Monday, March 29, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(Satan wasn't in the plague and deluge business.)

     Cutting the CDC staff in China from 47 to 14 is another way that Trump fucked us over at the start of the pandemic.
     Man, talk about Evergreen having a bad week.
     Your Brad o' the day.
     Oh, shut up, Meadows. You got COVID working for Trump... twice.
     Fani Willis, the DA of Fulton County, Georgia, just told The Daily Beast there are now two grand jury probes into Trump.
     And I'm sure arresting you was the proudest day of that cop's life.
    We used to put bellowing, thick-necked morons like this in four point restraints. Now we make them multi millionaires, elect them to public office and invite them into the WH.
     Yet surprisingly, the crowd couldn't distract Derek Chauvin from killing George Floyd.
     Once more, people, this is what happens when you vote Republican. They piously say the voice of the people should be heard when their guy doesn't win the election but stop listening when the people vote in a legally-binding referendum to expand Medicaid.
     Because firewalls have a liberal bias?
     Shorter Fox "News": "Don't play video evidence of the murder because that's unfair to the defense."
You're going to be hearing a lot about "Section 304" from 1974 and this is why: It allows the Senate to bypass the filibuster, meaning Democrats won't have to use the nuclear option.
It's impossible to overstate what a grasping, avaricious slimebag Jeff Bezos really is. If Amazon had end-to-end unionization, it likely still wouldn't affect his bottom line of $180 billion by so much as a penny
"Slavery is... a way of humanity"?! Seriously?!
MAGA rioter called for black cop to be lynched. But by all means, hug and kiss him first.
I'm amazed this racist didn't get thrown in jail for making race-based, terroristic threats. Actually, no I'm not.
Last month, the president promised that 100% would be eligible by the end of April. As we should've expected, it looks as if the administration is exceeding promises and shrinking the timetables.
Unfortunately, the data don't include the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine and its efficacy rate.
     "I resent being called dumb and unpatriotic for my personal health decision to not receive any of the COVID-19 vaccines now available."
     Then stop being dumb and unpatriotic, snowflake.

You'd think the tear gas in itself would've been an unmistakable enough sign to not enter the Capitol.
Only 47% of Americans attend church, the first time it's dropped below 50% since Gallup began tracking it in 1937. And finally...

Vaccination passports the "mark of the beast"? "Nazi Germany"? Hyperbole, much?


At March 30, 2021 at 3:38 AM, Anonymous CC said...

Does the decline in the number of churchgoing Americans explain why right wingers have become more fanatical since the turn of the century?

But many worship at the altar of Trump.


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