Thursday, April 15, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(You're damned right I take down names.)

     Of course Gomer and Allen West will be there. How could they not be?

     Your Karen o' the day.

     The cop who killed Daunte Wright, Kim Potter, has resigned. However, as Bree Newsome Bass says, it means nothing and changes nothing.

     "Despite the technology’s well-known flaws, Detroit police relied on it almost exclusively in their investigation. They did not perform even a rudimentary investigation into Williams’ whereabouts during the time of the Shinola shoplifting incident..."
     Yes, the Detroit PD literally doesn't know shit from Shinola.
     Amanda Marcotte: "(T)here's almost no way anymore to hold a politician accountable for corrupt behavior. And we're all much worse off for it because politicians are going to be increasingly emboldened to violate ethical standards or even commit crimes, knowing there's unlikely to be any penalty for it."
     Basically, whether you call it press fatigue or outrage fatigue, a lot has changed since John Edwards and Al Franken. And it can be traced straight back to Trump.

     Trump's old thugs are so unemployable they had to open up their own wingnut welfare office to keep them busy.

     He was a Socialist, they said. His business would go under, they said. He'd wind up on a bread line, they said.
     That was six years ago and since he raised the minimum wage of his employees to $70k, Dan Price's company's revenue has tripled, they acquired another company, home ownership has gone through the roof, they'd had kids and even improved their health.
     This video puts the lie to all the right wing nay-saying.

     "Cilurso explained he had a drinking problem and that he had a tendency to get angry while watching television, according to police."
     What, no talking black dog named Sam?

     Your Brad o' the day: Sundown Town edition.
     I'm amazed Trump didn't make this crooked loser his head of Customs and Border Protection.
     On Tuesday, it seemed as if even Chauvin's defense team couldn't believe the shit that was coming out of their own witness's mouth.
     It doesn't surprise me this is coming from a guy who thought Puerto Rico still had to weigh in on the presidential election.
     No word, yet, on whether his co-conspirator Jesus Christ had been arrested and charged.
     "A Missouri state lawmaker exiled from the House Republican caucus over accusations of sexually and physically abusing his children years ago on Tuesday said he will step down."
     Oh, those rock-ribbed Republican family values.

     "The first thing some of the women were asked to do when they got to the house parties in the gated community in suburban Orlando was to put away their cellphones, according to two women in attendance who spoke to CNN in recent days. The men inside, a who's who of local Republican officials that often included Rep. Matt Gaetz, did not want the night's activities documented."
     I'm sure they didn't.

     Trump's Mini Me is finally retiring.
     Really, are we any the poorer for this omission?
     Manslaughter? Bullshit. Prosecutors could easily make a case for murder two or three.
     I'm sure he's very fine people.
     So, he still didn't get his pre-trial release agreement revoked for violating the terms by keeping a machete... why?
     Only in fucking Idaho.
     It came out yesterday in Politico that Gaetz's iphone was seized by the feds last winter.
     Gutfeld's "comedy" show got jerked off. OK, now THAT'S funny.
     "An hour before curfew."
     There was no brainwashing involved in the Qanon movement. It was strictly involuntary and depended, I think, entirely on an already preexisting predisposition to reject anything that wouldn't comport with a right wing world view.

Another Napoleon of crime bites the dust.
Yet another red letter day for Republican family values.
Oh my. Over 150 Venmo payments to girls as young as 17.
One of those sanctions is that all our diplomats there will have to leave Russia at the end of the day today, essentially ending diplomatic relations with Russia. It's on. It's so on.
The WaPo provided a horrifying 3-D video of what it was like on the ground for Capitol c ops on January 6th.
Looks as if Liberty's purge of the Falwells is complete.
     Meanwhile, this happened in the ironically-named Loveland, CO. The female victim was 73, 5' and 80 pounds, has dementia and sensory aphasia. They refused her medical treatment after fracturing her arm and dislocating her shoulder.
     All over $13 worth of products for which she didn't pay at Walmart.

So, a white guy in Minnesota dragged a cop with his truck. How come he was neither shot or tased? Oh, right...
     Racist porch monkey gets schooled by little kid over his treasonous flag.

Last night, Geraldo put the hurt on Danny Bongos on Sean Handjob's show. And finally...

Today, our government finally made official that it's made a link between the Trump 2016 campaign and Russian intelligence and, surprise, surprise, the links run thusly: Manafort=Kilimnik=Russian intelligence. It's a link that was hidden from Mueller's team. Now we have to find out who'd buried that link.


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