Sunday, March 21, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.)

     Is Wray out of his fucking mind?! Of course the shootings were racially motivated.

     How is it our fault Trump has such an eminently punchable puss?

     Wow, what a shock. Thank God I was sitting down when I read this. Who knew that a deadly disease would follow Trump everywhere he goes?

     Yes but for a much briefer period of time than you realize, asshole.

     "Meet the New McCarthyism." Couldn't have said it better myself. (Actually, I had, over a month ago.)

    Moscow Mitch is finally in a position in which it's now known his bark is worse than his bite. "Scorched earth Senate"? He couldn't scorch an egg at this point.

     Your Brad o' the day: You're Out of Order! edition.

     This is the kind of shit you see in banana republics.

     Yes, the 12 Republican rat fuckers who voted to deny Capitol cops their due are actually fundraising off it.

     It's kind of obvious by now that the Florida GOP is living in an alternate universe.

     Illegal aliens and child molesters? Really, Cancun Cruz?

     This is all we need- Another George fucking Zimmerman.

     "Driving onto the base, Olson got out of the vehicle, shouted, 'This is for America,' and fired an AR-15 style paintball gun at two uniformed reservists standing about 15 yards away, the filing states."
     What is this guy, 13 years-old?

    Biden's been in office for two months now. Why haven't we done more for these poor migrant children?
It's the 18th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. But this isn't the time to make reparations, not when we have to bail out our own people first.
Where there's a public emergency, there's sure to be a Republican feeding trough.
Just days after eight people, six of them Asian American women, this jeremiad defending lynching and tying the Chinese in with it, is plainly ill-timed. So of course, treasonous Republican scum like Chip Roy think it's the perfect time.
Like everything else in Trump's life, his private 757 is a derelict. At this point, I'm amazed it isn't on cinder blocks.
    Yes, every time RonAnon Johnson opens his mouth, he digs himself a deeper and deeper hole. So please, let the dear man continue speaking.

     Meme intermission.

Zoom paid zero in income taxes last year despite a massive increase in profits? Sounds legit.
"A father allegedly carried his 2-year-old daughter into an elephant habitat at the famous San Diego Zoo to take a photo with the animals, police said Friday. An elephant seemed like it wanted to charge at them, and the father dropped his child when they tried to escape the enclosure, San Diego Police Sgt. Ariel Savage told NBC San Diego."
     Well, he got my vote for Father of the Year.

And to think, Chuck Toddler had the nerve to block me on Twitter.
Looks like Cuomo's about to have his own Infrastructure Week. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)

"(T)hey are silencing me!" says white racist using Fox "News" megaphone.
Yes, Giuliani literally tried to make a federal case out of his porno the Borat movie.

Sieg Heil, eh? So much for Canadians being unfailingly polite. (Bonus: The police started getting rowdy with the antifa counter protesters, not the actual instigators.)
Keep in mind, people, missing this putt literally made him angrier than killing half a million Americans through his COVID-19 disaster, imprisoning thousands of migrants legally seeking asylum, artificially making 500 of their children orphans by separating from their parents or tanking our economy.
     It was this.

"(Trump has) $400 million-plus in loans coming due. His brand is failing. His businesses are failing. He has a huge IRS audit. He doesn't hold office anymore. He's lost his Twitter. That's a lot of baggage for somebody to run for president."
    It's interesting that he didn't feel he had to add the two impeachments and countless very serious lawsuits awaiting him.

     Kushner and Douchewitz were caught selling pardons, 27 of them successfully, for a pack of white collar criminals.

God only knows why any Republican would want this guy's endorsement to the point of manufacturing them. Then again, virtually every Republican is completely insane. And finally...

Excuse me, but what credibility did evangelicals EVER have before Trump?


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