Friday, March 5, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(At least Trump was too lazy to take over the world.)
    President Biden is right- This right wing genocidal movement IS Neanderthal thinking. This is the same party that's too stupid to recognize melting ice when they see it.

    Yeah, that fatal crash in Texas that killed 13 that Brian Kilmeade thought was so hilarious? It got through a hole in the border wall. "We Build the Wall"? I guess we didn't, after all.

     "There's nothing about equality in that act. If anything, it's the supremacy of gays, and lesbians, and, um — transexhikes." I honestly believe Bobo's high school guidance counselor suggested "organ donor" as the job for which she'd be best suited.

     Another explanation for Moscow Mitch's fealty to Don Trump. The Deputy IG found allegations of misuse of Elaine Chao's office and asked Barr's DOJ to look into it. They refused.

     I don't write fanfic but this article about AO3, the biggest fanfic community on the internet, still pissed me off. Trolls like this are why we can't have nice things.

     Who knew that you were such a mendacious, bottom-feeding rat fucker? Besides everyone, that is.

    The investigation into Elaine Chao, McConnell's wife, marks the fourth Cabinet secretary that we know of who should've been investigated by the DOJ yet wasn't.

    What we're seeing among top Republicans is simply Battered Wife Syndrome. These are guys whose families as well as themselves had their lives threatened. And yet, they. Still. Won't. Give. Him. Up.

     Why these people haven't been nominated for or won Darwin awards is beyond me.

     "But I'm white and voted for Trump!"

    You have one month, guys, to undo all of Trump's deregulations in one fell swoop. Use that time wisely.

     "We meant to spell out the other word but we didn't have enough Gs."

     Another Rube Goldberg scheme from the right wing.

    My Congresswoman out of MA-3 is Lori Trahan. What do you think the odds would be of my getting her cell phone number? Slim to none, right? So how did these rioters get the cell phone numbers of right wing congressmen?

    Greg Abbott will surely go down in history as the worst Texas governor of all time, quite a feat considering all the assclowns who had gotten elected before him.

     Yes, we're out to destroy you because you're a seditious asshole.

     Yeah, LET'S talk about voter fraud.

     I'm surprised, after two months, we haven't seen this sooner.
     Bill Clinton once famously said that the two things you don't want to see made are sausages and bills.
     This is what he meant.

It's a small-minded world, after all.
The lawsuits continue piling up. Eric Swallwell just piled on with his own.

These right wing snow flakes deserve to be mocked as much as they deserve to be prosecuted.

I have two biracial sons, so this outrages and sickens me to no end. And finally...
Remind me again how Einstein defined insanity?


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