Saturday, February 27, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(What a dour, unsmiling political hack.)
    So, these French diaper delivery trucks are going to be the new look, huh? I'm frankly amazed DeJoy hasn't taken us back to the Pony Express.

   The incredible story of Sarah Rector, the little black oil tycoon who'd outwitted greedy white assholes in Jim Crow Oklahoma. If you're boning up on black history during the month devoted to it, this is a wonderful addition to your store of knowledge.

   Mizz Lindsey just doesn't get it. Raising the minimum wage lifts everyone's boats, including the business owners who cater to working class people.

     To Trump, it's all fun and games until people start getting killed. Then it's still fun and games.

     Your Karen o' the day.

     Your Brad o' the day.

    Oh, this is rich. The projection is strong with this one.

     Cy's got the receipts. Heh heh.

     Excuse me, who's the "moron", again?

     The white entitlement of these right wingers is breath-taking.

     Your MTG outrage o' the day.

    "Then after that, she said we need a white history month." In Oklahoma, racial pride is only for white people, apparently.

     Tell a lie enough times and people will believe it.

     These are the same assholes that included tax breaks for private jet owners in the last stimulus bill.

     Someone needs a Mexican vacation.

     Florida Man, the world's worst superhero.

     This will certainly provide a nice pinnacle for the GOP dustbin of history.
     John Boehner is an ongoing object lesson as to why friends don't let friends drink and narrate audiobooks.
     "According to associates, she needed to remain Trump's biggest champion, while privately insisting to those in the real world—the world from whence she came—that she was a fellow sane person who understood that Trump was a mess," writes Peretz, adding that when she was the company of "certain White House people," she referred to Trump "multiple times as 'a total fucking misogynist.'"
     Bottom line: Nope.

     So, this is the hill the sadistic Republican Party wants to die on next year, huh? Fine.

     Yes, Republicans' obsession with Biden conspiracy theories is actually getting people killed.

     If you've ever wondered how MTG got to be so spectacularly insane, look no further than her old man. Blame the parents, I always say.

    The annual CPAC pirate/clown show that kicked off yesterday with a screaming Ted Cruz, are essentially pirates clinging to Donald Trump's political rotting corpse to stay afloat simply because they have nothing else and nothing left.

     Ted Cruz kicked off his campaign for president of the Napoleon Ward of the mental hospital.

     Matt Gaetz (R-Do You Know Who My Father Is?) proves once again why Republicans should never attempt humor without adult supervision.

     Yep, he landed the lead role, all right- As defendant in his own trial.

     Yes, this asshole actually tried to use the Nuremberg Defense. "I was only following orders."

     The FBI knows who killed Officer Sicknick. They're just not releasing his name.

     The golden calf was made in Mexico Gee, just like his shitty suits.

     I guess karma's still a thing in India.

     A very partial recounting of just some of the idiocy during and after the capitol riots.

     In keeping with his entire life of right wing scumbaggery, Trump tried to run out the clock in turning over his taxes by trying to run out the statute of limitations.

     There were two highly contagious plagues that swept America in 2020- Coronavirus and Qanon.
    "I think the Republican Party is -- we are watching a dying political party. We're watching a political party die, before our very eyes. This Republican party is like one of those far-right, European parties. I think it's done as a national party. What used to be fringe in the Republican Party, this bigotry and this intolerance, the culture war, as you call it -- it's now the base of the party. It cannot be fixed. It cannot be reformed."
    When teabagger psychopath Joe Walsh becomes the voice of reason in the GOP, you know the Republican Party's circling the drain at warp speed 10.

    Who cares what Alabama thinks and does? Kind of brings to mind Nazi Germany leaving the League of Nations in 1939 just before it invaded Poland.
     “(Matt Gaetz) is not an adult.” Duh, thank you, Senator Obvious. And finally...

     Gee, any coincidence that CPAC's center stage looks just like something out of a 1940 Nuremberg rally?


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