Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Every Story Needs a Villain

     There's a scene in 2005's Cinderella Man, the movie detailing the historic comeback of boxer James J. Braddock, that's always stuck out like a shining jewel to me. In a great movie about the triumph of the human spirit, great quotes about boxing and life in general abound in the wonderfully-written script, this quote by Mrs. Gould to Mrs. Braddock always remained with me.
     The scene starts with Mrs. Braddock marching with righteous indignation to her husband's manager's house. She's outraged that this man, Joe Gould, is trying to get her husband another fight when everyone but Gould thinks Braddock's best days are behind him. Gould doesn't want to let her in but not for the reasons one would think.
     He opens the door to an empty parlor bereft of all but the smallest, most marginal furniture. Far from being the "bloodsucker" Mrs. Braddock accuses him of being, Joe Gould and his wife had sold virtually all their worldly possessions in order to fund Braddock's comeback. Gould sees something left in Braddock's tank and thinks he's worth taking a chance on.
     At some point during this pitiful tea party, Mrs. Gould tells Mrs. Braddock that their men are harder on themselves than they have a right to be. "And every day," she says, "they always think they're failing us." That, to me, is not only the best line in the movie but one of the great lines in cinematic history for the simple reason that it's true and timelessly so.
     Men accept responsibility for things for which they are responsible but the true standup guys are the ones who take responsibility and accept blame even for things that are beyond their control. Before writing this post, I watched this video and broke down when I heard that indelible line. I didn't want to, I didn't mean to but I broke down in front of my fiancee at a time when I should have remained strong for her.
     She's been in tears literally every day since we got that notice to quit stuck in our door last Friday. And this has been psychologically devastating for me and exacerbates my incipient sense of failure and inadequacy.
     And it angers me the more I think about it, at the effect this impending, needless eviction is having on her because she blames herself.
     She blames herself because even after I'd been telling her for weeks not to tell our slumlord about the busted oven until after we sign the new lease that expired on February 28th because after four and a half years, I knew exactly what kind of a man, for want of a better word, we were dealing with. He'd jacked up our rent all but the first full year he'd taken over the property and I knew how he'd react to hearing the oven broke down for the third time.
     She blames herself because when she went down to pay the rent last Friday, despite my telling her, twice that morning, not to tell him about the oven just yet, she went ahead and told him, anyway. As I'd predicted, he blew up at her, issued a couple of vague threats then jumped in his van and sped off in a huff without, pointedly, taking his rent, his entire reason for being there (She had to call him the night before, the 25th, to ask him when he was going to come by to get it).
     About five hours later, he sped back, banged on our front door a few times, stuck a notice to quit in 14 days (predated the 24th, thereby giving us just 12) and was gone by the time we answered the door 30 seconds later.
     Mrs. JP and I, you see, have been battling her short term memory issues for years, now. I'm not a medical expert so I'm not going to speculate on what's wrong with her. All I can say with some authority is that, whatever's wrong with her, it's not going to get better.
     She blames herself as I blame myself, even though the blame for this turn of events rests squarely on the shoulders of the malignant sociopath who's been our slumlord for the last four and a half years. I don't hold it against her. That would be useless. In her mind, she thought she was doing the right thing in giving him the chance to in turn do the right thing and fix the oven..
     He's audaciously going to try to evict us for, get this, the nonpayment of March's rent that I'd withdrawn from my checking account when the funds became available on February 16th. This, despite the fact we'd never once paid the rent late either before or during his ownership of the property. We did everything we were supposed to do. We were, if not perfect human beings, at least perfect tenants. 
    You all know what I do for a living. I blog. I write historical novels. I lead a quiet, boring, scholarly existence and Mrs. JP lives her life the same way. We keep to ourselves, don't bother the neighbors, don't damage the property and, most importantly, we always, always pay the rent on time. For the 144 consecutive months I have lived here going back to March of 2009, I have never once paid the rent late. I have 144 dated receipts and will provide in court printed transcripts of my every checking account transaction going back to November 1st proving I withdraw exactly the amount of money we need for our rent days, weeks or, in this month's case, even months in advance (the stimulus checks we got recently enabled us to get April's, May's and June's rent out in advance.).
     Even though he doesn't take care of us, we take care of him because that's our responsibility, regardless of our personal feelings toward him.
     We did nothing wrong. We'd done everything we were supposed to do. so how come we're the ones getting eviction notices and how come we're the ones feeling guilty?
     I made a private email appeal to several past contributors for help, giving them the abstracts, but that had resulted in just $130 in donations. While we're, of course, grateful for that, it will certainly not help us in the long term. We're looking for a place to move to but our striking range is limited and, as always, Craigslist is packed to the gills with con artists and crooks offering properties to which they have no connection so they can get you to submit to intrusive and costly "ID IQs" that are designed to steal your money and maybe even your identity.
     In other words, we're fighting an uphill battle considering our limited means. Even the CDC's moratorium on evictions extension last Monday is porous, at best, and any slumlord like the sleazebag trying to throw us out on the street can easily sidestep the moratorium simply by stating he doesn't wish to renew our lease.
     To make matters worse, just getting hauled into court for an eviction hearing is enough to get you passed over for future housing prospects. Any property owner can simply go through the state's court records and once they see your name in connection to an eviction, they've made up their mind. They never seem to check what the disposition was or even if the tenant was culpable. It's called, "Evicted for Life."
     And our slumlord knows this. And he doesn't give a shit. That's because he's a Donald Trump wannabe, an emotionally stunted, malignant sociopath. And now he's resorting to lies to throw two blameless people in their 60s literally out into the street... because he thinks the law will allow him to. And perhaps it will.
     This is by far the biggest crisis that's ever faced us in 12 years. If we needed your help more than  ever, now's that time.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(Satan wasn't in the plague and deluge business.)

