Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(And strip him of the POTUS title he never earned.)
     I cannot put into words how nice it is to once again have a nice, safe and boring government that actually helps more than just the 1%.

    That's why I call these people drowning rats in a sack. They will do anything in a frenzy of self preservation.

    Has anyone else noticed the ever-shifting dates for Trump's "inauguration" are virtually identical to End of the World scenarios promoted by doomsday cults?

     I'm assuming this makes sense somewhere in Wingnuttia.
     Well, the stupid, genocidal bastard finally went and did it.

    Yes, this right wing lawyer said the quiet part out loud: We need racist voter suppression laws in order to win elections.

    Since when are elections all about "balance", Perdue? If there's "a Democratic-leaning imbalance", it's because your party and its platform sucks and the voters know it.

     Another fine addition to Congress. Thanks, Texas.

     With no committee assignments, Marjorie Taylor-Greene really has no role in Congress at this point but to act as a professional, a Mitch McConnell Mini Me willing to throw her tiny body on the tracks to stop the omnibus of progress. Really, she's just a glorified right wing bleacher bum at this point.

     Right wingers the world over all think alike. They honestly think legal penalties should apply only to liberals and that they and their standard bearers can do no wrong.

    Man, Fox really doesn't care who they hire, do they? As long as they're sociopaths. Take Brian Kilmeade, for instance.

     Look what this right wing asshole did to a 4000 year-old site. I've been to America's Stonehenge, TWICE. This absolutely infuriates me.

    Warning off Trump is just going to make him double down like the Nazi asshole that he is. And personally, I hope he DOESN'T listen to them. I'd love to see him tear the GOP, and himself, to pieces.

    I cannot put into words how nice it is to once again have a nice, safe and boring government that actually helps more than just the 1%.

    Moscow Mitch may be onto something. We pay Congressmen and Senators $174,000 a year and they hardly ever work, either.

     Meme intermission.

     The lawsuit is on. It's off. It's on again. I hope these assholes Parler and Amazon completely destroy each other.

     That was two months ago. What took you assholes this long?

     It'd be tempting to say, Sure, let's go with this and deny Texas the vaccine. Except there are a lot of good, conscientious people in Texas who still observe safety guidelines and still want and need the vaccine.

    President Biden is right- This right wing genocidal movement IS Neanderthal thinking. This is the same party that's too stupid to recognize melting ice when they see it.

Yeah, that fatal crash in Texas that killed 13 that Brian Kilmeade thought was so hilarious? It got through a hole in the border wall. "We Build the Wall"? I guess we didn't, after all.

     "There's nothing about equality in that act. If anything, it's the supremacy of gays, and lesbians, and, um — transexhikes." I honestly believe Bobo's high school guidance counselor suggested "organ donor" as the job for which she'd be best suited.
As if losing 3500 health care workers to the pandemic isn't bad enough, nurses face far more workplace violence than any other profession. That's because hospital administrators don't and won't do enough to protect them.
I say we send Sen. Moss to Capitol Hill. This is precisely the kind of outrage we need from Democrats.
Sean Handjob rages against doctor for telling the truth about masks reducing flu deaths.
It's all about clickbait and ad revenue with these sociopaths. He invaded the Capitol building just to build his brand.
     Ron fucking Johnson needs to go and be replaced by Russ Feingold immediately, if not sooner.
Imagine finding out the Chinese bowl you bought for $35 at a yard sale is worth half a million dollars. And finally...
     "Trump didn't explain why he was covering up that his children are learning Spanish."
     Maybe because they're planning a midnight flight to Argentina to join the rest of the Nazis?


At March 4, 2021 at 8:37 PM, Anonymous CC said...

How in the world did Feingold lose twice to Johnson, who has never distinguished himself in any positive way?

At March 4, 2021 at 8:47 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

Ask the mouth breathers who'd voted for him. Don't forget, this is the same state that put Joe McCarthy in the Senate time and again.


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