Thursday, March 25, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(The Fuckening, Day 64. Republicans declare war on gravity.)

     The filibuster doesn't have a racist past, Moscow Mitch? Strom Thurmond in 1957, anyone?

     Thanks for helping the Georgia Bar make its case, you right wing lunatic.

     Rachel Maddow tore Joe Manchin (D-No, really, I AM a Democrat. Y'all stop laughing!) a new one Tuesday night for his failure to get even the most tepid gun control bill passed. You can watch here and here.

    I'm actually surprised they didn't release this piece of Nazi dog shit like they had so many other rioters.

     I hope this goes viral and that the name Frankie Jennings becomes as famous as George Floyd's and Trayvon Martin's.

     Because DeVos' disclosures are in broad ranges, the low ball estimate is $225,000,000. The high end estimate could be $414,000,000.
     While denying debt relief to college kids.
     While owning 10 yachts.

     Your Karen o' the day. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)

     Another Trump stooge bites the dust.

     And the beat(down) goes on.

     Cindy Hyde-Smith. No comment needed.

     2020 saw the rise of two highly toxic and communicable diseases- Coronavirus and Donald Trump.

    For once in her political life, Kristi Noem did the right thing, albeit for cynical reasons (i.e. avoiding a lawsuit). Now she's about to get toppled from Bullshit Mountain by right wingers that are even more radical than she (Yes, they exist.).

     As usual, Donnie Dumbo can't keep his big mouth shut.

     We're turning into the same Nativist hellhole we were in the 19th century.

     Rachel Maddow did a great segment last night showing what petulant, petty scum Republicans are. John Cornyn tried to slow walk Vanita Gupta's confirmation process simply because she'd humiliated him 18 years ago by taking down a dirty cop to whom Cornyn had given an award.

     How do you prove that you weren't vaccinated? (A second tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)

     Yep, this WOULD happen in Florida.

     This is why the GOP is so terrified of Donald Trump forming his own party- Remove the racists and ultra right wing terrorists from its base and the Republican Party would shrivel to the size of a rump party composed entirely of corporate CEOs.
Jason Miller, the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man of the Trump 2020 campaign, is now officially the poster child for right wing deadbeat Dads and perjurers.
   Speaking of whom,
here's the beginning of a long, highly incriminating Twitter thread about deadbeat dad and whore monger Jason Miller by the woman who bore his child.
     Cy Vance's criminal investigation into Trump's finances just spread to Chicago. At this rate, by summer it'll go galactic.

   "Facebook Continues To Host Militant Groups And Ads Despite A Ban On Right-Wing Extremism."
But please, Fuckerberg, keep cracking down on Robert Crawford for posting antifa memes and romance authors for steamy book covers.
More anti Asian violence. And finally...

This grilling of tech CEOs will not end well... for them.


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