     Cutting the CDC staff in China from 47 to 14 is another way that Trump fucked us over at the start of the pandemic.
     Man, talk about Evergreen having a bad week.
     Your Brad o' the day.
     Oh, shut up, Meadows. You got COVID working for Trump... twice.
     Fani Willis, the DA of Fulton County, Georgia, just told The Daily Beast there are now two grand jury probes into Trump.
     And I'm sure arresting you was the proudest day of that cop's life.
    We used to put bellowing, thick-necked morons like this in four point restraints. Now we make them multi millionaires, elect them to public office and invite them into the WH.
     Yet surprisingly, the crowd couldn't distract Derek Chauvin from killing George Floyd.
     Once more, people, this is what happens when you vote Republican. They piously say the voice of the people should be heard when their guy doesn't win the election but stop listening when the people vote in a legally-binding referendum to expand Medicaid.
     Because firewalls have a liberal bias?
     Shorter Fox "News": "Don't play video evidence of the murder because that's unfair to the defense."
You're going to be hearing a lot about "Section 304" from 1974 and this is why: It allows the Senate to bypass the filibuster, meaning Democrats won't have to use the nuclear option.
It's impossible to overstate what a grasping, avaricious slimebag Jeff Bezos really is. If Amazon had end-to-end unionization, it likely still wouldn't affect his bottom line of $180 billion by so much as a penny
"Slavery is... a way of humanity"?! Seriously?!
MAGA rioter called for black cop to be lynched. But by all means, hug and kiss him first.
I'm amazed this racist didn't get thrown in jail for making race-based, terroristic threats. Actually, no I'm not.
Last month, the president promised that 100% would be eligible by the end of April. As we should've expected, it looks as if the administration is exceeding promises and shrinking the timetables.
Unfortunately, the data don't include the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine and its efficacy rate.
     "I resent being called dumb and unpatriotic for my personal health decision to not receive any of the COVID-19 vaccines now available."
     Then stop being dumb and unpatriotic, snowflake.

You'd think the tear gas in itself would've been an unmistakable enough sign to not enter the Capitol.
Only 47% of Americans attend church, the first time it's dropped below 50% since Gallup began tracking it in 1937. And finally...

Vaccination passports the "mark of the beast"? "Nazi Germany"? Hyperbole, much?

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(USS Mitch McConnell)

     Hahahaha! Dominion just sued Fox for $1.6 billion.

