Sunday, January 31, 2021

Pottersville Digest

("For the Unity!")

    OK, question: How did these lunatics get maps to the Congressional tunnel system and who gave them to them?
     They used the N word, repeatedly, extolled the superiority of slavery and seriously discussed who'd they rather fuck: Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms or Stacey Abrams.
     They turn their body cams off while they're murdering black people but turn them on for conversations like this. It seems Georgia hasn't progressed a bit since the 18th century.

I seriously hope Black Lives Matter wins the Nobel Peace Prize for lots of reasons, not the least of which is that it would completely finish off Trump.
Of course a fascist is going to be hostile and paranoid about a nonexistent organization opposing fascism.
Your Karens o' the day.
A wonderful obituary for the late Cicely Tyson.
Well, I'm just shocked that no one wants Trump living near them.
“I think if the election were a week from now he would be in a world of hurt,” answers one Wisconsin Republican official.
The Lincoln Project's Steve Schmidt just announced that they'd be suing Giuliani, Bannon and Trump.
You KNOW who this asshole voted for- twice.
It's wonderful that aspiring actress Louise Linton (Mnuchin's wife) is keeping busy after the election. Or is it?
Couldn't have happened to a better neo-Nazi.


      Generally, I hate lawyers, especially ones at white shoe law firms. But there's nothing in this letter that I cannot admire. It is elegant in its brutality and brutal in its elegance. The Lincoln Project's law firm of Caplin and Drysdale sent Giuliani this cease and desist letter giving him until Wednesday to take back his slanderous statements about the Lincoln Project on Bannon's show. It's very worth reading in its entirety. (Click on the images for an expanded view.)

It would've extended parental rights to rapists and those having committed incest (So much for family values). In typical Republican fashion, she blamed a staffer.
Go fuck yourself, "Chip." (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)

     Donnie Dumbo lost two more lawyers less than a week before the impeachment trial. The people who'd talked about it here claimed not to know why Bowers and Barbier backed out practically at the last minute but I can tell you-
     Trump wanted Bowers to relitigate the 2020 election and make it another grievance session in absentia. And neither Bowers and Barbier would go along with that.

So, who wants to start a pool predicting when the Notorious MTG gets her Twitter account shut down for good?
Fuck Eric Bolling and his Sinclair mud room show and double fuck Hogan's zeroes and their white grievance.
Oops. Donnie Dumbo lost all five of his impeachment attorneys last night.
"A little bit different"?! She believes Jewish space lasers started California's wildfires and that Hillary Clinton's wearing the faces of dead children.

Joe Manchin seriously needs to shut the fuck up and switch to the GOP. It's who he's been working with them for years, anyway.
The Lincoln Project's filled with Republicans so it was inevitable something like this would come up to haunt them.
Another example of a right wing nut job loving right wing ideology more than his own kids.
One of my congressmen, Stephen Lynch, tested positive for COVID-19 as he was getting his second inoculation. So much for the much-vaunted vaccine. Now what, peeps? Some may stand by the vaccine and that's fine. But this story doesn't do anything to allay my skepticism of something made by Big Pharma. I'm not an anti-vaxxer by any stretch of the imagination but the fact is that the FDA's approval was fast-tracked by at least a day because someone in the Trump administration pressured the director, Steven Hahn, to approve the Phizer vaccine in the next 24 hours or be fired because Trump was anxious to grab credit for it. And now we're hearing that this new mutation of the virus, B 1.1.7., may become, by March, the dominant source of transmission and infection and that the vaccine currently being given to us (albeit in dribs and drabs) may prove to be only 60% effective. So, please forgive my skepticism of Big Pharma and the last two administrations' efforts in confronting this pandemic.
     "My first question to Congresswoman Greene was 'do you really believe that Parkland and Sandy Hook were false flags and staged? That was a real important question to me; to this moment I cannot fathom that somebody could say something like that. Her answer was unequivocally 'no, I do not.'"
     This seems to indicate she doesn't really believe the bullshit she trowels out on a daily basis. Or, as Alex Witt suggested, perhaps Greene said that because she thought that was what Mrs. Shulman wanted to hear. Either way, it's not a good look for MTG.

"Pedophiles and grifters." Yet more projection from Fredo.
     I fully support what this guy's doing. It's not cancel culture (something started by right wingers). It's apprising corporate America of the facts and risks involved when they hire ex Trump officials. if they insist on hiring or retaining them, that's their right. But then they'll reap the whirlwind.

I almost hate to say this but, Republican or no, I'm really starting to like Adam Kinzinger. And finally...

Christopher Miller, the Acting Sec Def in Trump's political twilight, deliberately left Washington DC vulnerable on January 6th. This is the "smoking gun" document that proves it.


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