stormed their way into the Capitol Building through superior numbers, broke through the locked doors of the US Senate and one of them sat in the same chair Pence had occupied just minutes before.
Not so proud now, are you, boy?
Once more with feeling: Fuck you, Hee Haw. The only "woke mob" I saw was the one to which you'd given a raised fist just minutes before the rioting and killing started. And finally...
The middle of next week? Why not today? Why not yesterday? Why not Thursday?


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