     Jim Crow officially came back to Georgia on Thursday.
     Corporations lying and breaking promises? I didn't see THAT coming. < /sarcasm>
     If Blackburn was black and had jumped out of that car, she would've been shot on sight.
     In matters of social justice, we've come no further than where we were 50-60 years ago.
     Ah, the good ole days when we didn't have to outsource meth production to Mexico and could make it here at home.
     Your Karen o' the day.
     Sometimes, the headlines just write themselves.
     Florida Man, the world's worst superhero.
     This is a must-read article by the always excellent Tom Hartmann on how fascism creeps into our lives and, like the frog in boiling water, we never have the sense to jump out until it's too late.
     God, the entitlement and chutzpah of white racists truly is breathtaking.
     To hear Trump talk, he'd sent tens of thousands of rioters to the Capitol to hug and kiss cops and not overthrow the government.
     It was a powerful moment during a Town Hall in West Chester Township, OH when Lee Wong removed his shirt and showed horrendous scars sustained during his US military service.
     Talk about white privilege on steroids.
     Considering all the shit I have going on in my life right now, I could use some news like this: Alan Grayson's challenging Marco Rubio for his Senate seat.

     This Georgia voter suppression law WILL come back to bite them in the ass.
     Yes, it is. Yes, it is.
     Wow. Republican males are misogynists. Coming up next: Water is wet.
The Wedding Crasher II.
You can't claim free speech rights with any reasonable expectation of privacy and protection from the consequences of said free speech.
The Wisconsin NAACP is coming after Ron Johnson.
     It's still a relief to have a REAL president in the White House.

The controversy had an adverse impact, with many saying the right-wing freakout made them want to buy Nas' new shoe line". Like the man said,there's no such thing as bad publicity. And finally...

“Our job is now to soften up those three witches and make sure that we have good candidates to run against them, that they are ready for the burning at the stake.” And they laughed and a good time was had by all.

Friday, March 26, 2021

Legal hive mind

     My scumbag slumlord just announced that he's jacking up our rent... by a LOT. Our lease expired at the end of last month so now I'm living, artificially, as a tenant at will. Massachusetts law stipulates there's no limit to how much he can jack up our rent, even during a pandemic.

     What are my options? Is it even worth calling my state AG or the US Attorney's office? The son of a bitch has been trying to squeeze us out of here since he first bought the property four and a half years ago. Now he's using the fact my oven died as a pretext to seriously jack up my rent for the third time in four years. The CDC's eviction moratorium ends on the 31st of this month. 

     Here's the thing: We now don't have an oven, which he needs to provide for us so as not to run afoul of the state sanitation guidelines. Massachusetts building codes also stipulate that every apartments must have at two entrances and exits per fire code laws. We have one. A former owner supposedly got around this by installing a ladder on the side of the house that can only be accessed by climbing out our bedroom window, walking on an overhang then climbing down. However, in the event of a fire, this would be a no-go as we put our air conditioner in that same bedroom window, thereby denying us that second egress.

     He also didn't give us adequate notice of the rent increase. He came by just today to get his rent for March and when Mrs. JP informed him of the oven dying, through no fault of our own, he got huffy, said he "doesn't want to do this anymore," and announced he was jacking up our rent by a lot. I've reached out to my friends on Facebook and have been madly doing research on several things. But aside from suing him for violation of the sanitary and building codes (oven and second egress), it doesn't even seem worth my time to call the state AG's or the US Attorney's office.

Addendum: Well, my asshole landlord, Bill Wyskoczka, just gave us an eviction notice to quit the premises in 14 days or he's taking us to court. He's charging us with non payment of rent, even though he didn't make the slightest attempt to collect it and had been at our house earlier this morning and could've collected it but hadn't. In other words, he'd artificially created this situation so he can kick us out, rehab the unit and charge the next poor sucker who moves in two or three times what we're now paying. So, thoughts, advice?

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(The Fuckening, Day 64. Republicans declare war on gravity.)

     The filibuster doesn't have a racist past, Moscow Mitch? Strom Thurmond in 1957, anyone?

     Thanks for helping the Georgia Bar make its case, you right wing lunatic.

     Rachel Maddow tore Joe Manchin (D-No, really, I AM a Democrat. Y'all stop laughing!) a new one Tuesday night for his failure to get even the most tepid gun control bill passed. You can watch here and here.

    I'm actually surprised they didn't release this piece of Nazi dog shit like they had so many other rioters.

     I hope this goes viral and that the name Frankie Jennings becomes as famous as George Floyd's and Trayvon Martin's.

