Saturday, January 30, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(The Zodiac killed five people. Cruz's actions helped kill five people. Hm...)

    Yes, even Bannon thinks Rudy is batshit.

    Marjorie and her Marietta mafia are now chasing black lawmakers from their offices. This woman has got to go. Like, immediately, if not sooner.

     Man, Trump sure knows how to pick 'em, huh?

     AOC accused Ted Cruz of attempted murder (which was true). So the dependably batshit Chip Roy decided to retaliate by threatening her with "alternative means" to condemn her. Chip and Ted Yoyo are part of a dying breed that can't die quickly enough.

     Andy Biggs. Lauren Boebert. Matt Gaetz. Paul Gosar. Marjorie Taylor Greene. And a Dishonorable Mention Mo Brooks. Remember these names. They're all tied to far right militant groups that rioted in the Capitol nearly a month ago.

    When he isn't telling fake war stories, Brian Williams is venturing into late night comedy.

   "On the phone, the next day, talking about what happened, McDaniel became emotional." They wanted to kill Pelosi, too. I'm sure she didn't shed a tear for her.

     Cosplaying- It's for racists, too.
Apparently, the Soviets, then Russians, groomed Trump for over 40 years. Shocking, I know.
The only reason he feels betrayed by Trump is because he didn't pardon him. If he had, no way would this asshole be returning to the scene of his crime.
My senior senator on CNBC yesterday.
     "The GOP collectively shrugged when a couple of its members were photographed down in D.C. on Jan. 6, but my pride and weed flags are a point of outrage for them?"
     I love John Fetterman. I would love to see him in the Senate.

     Of course they have a plan to make it easier for them to steal elections. They're Republican scum. That's what they do. It's the only way they can win elections.

At least one of them gets it.
Another video MTG scrubbed from her Facebook page (so, obviously, Facebook had no problem with it), calling for Pelosi's execution (like the rioters in the Capitol Jan. 6th). It was so vile, even RawStory wouldn't post it.
Your Karen o' the day.
Anyone who can swing on the mental pendulum from Bernie Sanders to QAnon is obviously someone who's too feeble-minded and susceptible to influence to be trusted to vote.
So Donald Trump shouldn't be too surprised if he gets a hunting invitation from Dick Cheney.
You have to be a platinum-plated, dues-paying, five star professional asshole to be worse than Steve King. Kevin McCarthy stripped him of his committee assignments. Congresswoman QAnon just got put on the House Education Committee.
I love Bernie Sanders. He's America's crusty uncle.
And yet another video of MTG surfaces.
Yet more proof of radical, Socialist Democrat voter fraud! Oh, wait...
Sad to say, but we need to set up Treason Caucuses in both chambers to weed out and expel these right wing 5th Columnists.
Naturally, Donnie Dumbo will attempt to appeal the ruling all the way up to the Supreme Court that's long since lost patience with him.
I'm sure there's lots of new evidence. Trump was never very subtle. And since the riot took place two weeks before Biden's inauguration, there was no time for the usual Republican coverup.
I don't know what Rubin was thinking regarding Mitt Romney being "honorable" but she's spot on with everything else here.
There's usually, if not always, just one side in an insurrection. Yet, the WaPo, as usual, is playing the "both siderism" game.

Was Roger Stone behind the riot? Why, yes. Yes, he was. And finally...
To succeed at toxic masculinity, you first have to actually be a man.


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