Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(Yes, Virginia, there is a Cy Vance.)

   There's this insidious movement that says, while the January 6th riots were deplorable, Donald Trump had nothing to do with it. It's a pernicious talking point that gained some stained "legitimacy" after Republican scum again voted to acquit him this month. McDaniel's doing the same thing here.
     At CPAC, Robert Unanue gave us yet another reason to boycott Goya.
     "What remains to be seen at CPAC is whether Mr. Trump will attempt to revive his false statements about a 'rigged' 2020 election. His advisers are imploring him not to, and they say the hope is that Mr. Trump will focus on suggesting changes to election rules across the country."
     Since when has anyone succeeded in making this baboon stay on message?

     The misogynist comment section alone proves why we still need an ERA.
     That poor little girl is going to be scarred for life.
     A man is dead because of a mask. A goddamn mask.
     Wow, another right wing politician is found guilty of corruption. Someone get my fainting couch.
     Hasn't this lunatic Powell given up yet?
     It'd be all too easy to dismiss Trump's boilerplate bullshit at CPAC as more ho hum, yada yada. But CNN's Brianna Keilar had him pegged when she noted that he didn't sound like someone afraid of starting another insurrection.
    Mary Trump may be onto something here. She doesn't think her mob boss uncle will run again because it's the best grift he's ever found.
     No doubt, Trump would've looked at getting vaccinated as virtue signaling.
     Is there anything this Nazi on wheels WON'T lie about?
     Your Brad o' the day: Oz edition.
     If Bobo was any stupider, she'd have a tag on her toe.
     This is what happens when you take right wingers out of their bubbles.
     I don't feel sorry one iota for Hyatt. Invite fascists, expect a Nazi rally.
     This could be huge. Keep this in your peripheral vision.
     Ah, that heart-warming Republican minority outeach.
     This is a fascinating list but I have to admit I thought it curious that he'd omit Vlad the Impaler and Elizabeth Báthory.
     Afterwards, they had to put him in for a time out and grounded him from legislating for a week.
    Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse just tore the FBI's Director, Christopher Wray, a new one for sharing information with Republicans and not Democrats.
    Terrorism for Dummies: If you're going to commit crimes and then blame them on nonexistent organizations, don't publicly brag about it.
     When Republicans creep out other Republicans.
     Trouble in right wing paradise?
All this after 57 days in Congress. Talk about an auspicious start.
    He also told the same filmmaker he thought his listeners were "rubes" who could be talked into "buying anything, even dick pills." That's 100% of the MAGA movement in a nutshell, people: Hucksters and rubes.
     I'm assuming this makes perfect sense somewhere in Wingnutta.
     Perfectly in keeping with right wingers who've been exposed as racist or misogynist asshats, his and his church's social media and video accounts have been taken down.
     I know they have simple, childlike minds but what the hell is up with Republicans' obsession with Dr. Seuss? And finally...
      Come on, you didn't really fall for it and think Rat Fucker Zero DeJoy was capable of anything good and decent, did you?


At March 3, 2021 at 12:32 AM, Anonymous CC said...


Repubs can't justify their decision to put more restrictions on voting with any merit, so they change the subject to take a dig at Seuss Enterprises' decision.

The irony is that while they whine about a private corporation (supposedly their kind of constituent) censoring its own intellectual property, they have no problem making it harder for voters who mostly don't support them from having their say at the ballot box, which essentially amounts to censorship as well.


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