Thursday, February 11, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(Don't rile Grammy Maxine. Just don't.)

     So, someone's grandkids aren't sacred but Donald Trump is? Yep, that's a cult.
     It just is so unfair that Karen Lewis died young while Betsy DeVos got to go back to her 10 yachts free of consequences of sledgehammering the public school system for four years.
     Another very fine person has been taken off the streets.
     The Arkansas GOP, predictably, shows its stunning ignorance and unoriginality (It's South Dakota's equally ignorant resolution).
    Why are we still putting this psychopath on TV and why are the Brits doing it? Weren't her 15 minutes up 12 years ago?

     They SHOULD prosecute Donald Trump more like a "violent criminal" because he is one.
     Your MTG outrage o' the day.
     5 people died, Mikey, including a cop. You don't get to "take a mulligan" from that. Four people died in Benghazi and your party chased Hillary Clinton over that for years, so shut the fuck up.
     Your Brad o' the day.
     I want to hear yet dread hearing this new evidence.
     Essentially, the Michigan Nazi Party, aka the MI GOP, conspired with right wing terrorists to murder their own governor.
     "I am deeply disappointed in former President Trump. He was not honorable. He let a lot of peaceful people down.”
     Oh, you bet he'd be singing a different tune if he got that pardon.

     Where on earth is Sidney Sandiego?
     Congressman Raskin's opening speech was devastating to listen to.
     "Well, yes, your honor, my client's accused of murder but if you don't acquit him, his family will kill you, too."
     "Epiphanies aren’t queued up politely in waiting rooms behind Word docs, they’re out in the world."
     This is another example of the point I made in Tuesday's article: White people caught in the act and then turning on Trump. This is another asshole who'd asked the judge for his freedom before his trial (And, if recent trends hold, he'll get it). They never take responsibility for anything. You choose to be duped. You choose to be lulled. You choose to be "allowed to believe" the bullshit you're fed.
     Here's another right wing apostate, Jenna the Revolutionary Realtor who flew to the riot on a private jet. Jenna says she regrets everything. Maybe that's because Jenna didn't get a parson. Funny how contrition always follows comeuppance.
     Meanwhile, Rush hasn't aired a show in a week and his producer is asking for our prayers. Fuck him, fuck Rush and fuck all of them.
     Whatever Trump said to Putin, and Zelensky, President Biden now owns it all.
     It's notable that Rubio, Rick Scott and Rand Paul refused to watch the video. As Jennifer Rubin put it today, "It was obvious why Republican Sens. Marco Rubio, Rick Scott, and Rand Paul cravenly averted their gaze: The scenes were so disturbing as to render their defense of the former president a moral abomination." Even though part of the video took place in that very same Senate chamber, AT THE SCENE OF THE CRIME. They're refusing to look at evidence.
     I have a friend who lives in Lancaster County, PA. It worries me she could have been living near this lunatic.
     They SHOULD introduce this as evidence in the impeachment trial.
     I'd like to think that, if he was still alive to hear this, John McCain would've slapped Meghan across the face just for saying something this stupid. The GOP's support of MTG is the very reason why we're mocking Republicans.
Shorter Bruce Castor: "I bombed. I meant to do that."
They should impeach Hawley just for doing this.
Virgin Islands Delegate Stacey Plaskett put forth a compelling timeline of the lead up to the January 6th rally that had turned into a deadly riot.
    This GOP staffer
was sheltering in place just trying to stay alive during the riot and her stupid friends were feeding her conspiracy theories about BLM and antifa by text. She wasn't having any of it.

This is one of the two Michigan Republicans who were invited to the WH right after the election.
Oh, please do evict him. Being near all his lawsuits in New York would also be so much more convenient for him.
Jesus, how Dickensian.

This article shows in granular detail just what an arrogant, lawless prick Trump is.
If the House impeachment managers were smart, they'd enter this as evidence, too.
How do you mourn for your lost parents without a body to grieve over? These children of Qanon fanatics are struggling to learn how
     Basically, Tuberville called Trump to say Pence had just been evacuated yet less than 10 minutes later at 2:24, Trump put out another tweet attacking Pence.

Where do these heartless right wing pricks come from?
"Using emails and text messages sent to a small-donor list created jointly by the Republican National Committee and Trump’s campaign, the appeals claim to be aiding his cause during the Senate proceedings... Links in the emails and texts, however, lead to RNC web pages with none of the money raised going to either Trump’s presidential campaign or his new leadership committee." 
     Of course it's not. The grifting scumbags are already looking to 2020 with or without Trump and are picking the last of the flesh from his rotting political carcass. At least Trump shared 25% os his loot with the RNC.

"Chauvin reportedly agreed to plead guilty to third-degree murder under a deal with prosecutors forged just days after Floyd’s death, but former Attorney General Bill Barr scuttled the deal just minutes before a scheduled press conference."
     This tells you everything you need to know about the racism of the Trump administration.

Jamie Raskin is at least as good as Adam Schiff was last year.
Shouldn't this guy have been, you know, at the trial instead of yammering on Fox?
You've been served, mo fo. Tuck THAT into your pants. And finally...

Oh, I'm sorry, Junior, did we... trigger you?


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