     Because DeVos' disclosures are in broad ranges, the low ball estimate is $225,000,000. The high end estimate could be $414,000,000.
     While denying debt relief to college kids.
     While owning 10 yachts.

     Your Karen o' the day. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)

     Another Trump stooge bites the dust.

     And the beat(down) goes on.

     Cindy Hyde-Smith. No comment needed.

     2020 saw the rise of two highly toxic and communicable diseases- Coronavirus and Donald Trump.

    For once in her political life, Kristi Noem did the right thing, albeit for cynical reasons (i.e. avoiding a lawsuit). Now she's about to get toppled from Bullshit Mountain by right wingers that are even more radical than she (Yes, they exist.).

     As usual, Donnie Dumbo can't keep his big mouth shut.

     We're turning into the same Nativist hellhole we were in the 19th century.

     Rachel Maddow did a great segment last night showing what petulant, petty scum Republicans are. John Cornyn tried to slow walk Vanita Gupta's confirmation process simply because she'd humiliated him 18 years ago by taking down a dirty cop to whom Cornyn had given an award.

     How do you prove that you weren't vaccinated? (A second tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)

     Yep, this WOULD happen in Florida.

     This is why the GOP is so terrified of Donald Trump forming his own party- Remove the racists and ultra right wing terrorists from its base and the Republican Party would shrivel to the size of a rump party composed entirely of corporate CEOs.
Jason Miller, the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man of the Trump 2020 campaign, is now officially the poster child for right wing deadbeat Dads and perjurers.
   Speaking of whom,
here's the beginning of a long, highly incriminating Twitter thread about deadbeat dad and whore monger Jason Miller by the woman who bore his child.
     Cy Vance's criminal investigation into Trump's finances just spread to Chicago. At this rate, by summer it'll go galactic.

   "Facebook Continues To Host Militant Groups And Ads Despite A Ban On Right-Wing Extremism."
But please, Fuckerberg, keep cracking down on Robert Crawford for posting antifa memes and romance authors for steamy book covers.
More anti Asian violence. And finally...

This grilling of tech CEOs will not end well... for them.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

The Fuckening Continues

(By American Zen's Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari .)
I'll admit it. I didn't vote for Biden. He's not my guy. But, as John Wayne had famously said of JFK's election, "I didn't vote for him but I hope he does a good job." And I'm saying the same thing about Biden. Of course, there are already things I'm seeing in the White House that I don't like: There are the usual round of corporate executives and "former" lobbyists that are part and parcel to every neoliberal presidential administration. And Biden is absolutely the Neo Anderson of neolibs.
     But for nearly a month, I've laid off the old guy. After four years of the psychological and political freak show of the last four years, I'd decided, as had so many of us, to just take some time off and bask in the glorious quotidian calm of this boring yet effective administration. It's the emotional version of having tinnitus for 48 straight months only to have the ringing abruptly go away. Bernie disagrees, but Twitter's lifetime ban on the last guy also greatly aids in the blessed relief for those of us who desperately needed a break from the constant lies, name-calling and threats on which, until the ban, the MSM had breathlessly reported and further amplified.
     However, in the background of that blessed silence, was the realization that getting rid of Trump last November 3rd wouldn't be the panacea to all our ills. Doing so wound up costing seven people, including three police officers, their very lives on or just subsequent to January 6th. We all know what that date means. once known as Epiphany Day. Donald Trump, at least in the short term, had robbed it of its thunder and replaced it with, "The Day the So-Called President Had a Public, Pants-Wetting Temper Tantrum and Tried to Get Thousands of Armed Thugs to Stop the Results of the Election He'd Lost at the Very Moment They Were About to be Certified."
     And no amount of press conferences or speeches by a hollow-eyed Joe Biden, his voice desiccated by age, and his glorious, stultifying boringness and much-needed pragmatism can change that.
     The last general election itself marked an important turning point in American history. November third marked the exact moment the Republican Party abruptly transitioned from being a mainstream conservative party with fringe elements embedded in it to being one in which the anti-democratic, fascist and racist fringe became the mainstream. At the risk of taking a page of the Rude Pundit's book, let us call this, The Fuckening.
     Because this wasn't a mere loss, the usual political ritual of when a Gerald Ford, George HW Bush or Jimmy Carter fails to win a second term and gently goes into that good night. No, no, no, that's now the old normal, just like the old normal that had been sledgehammered into wistful, gauzy memories after 9/11 and, since last year, COVID-19.
     The New Normal, at least as far as the right wing goes, is to challenge every election that a Republican loses. Just as going out without a mask or walking into a building or onto a plane without passing through a metal detector, concessions and concession speeches are so 20th century, quaint relics from a bygone age in which politics wasn't a viciously hyper-partisan blood sport 24/7. One has to literally squint to find any common ground on which all lawmakers in both parties can agree, including bestowing Congressional gold medals to the Capitol Police Officers who'd risked their lives to defend the very Republicans who'd subsequently refused to honor them.
     The Fuckening was given an evolutionary shot in the arm with the election that same fateful night of some certifiable whackjobs like Marjorie Taylor-Green, Lauren Boehbert and Madison Cawthorn, who was videotaped madly wheeling his way toward the January 6 riots like a moth to a flame.

