Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(Speaking words of wisdom. Don't let 'em be.)

     Once more, with feeling- Fuck 'em. Let 'em die.

     Yep, the fat man is toast.

     "A really bad day for him"?! And despite him murdering eight people, six of them Asian women, they still doubt his murder spree was racially motivated?

     Remember Larry Householder, the former Ohio House Speaker who was arrested in connection with a $61,000,000 bribery scheme (and was, outrageously, re-elected last November)? Yeah, his fixer was suicided, in his car, in the woods. Vince Foster, anyone?

    "Mr. Toot enjoys the presumption of innocence..." Unlike 100% of the black people in this country, right? "Mr. Toot"? That's the name a spinster gives to her cat.

    Another rich, white asswipe cuts in line ahead of minorities and the elderly to get vaccine in city he doesn't live in.

     Mitch McConnell, you are hereby cordially invited to go fuck yourself with a nutmeg grater.

     Florida Man, the world's worst super hero.

     Oh, shut the fuck up, you rabid munchkin.

     At last, more evidence of liberal Democrat voter fraud...! Oh, wait...

     We saw the same exact shit with the FBI during the civil rights protests in the 60s.

     Since, as we all know, he has such a great track record running casinos (Narrator: Into the ground).

   Trump whispers, "Take the shot" while bellowing about American "rights". (Bonus nugget of ignorance: He thinks the Spanish Flu pandemic started in 1917.)

     Another Nazi bites the dust.

     It's on. It's so incredibly on. It's so nice seeing a legally-elected president for a change and one who has no problem taking on Russia.

     I still can't believe the police don't think his murders were racially motivated... despite the fact all three spas he'd shot up were Asian-owned. That sounds pretty targeted to me.

    It's official: The Wisconsin GOP would rather honor a pill-popping, child molesting, misogynist Nazi like Rush Limbaugh than augment Black History.

    Your Brad o' the day.
This was today, not when Pence was VP. With a car full of guns and ammo, what did he have planned for Vice President Harris?
This is part of the reason why violence against Asian Americans went up by 150% last year.
Trump's lies about everything have long since cost people their very lives. It astonishes me he hasn't been arrested for this, yet.
Republican scum are once again attacking a woman of color up for an important post and nitpicking their pasts. Brett Kavanaugh was raping women when he, too, was a teenager. Why didn't we see the slightest particle of concern over his past?
     Marcia, Marcia, Marcia... And finally...
While Republicans are flocking to Mar a Lago hoping to curry favor with the bloated gator that lives there, Trump's plotting the party's demise.


At March 18, 2021 at 2:22 PM, Anonymous CC said...

Nice, Mr. Powell, but those words could have also described the administration that employed you and for which you lied to get the country into a quagmire of a war.


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