Friday, February 19, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(Cy Vance made the US prosecutor an offer he couldn't refuse.)

     How the hell could this happen in the richest nation on earth?
     If this guy was black, he would've been shot dead long before the second or third scuffle.
     This is why I've been saying for years now that we need to outlaw the Republican fucking Party. They're already planning on impeaching Biden (without specifying for what) because they think that's what "the base" wants. (Incidentally, "the base" is al Qaeda in Arabic). According to the late Rep. Henry Hyde, this was the exact reason why Republican scum impeached Clinton a quarter century after Watergate out of reprisal for Democrats almost impeaching Nixon. We need to outlaw the Republican fucking Party and then hold McCarthyesque hearings and demand of right wingers, "Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Republican Party?"
     Limpballs croaked Wednesday. Get out your crocodile tears, folks, because I shall mention his long-delayed passing no more.

     Someone was shot and killed. Over a Trump sign. A Trump sign.
     Chairman Ossoff. This is very cool.
     "I'll never get caught!" says right wing incel just before he was caught.
     This is what you get when you vote for Republican scum , people- Welfare queens drawing salaries and pushing for tax cuts, deregulation and an end to gay marriage.
     This is also what you get when you vote right wing Republican scum abandoning their constituents when th going gets rough. We should deport Cruz back to his native Canada.
     I'm glad the Capitol police are finally cracking down on these right wing dirtbags.
     So, do we impeach Ted Cruz's girls?
    Republicans ripping Gen. Honoré for being extremely partisan are like whores criticizing someone for having premarital sex.
     You'd think that a politician well-versed in political kabuki would know, or care, about how horrible his optics looked. Chris Christie pulled the same shit 10 years ago, going to Disneyworld when a snow storm hit New Jersey then snarled at those who'd called him on it.

     The fucking white privilege of this case of vehicular homicide is absolutely breathtaking. Party of personal responsibility, eh?

     Figures that Texas corporate scumbags are resorting to price gouging. The wholesale energy market is so out of control kilowatt hours in Texas are as high as 9000 and people are getting bills as high as $202,102 after days without power.

     How is this any different from Trump calling Raffensberger on January 2nd? Well, for starters, Trump wasn't screaming and didn't directly threaten the other guy's career. So, Cuomo is just as bad as Donald Trump and I'd wager he's even worse.

     I know some of you may think I'm horrible for saying this but I laugh when I read headlines like this.

     Trevor Noah of THE DAILY SHOW welcomed Ted Cruz back to America with this brutal video.

     Oh, good. More evidence of intelligent life on Mars for NASA to airbrush and Photoshop out.
This is taking race appropriation to a whole new level.
Proud Boy snowflake and Capitol rioter whines about getting expelled from Sacramento GOP post he never really occupied.
Abortion pill enthusiast Jason Miller (R-Stay Puft) exposes details of Trump's "petty feud" with Moscow Mitch.
Sleaze is never very far from Rudy's mind even while eulogizing an old friend.
Cy Vance just upped the pressure on Trump by hiring the federal prosecutor who took down Gotti to investigate his finances. Meanwhile, Trump's ramping up his petty pissing match with Mitch McConnell.
If people all over the country are trying to evict you both here and in the afterlife, you might want to reassess the turn your life has taken.
And she's still trying to patch things up with hastily-written op-eds in the WSJ. Nikki Haley no longer has any self-respect or dignity, which, i suppose, is the inevitable result of getting into bed with Donald Trump.
I'm perplexed as to why this is even necessary. Biden should've had these seats filled or at least nominees named weeks ago.
There was a seven step procedure for opening up a Diet Coke and Trump once raged that someone got a bigger steak than him. Imagine if Delmonico's opened up a franchise in Hell. This is what it would be like. These right wing assholes really think they're royalty.
Does someone want to tell Bobo about the Bill of Rights?
Harvard is showing its true colors again. Actually, color, singular, and I'll leave it to you to divine which one it is.
Yes, Ted Cruz named his dog Snowflake. And, yes, he abandoned his poodle in his freezing house while he jetted off to Cancun. And finally...

This is what real statesmanship looks like. When Ted Cruz was jetting back to DC with his tail between his legs, AOC had raised over $1,000,000 for Texans.


At February 19, 2021 at 11:39 PM, Anonymous CC said...

At least Cruz didn't confine his dog to his station wagon roof on a hot summer day.

I bet critics will accuse AOC of spreading socialism by raising all that money and directing it towards needy Texans. Why can't they pull themselves up by their bootstraps?


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