How Do They Fuck Thee? Let Me Count the Ways...
It seems inconceivable that the same people who less than 20 years ago willingly gave up their rights for just the illusion of security would become the same who now scream about their rights and refuse to wear masks and socially distance for much more than just the illusion of security. And yet, that's what we are. The ones who'd gladly allowed their bags to be rifled at airport and stadium checkpoints while weakly mumbling, "Well, if it keeps us safer..." now holds their own safety and health as well as that of their fellow Americans in utter contempt.
     And part of the reason why Republicans lost just three incumbents in the Senate and nearly took back the house and why Trump received 11,000,000 more votes than he had in 2016 was because Republicans promised to give them everything that radical electorate wanted (short of jobs and stimulus checks), no matter how extreme or outlandish their demands.
    Time and again, we've heard Republicans piously demanding that the "some people" who'd had "questions" about the presidential election results deserved to have their voices heard (a refrain we hadn't once heard from them when liberals and Democratic voters had legitimate questions after the clusterfucked 2000 and 2004 elections. Back then, the refrain was, "You lost. Deal with it.").
    Only then it's worth listening to the electorate, provided they voted for the same guy who'd incidentally put those questions in their head before, during and after the election. Other Republicans followed suit like toddlers imitating their father, challenging their own election losses in their downballot races. Proving what dittoheads right wingers the world over are, in the wake of their own elections, Israel's Likud Party, anticipating major losses, is about to launch an offensive aimed at their own right wing voters calling for them to question unfavorable election results.
     The Fuckening is metastasizing and going global.
    Add to this the run of the mill wingnuttery of Republicans screaming hoarsely about nonexistent liberal gun-grabbing every time there's a mass shooting (proving Americans refuse to relinquish some cherished traditions such as mass shootings), and, while screaming hoarsely about nonexistent voter fraud, race-based vote caging and, while screaming hoarsely about nonexistent toilet misappropriation, a neverending war on transgender rights.
     While Donald Trump's crushing loss in the 2020  election was absolutely essential to the survival of our democracy, it turned out to be a double-edged sword. While restoring sanity back in the government (at least in the Executive branch), it simultaneously made things worse. Trump skated through his second impeachment, every Republican in both chambers voted against the latest stimulus bill just because Biden wanted it, they're bitterly opposed to a transgender rights bill, a voting rights bill and even the renewal of the VAWA (Violence Against Women Act).In fact, Republican obstruction is such that Democrats like Biden and Manchin, who've gone on record as opposing ending it, are now seeing that ending the filibuster will be the only way to protect the voting rights of all minorities.
     And let's not forget, the vast majority of Republicans voted in opposition to the Electoral College  results the same day the Capitol Building was invaded and their lives placed at hazard. It didn't matter to them that Trump himself had let slip the dogs of war and directed them into their workplace. Trump beat the impeachment rap again, they're still ginning up white grievance over the election results and, despite the spate of mass shootings, despite over 90% of Americans in favor of gun background checks, the GOP still refuses to listen to the vox populi as long as right wing donors and groups wave large sums of money beneath their snouts.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(Eight fewer voters for the Nazi-GOP to worry about.)

