Sunday, April 11, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(Life has its cruel little ironies.)

     Jeff Gannon, anyone? Not exactly the finest hour for the White House press corps, is it?
    Cy Vance's expansion of his probe to include Barry Weisselberg paints a portrait of a weak, talentless man who never had to pay for anything in his life and is still supported in middle age by his daddy.
     I think we can chalk this up to right wing terrorism, what do you think?
     Methhead Mike loses yet another contract.
     Don Young's always been a thug so I believe Boehner here.
     As the Old World Irish would say, "Oh dear, she's a wee bit teched in the head, she is."
     Unlike Trump, Pence actually tried to do the right thing on January 6th, even if only in the interests of saving his own skin.
    I suppose by tomorrow, Matt Gaetz (R-Epstein) will be calling for a lobby and Super PAC to represent the interests of middle aged men who pay children for sex.
     If you can get behind the Globe's despicable paywall, here's a story that just broke. I'll give you a sample paragraph:
     "Today Boston police are fighting to keep secret how the department handled the allegations against Rose, and what, if any, penalty he faced. Over the years, this horrific case has come full circle: The father who brought his daughter in last summer to report abuse by Rose was the boy allegedly abused at age 12 in the 1995 case. The department's lack of administrative action back then may have left Rose free to offend again and again, from one generation to the next. Prosecutors now say the boy recanted his story under pressure from Rose, a common phenomenon for young survivors of abuse when faced with demands from their abuser. Though the criminal case against Rose was dropped as a result, a separate police internal affairs investigation went forward and concluded Rose broke the law."

     It ought to be mentioned right now that SoS Barbara Cegavske is the Nevada GOP's only state-wide elected official. Yet, they're trying to remove her for doing her job.

     "Total stone cold loser"? Remind me which one won his re-election bid last November, again?
     "Competent Trumpism"?! Isn't that kind of a contradiction in terms?
     Live from Mar a Lago, it's Saturday night!
     Kaitlyn Bird gets it.
     "There is no era of the nation's history in which white people built fortunes without racial subjugation, and white Americans are so aware of this, many can't imagine an economy without it. Simply, white voters didn't embrace bigotry because they faced economic precarity; they faced economic precarity because they embraced bigotry."

     Admittedly, this makes for some dry reading but it's worth it just to get to the Jamie Dimon quote at the end. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)

     This is a whole 'nuther rabbit hole that involves Trump, Giuliani, Parnass and Fruman.
    Leave it to Republicans who pretend they see vast evidence of voter fraud that doesn't exist yet strenuously ignore vast evidence of child sexual abuse... until a Democrat's in the White House.
     Democrats want open borders, eh? This is exactly the same kind of right wing horseshit we saw in the first couple of years of the Obama administration (2.5 million deportations).
     I have a black friend doing contract work in North Carolina and I worry about him a lot for shit like this.
     Poor little right wing rich boy is about to learn a lesson about allowing himself to be radicalized by a huckster.
     Well, the reviews from last night's Trump grievance session are in and they aren't good...
    Katie Hill's interview with Jim Acosta this afternoon shows the stark differences between Hill's scandal and Gaetz's. Hill was a victim of revenge porn. Gaetz showed potential revenge porn to lawmakers on the floor of the House.
    This is the guy Matt Gaetz once called his friend. From childhood, he was a one man crime wave just waiting to happen. And finally...

     Here's the horrifying detention and assault of Lt. Nazario last December, through three different perspectives.


At April 12, 2021 at 8:21 AM, Anonymous Comrade Rutherford said...

"Not exactly the finest hour for the White House press corps"

From one article, "The photo on the site was Boris Johnson eating an ice cream cone." And not one of them checked???

It sure sounds like a Trump operative was feeding questions to the far-right press in attempts at 'gotcha' questions for the Biden admin.

At April 14, 2021 at 2:15 PM, Anonymous CC said...

Trump can't be the reincarnation of Hitler.

One actually served in combat and earned a handful of medals.

The other, well, is also known as Cadet Bone Spurs on this blog.


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