Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Pottersville Digest: Expanded edition

    Rabid Munchkin who'd called for the deaths of Democratic lawmakers wants to expel Maxine Waters for "inciting violence."

     We've officially turned into Putin's Russia.

     Yet, he wasn't taken to jail... WHY?

     This is what passes for law enforcement in Perth Amboy, New Jersey.

     Now Ted Nugent's got it. At least COVID's aim is getting better.

    "And I think it's the role of the president of the United States to stay back, to not inflame the tensions." You mean like the last asshole, Kayleigh?

     Gym Jordan did what Gym Jordan does.

     Yes, this has to be a thing.

     Your Karen o' the day.

     There's nothing more despicable or gut-wrenching than seeing two people of color flashing the white power sign.
    "When Barr learned about Gaetz’s conversation with the president, he was incensed. The attorney general called the U.S. attorney and gave him an earful, according to two people familiar with the call.
'If I ever hear of you talking to Gaetz or any other congressman again about business before the Department, I am going to fucking fire your ass,' Barr told him, according to one of the people with knowledge of the call."
     I have to admit, this made me chuckle.
     WTF has happened to Naomi Wolf?
     "Between her first and second Fox appearances alone, she tweeted that a new technology allowed the delivery of 'vaccines w nanoparticles that let you travel back in time'..."

     Meme intermission,.

     "Tarnation, get off my lawn, you whippersnappers and hobbledehoys, and posthaste!"

     Republicans last week: "Where do I sign up?"
     Republicans this week: "What is this KK Kaukus of which you speak, stranger?"

     Your Brad o' the day, redux.

     Why is the DOJ still trying to defend Trump in his rape trial and why are we footing the bill?

     Republican woman clutches pearls at looting that isn't happening to businesses to which she has no connection.

     Try to sit through the first 3:15 of this video and wait for the last nine seconds. Tucker Carlson really is a loon.

     "The self-harm of Trump voters should concern us all."
     What, me, worry?

     Give the gift of Cat Scratch Fever.

     This is hilarious. Trump's statements are keeping his supporters in jail.

     Just before Chauvin was pronounced guilty of murder, Columbus, Ohio police shot and killed 15 y/o Ma'Khia Bryant, an unarmed black girl.

     Just before Chauvin was pronounced guilty of murder, Columbus, Ohio police shot and killed 15 y/o Ma'Khia Bryant, an unarmed black girl.

    They couldn't hold their Nazi hate rally so they settled for harassing and threatening black people. Then this happened.

     Corrupt Congressman Steve Scalise, from perhaps the most corrupt state in the union, doesn't deserve statehood because it's overrun with criminals. (Read: "Black people.")
     Like the ones who overran DC on January 6, for instance. (Read: "White people.")

     Yeah, about that "8th Wonder of the World"...
     Your co-Karen o' the day.
     Herd immunity requires infection and death before a virus burns itself out. And if right wingers want to volunteer, then who are we to stand in their way?
     If any of us had done this, we'd be in handcuffs within minutes.
     This is how much Republican scum hate black people.
     If you have a strong stomach and an hour to spend, listen to this podcast that goes into a MAGA convention that's like CPAC on steroids.
     Rat Fucker continues fucking the rat. Now Louis DeJoy is spying on us. So, if you're reading this, USPS, you're working for a criminal rat fucker.
     Yes, he actually said, "colored people." And finally...

     For any of you who thought that Derek Chauvin's triple conviction would immediately result in change, read this.


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