     10 people were killed in a mass shooting in Boulder, CO.
     MTG's already attacked Democrats over it.
     Fox has ignored it.
     QAnon assures us no one died.
     It's the 7th mass shooting in as many days.
     In other words, another day in 'Murrica.

     Oh, yeah, and it could've been prevented but for a right wing judge 10 days ago.

     Atlanta cops detained for four hours the husband of a shooting victim who was killed. Just because he was Mexican, even though they knew the shooter was white.
    In other words, she just called Trump supporters gullible morons. Such as Sidney Powell, for instance. Yes, she used the Fox News defense.

     Joan Walsh calls out Cancun Cruz... for telling the truth for a change.
     Jesus Christ, another one... Looks like America's getting back to its old normal...
    Our electoral system is so completely predicated on fraud and dirty tricks, especially on the right wing side, that it would make a banana republic dictator blush. Our very Electoral College, which exists nowhere else on the planet, was created in the 18th century to appease slave owners.
    It's mind-boggling how EDS, or "Excited Delirium Syndrome", hasn't been laughed out of every court in the land. Yet, that's the defense to which Derek Chauvin's lawyers are defaulting in trying to excuse his obvious and very public murder of George Floyd.
     Your MTG outrage o' the day.
     I wouldn't be so quick to ridicule Rubio for this. Just sayin'...
     Your Brad o' the day.
     I know Biden can't fire him but we have to get rid of Rat Fucker Zero Louis DeJoy STAT before he completely craters the USPS.
     "Give me my relief check before I try to overthrow you!"
     It was bad enough when Trump fired 5 IG's in two months last year. However, he'd blocked nine such probes, which have remained hidden until now.
     Yes, Meghan McCain is a racist. We don't need John Oliver to remind us of this.
Dr. Oz? WTF was Jeopardy thinking?!
"While everyone waits for an apparent motive... one thing is absolutely certain: Little will be done to address the primary cause of mass shootings. The ease with which any random man with an inchoate grievance can pick up a gun and rapidly snuff out the lives of strangers to make himself feel powerful will remain unchecked." Amanda Marcotte. And finally...

Is it just me or are these mass shooters getting younger and younger?

Monday, March 22, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(We have some pretty good words, too.)
     Only a right wing nut job would name a coffee shop after a plastic explosive.
     I can't begin to tell you how sad and tragic this is. Too little attention has been paid to the COVID-19 "long haulers."
     "It would be the only state, the only state without an airport and without a car dealership and without a capital city and without a landfill!"
     There are several car dealerships in DC. Right wingers just don't want to give all those black people the right to vote and send Democrats into the Senate and House while being perfectly happy to tax them without giving them any representation.

     "You know, there's a reason Greenland was called Greenland.  It was actually green at one point in time. And it's been, you know, since, it's a whole lot whiter now so we've experienced climate change throughout geologic time."
     In other words, do as we say, not as we do. Fuck you.
     "May be culpable"? May be?!
     Fucking A. And we should start with Trump, the asshole who drew those rioters like a magnet to DC.
     "Biden aides had ties to large tech companies"? Oh, THIS was a shock to my system.

     "(DeJoy's plan is expected to propose) eliminating the use of planes for the first-class mail service to transport letters and other flat mail in the contiguous United States."
     So what's Rat Fucker Zero going to replace the planes with? Pony Express? Kevin Costner?

     God, Harris Faulkner is caustically stupid.
     So, how do Trump's most loyal followers feel about his upcoming social media empire? “Couldn’t give a rat’s ass.”
     So, while Charlie McCarthy (R-Trump's Lap) is trying to kick Eric Swallwell off the House Intel Committee, Devin Nunes (R-I Lost to a Fictional Cow) is getting samizdat from a sanctioned Russian agent. Yet he's allowed to remain the Ranking Republican on that same Intel Committee? Why?
     The rich are revolting? Seriously?
Well, well, wasn't THIS cozy?
     "I listened to him, but I didn't do what he said."
550,000 dead Americans later...
Fuckbook recently deleted 1.3 billion fake accounts then touted it as proof they're taking fraud seriously. But the exact opposite is actually true.
"We will never quit, we will never comply, we will never stop." We will never stop holding our breath or kicking our feet. We will fight them from the playpens, we will fight them from the ball pits, we will fight them from Chuck E. Cheese.
Trump didn't mention Pence in his list of "good Republicans". Because he didn't slit Pelosi's throat and hold the joint session of Congress hostage at gunpoint?
     This bullshit against Asian Americans, such as this assault in NYC, has to stop.
     The election was robbed?
Well, he would know, I guess.
"Trump said he'll run for President if we win back the House! If every Patriot makes their donation monthly, Republicans WIN."
     The problem is, Trump never said this. Maybe he should sue them, after all. And finally...

