Saturday, February 20, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(It wasn't a polar bear, it was the Yeti.)

     Fredo the right wing fuck doll is at it again.

     Couldn't have happened to a nicer shyster.

     This doesn't surprise me one bit. God only knows what Dr. Fauci hasn't told us.

     When President Biden said "the US is back," this was what he meant.

     A group of legal experts sent Majority Leader Schumer a perfect roadmap for keeping Trump from seeking federal office ever again.

     No, Ben Rhodes didn't mean "all Jews" because Ben Rhodes IS Jewish, you bloated moron.

     Isn't it amazing how violent and angry Republican scum get when black people allege racism from people like Republicans.
     "Ben Gibson, a failed Republican congressional candidate who shared QAnon content on social media, was arrested in December on four counts of child pornography. A few months earlier, Joshua Jennings was arrested on first-degree murder charges for allegedly killing his girlfriend's 10-month-old daughter. Investigators found that Jennings had plastered the QAnon associated #savethechildren hashtag all over his Facebook wall, interspersed with rants about killing pedophiles."
     The fastest way to understand radical, right wing "thought" is to accept as an article of faith that accusations from them are just the most pernicious and audacious form of projection.

     I'll bet he wishes he had back that million smackers he gave to Trump's crooked inaugural fund.

     You throw enough of them in a tied-up sack, they WILL start eating each other.

     She said it was unsafe for schools to reopen because of black and brown kids.

    I've regrettably come to the conclusion that the only reason our democracy is still functional is because of the stupidity and arrogance of these idiots.

     Fuck you, DeSantis, and fuck Limbaugh's rotting corpse.

     If you live anywhere near Midland, TX, please take this poor fur baby in, especially if you have another dog. He's blind and deaf and was abandoned by his owner.

     There's something evil about this.

     You can always count on corporate America to never do the right thing.

     I say with the first extra seat we pick up, we throw Joe Manchin out of the Democratic Party. Trust me, when he seeks refuge in the GOP, he'll thank us.

     To Greg Kelly, aka Sean Hannity 1.0.1: Ted Cruz left Snowflake, his seven year-old poodle, alone in a freezing house. Mitt Romney strapped Seamus to the roof of a car. Please shut the fuck up.
     Yeah, I know it's about property taxes but this is getting more interesting by the day.

"It's well known, by now, that after losing elections, republicans don't try to appeal to a broader electorate. instead, they try to stop people, particularly people of color, from voting altogether." -Jonathan Capehart
     Oh, good. Something else for Cruz to blame on his daughters.

     "I told him I have no regrets and give zero fucks."
     Yeah, the Nazi officers at Nuremberg had no regrets, either, even up until the moment they were hanged.

    Ted Cruz, the ranking member in an Aviation subcommittee? Jesus tap-dancing Christ, you just cannot possibly make this shit up.

Jesus, are we really reduced to this? (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)
Leave it to Roger Stone to commit another crime just as he gets pardoned for others.
     "Bowen said he ramped up N95 production during the pandemic from 75,000 to 9.6 million per month. Lately, he said, he can't sell them to major buyers, does not have the infrastructure to sell them to small buyers and has so many in storage that he may need to lay off workers and wind down production.
     The FEMA letter references those challenges and says the waiver was granted in the “national defense interest" to ensure he keeps production running at pace. The letter was transmitted to Border Patrol officials who oversee exports 103 minutes before Joe Biden was sworn into office."
     Man, Donald Trump really hates America, doesn't he? My question is: Why hasn't Biden bought up these fucking masks that are now stockpiled in Texas?

Speaking of Roger Stone and his one man crime wave: Build the Wall. Stop the Steal. It's all a big grift. And the right wing nut jobs who fling money at these con men are so paranoid about lib'ruls stealing their money through higher taxes. Which at least would give something in return.
Your Brad o' the day.
This is why I loathe corporate executive scum so fucking much. These are exactly the same type of assholes who crowed about the "Sandy Hook bump" in gun sales and took full advantage of California's energy crisis (Enron).
     "According to the report, now that he has been ousted from the White House and isn't dependent on Republican lawmakers to support and defend his pet policies, the ex-president feels no compulsion to suck up to members of his own party."
     Why isn't this attitude reciprocal? Why suck up to a psychopath who wants to destroy your party and had cost you the White House and the Senate?

     "Colorado voted against me so I'm taking my ball to Alabama, which at least still likes me."
     Yeah, that's exactly what it came down to. Yes, he's that petty, self-absorbed and petulant.

I hope these evil assholes completely destroy each other and the Republican Party with it.
About the closest these fucking morons come to "backing the blue" is when they announce their crimes before committing them.
I'm sure that figure's going to go way up.
Google's Margaret Mitchell is now gone with the wind.
There's no scum quite like Texas Republican scum. And yes, he blamed his daughter.

     Please, keep eating each other. I'll keep eating my popcorn.
    It says a lot about the Trump family when Ivanka has to factor into her political future whether or not she or her father go to prison. And finally...

     And Republicans continue eating their own.


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