Friday, January 29, 2021

The Notorious MTG

     It used to be, back in the good old days, the only way to ignore, rationalize or excuse barking insanity was if there was some genius or immense talent tied to it. John Nash, for instance, who'd spent years making nonexistent connections between disparate news and magazine articles to hand off to nonexistent government agents through dead drops, nonetheless was a mathematical wizard whose formulas gave us game theory and economic theories still used today.
     Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, the nihilist philosopher, went completely insane in 1889 and never regained his mental faculties for the remaining 11 years of his life. Yet, in the preceding decade, he'd given us timeless, seminal works of philosophy, such as Thus Spoke Zarathustra, that have been credited as the seedbed for the 20th century movement, Existentialism.
     That old rule for overlooking insanity still holds but now, apparently, there's another excuse for being bonkers: Running for, and getting elected to, public office.
     Hell, Donald Trump showed us that in 2016. And God knows the mentally impaired got shoehorned onto the Beltway long before Trump. There was Michele Bachmann from MN-6. There's Louis Gohmert of TX-1. But since the 2018 midterms that gave us the Squad, the right wing crazies energized by Trump have also seen fit to send their response to the Squad.
     North Carolina's 11th District sent us Hitler-on-Wheels, Madison Cawthorn, who never saw a Nazi retreat he didn't love. He'd also brought a gun to a certain riot earlier this month. There's also Lauren Boebert out of CO-3, who first rose to infamy by running a dive bar in which patrons and staff alike were actually encouraged to show up strapped (Alcohol and firearms? What could possibly go wrong?). Bobo also made a name for herself on January 6th by tweeting Nancy Pelosi's location during the riot. It was a riot that was aided by Boebert leading some identified rioters through Congress (even though tours were shut down last March due to the pandemic) for the purpose of security recon.
     As if bound and determined to distinguish herself as the craziest freshman right winger in Congress, Bobo also got into what was essentially an armed standoff with Capitol Police when she tried to bring her gun on the House floor, even after tripping a metal detector that was installed right after the riot. Her place was seemingly assured. She was going to get the Bachmann Golden Corndog Award.
     Then Marjorie Taylor-Greene, that toothy little tornado of terrible out of the wilderness of Georgia-14, said to Lauren, "Hold mah moonshine."
     Practically from the moment she was sworn in with all the other House members January 3rd, MTG has made a name for herself and seems to be on a holy crusade to make herself more reviled and loathed than Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan and Ted Cruz combined. And she may pull it off.
     Over the last week, it seems hardly a day goes by when we're treated to yet another video of right wing horrors made by Greene in 2018 and 2019. Today alone brought us two, one in which MTG informed us, thinking she was channeling Jefferson, that democracy is "earned with the price of blood" (Not hers, obviously). Another video that she'd scrubbed from her Facebook page revealed she was calling for Nancy Pelosi's execution for treason.
     Former GOP Congressman Denver Riggleman went on CNN today to remind us that MTG is much worse than recently ousted Iowa Rep. Steve King, who was stripped of all his committee assignments by Kevin McCarthy his last year in office for asking what was the big deal about white supremacy.
     That would be the same Kevin McCarthy who'd long since become Trump's butt boy and who's now coddling Congresswoman QAnon, who just got put on the House Education Committee, with McCarthy's blessings. To solidify her base in Deliverance, Georgia that her gun-humping bona fides are in order, she'd voluntarily released last week a video of her stalking and harassing Parkland School shooting survivor David Hogg in 2018 as he was on his way to testify before Congress.
     To make the Beltway even more interesting, among the things Greene has been furiously scrubbing from her social media accounts (but not quickly enough, obviously), was her conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton's been murdering children and wearing their faces a la Hannibal Lecter. Then there was this doozie that's hard to top even by QAnon standards: That Gov. Jerry Brown deliberately started the Camp Fires over two years ago with a giant space laser financed by the Rothschilds.
     Yes, a Jewish laser satellite weapon too far-fetched for even a James Bond movie.
     Sandy Hook and Parkland were "false flag" shootings, Seth Rich was murdered by Camp Clinton, yada yada.
     Kevin McCarthy said he'd have a talk with her.
     It's obvious that Marjorie Taylor-Greene is beyond the reach of anyone or anything, as much as was Trump. In fact, the only thing that could possibly make a dent in Greene's obvious right wing, fever dream psychosis is 24/7 Haldol enemas. McCarthy might be privately retching in his office wastebasket at the very thought of Taylor-Greene but he's giving her the kid gloves treatment because she's the one most closely aligned and synonymous with the screaming morons who'd invaded Capitol Hill on the 6th. In doing so, he's essentially acknowledging that she's the future of the GOP, the Queen of the zombie hordes who'll call Georgia-14 and then some back to the Potomac if she feels she's being dissed.
     And McCarthy may be right. Greene, along with Boebert, brings to the table the energy that the rotting corpse of the establishment GOP is lacking. She brings in the parishioners, as they say, if by parishioners you mean rioters calling literally for the Vice President's and House Speaker's heads to be put into nooses.
     It was this supine attitude toward right wing bullies with right wing lunatics at their backs is what got the GOP kicked out of the White House and the majority in the Senate. It's what kept them from reassuming the majority in the House. A guy who lost the popular vote, twice, and a sawed-off little tyrant from the hinterlands of northern Georgia who got into Congress by running unopposed succeeded in co-opting the Republican Party because it has no excitement, no ideas and, apparently, no balls.


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