Cy Vance's criminal probe into Trump's finances just widened from a world of hurt to a universe of hurt.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.)

     Is Wray out of his fucking mind?! Of course the shootings were racially motivated.

     How is it our fault Trump has such an eminently punchable puss?

     Wow, what a shock. Thank God I was sitting down when I read this. Who knew that a deadly disease would follow Trump everywhere he goes?

     Yes but for a much briefer period of time than you realize, asshole.

     "Meet the New McCarthyism." Couldn't have said it better myself. (Actually, I had, over a month ago.)

    Moscow Mitch is finally in a position in which it's now known his bark is worse than his bite. "Scorched earth Senate"? He couldn't scorch an egg at this point.

     Your Brad o' the day: You're Out of Order! edition.

     This is the kind of shit you see in banana republics.

     Yes, the 12 Republican rat fuckers who voted to deny Capitol cops their due are actually fundraising off it.

     It's kind of obvious by now that the Florida GOP is living in an alternate universe.

     Illegal aliens and child molesters? Really, Cancun Cruz?

     This is all we need- Another George fucking Zimmerman.

     "Driving onto the base, Olson got out of the vehicle, shouted, 'This is for America,' and fired an AR-15 style paintball gun at two uniformed reservists standing about 15 yards away, the filing states."
     What is this guy, 13 years-old?

    Biden's been in office for two months now. Why haven't we done more for these poor migrant children?
It's the 18th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. But this isn't the time to make reparations, not when we have to bail out our own people first.
Where there's a public emergency, there's sure to be a Republican feeding trough.
Just days after eight people, six of them Asian American women, this jeremiad defending lynching and tying the Chinese in with it, is plainly ill-timed. So of course, treasonous Republican scum like Chip Roy think it's the perfect time.
Like everything else in Trump's life, his private 757 is a derelict. At this point, I'm amazed it isn't on cinder blocks.
    Yes, every time RonAnon Johnson opens his mouth, he digs himself a deeper and deeper hole. So please, let the dear man continue speaking.

     Meme intermission.

Zoom paid zero in income taxes last year despite a massive increase in profits? Sounds legit.
"A father allegedly carried his 2-year-old daughter into an elephant habitat at the famous San Diego Zoo to take a photo with the animals, police said Friday. An elephant seemed like it wanted to charge at them, and the father dropped his child when they tried to escape the enclosure, San Diego Police Sgt. Ariel Savage told NBC San Diego."
     Well, he got my vote for Father of the Year.

And to think, Chuck Toddler had the nerve to block me on Twitter.
Looks like Cuomo's about to have his own Infrastructure Week. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)

"(T)hey are silencing me!" says white racist using Fox "News" megaphone.
Yes, Giuliani literally tried to make a federal case out of his porno the Borat movie.

Sieg Heil, eh? So much for Canadians being unfailingly polite. (Bonus: The police started getting rowdy with the antifa counter protesters, not the actual instigators.)
Keep in mind, people, missing this putt literally made him angrier than killing half a million Americans through his COVID-19 disaster, imprisoning thousands of migrants legally seeking asylum, artificially making 500 of their children orphans by separating from their parents or tanking our economy.
     It was this.

"(Trump has) $400 million-plus in loans coming due. His brand is failing. His businesses are failing. He has a huge IRS audit. He doesn't hold office anymore. He's lost his Twitter. That's a lot of baggage for somebody to run for president."
    It's interesting that he didn't feel he had to add the two impeachments and countless very serious lawsuits awaiting him.

     Kushner and Douchewitz were caught selling pardons, 27 of them successfully, for a pack of white collar criminals.

God only knows why any Republican would want this guy's endorsement to the point of manufacturing them. Then again, virtually every Republican is completely insane. And finally...

Excuse me, but what credibility did evangelicals EVER have before Trump?

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