Monday, April 19, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(I can't wait to see how they enforce the jaywalking laws.)

     It appears as if the victims in the Indianapolis shooting were targeted for being Sikhs.

     The Lollipop Guild tried to justify itself. Hilarity ensued.

     Greene, Gaetz and Gosar: The 3G network we can all live without.

     If he hates Asians so much, why did he choose to live and work on an island full of them?

     Jerry loves to watch his wife get shtupped by the pool boy. This is what I love to watch.

     Of course, Gosar.

    "What kind of country sees Adam Toledo as a ‘thirteen-year-old man’ and Kyle Rittenhouse as a ‘little boy’?" A country in which a major political party forms a caucus based on "Anglo Saxon political traditions."

     Maybe someone should take Gaetz aside and tell him Marjorie Taylor-Greene is over 17.

     She begins by screaming that she had no input nor had read the nakedly racist policy platform of her KK Kaukus. By the end of her tweetstorm, she's defending it.

     Game, set and match goes to the lady.

     This took a lot of guts and was, admittedly, a risky political gamble.

     White privilege rears its ugly albino head again.

     Yet, they're shooting them with rubber bullets.

     Journalists. Right. That's what they are.

     "Sustainability loans" to oil companies?

    Words of truth from Robert Reich. I wish Biden had made him Labor Secretary again instead of Marty Walsh.

     A comprehensive but far from all-inclusive history of Anti-Asian violence in America.

     Yet another mass shooting, this one in Austin, TX. This country is coming apart at the seams.

     I love it when right wing scum eat each other. The after taste must be hellacious.

     Free advice to Florida Man, the world's worst superhero: Don't attack an African American mother when you're surrounded by dozens of other African Americans.

     So much for the "good guy with a gun" theory.

     Oh, THIS makes me feel better about our constabularies.

     Your Karen o' the day.

     All Republicans are furtive, craven douchebags.
I don't know why this greedy, unscrupulous scumbag didn't get hit with the full 10 years.
The "real" president called into Lindell's "Frank-a-thon." Hilarity ensued.
I think we'll see headlines like this often in the next year or two.
Yes, Alan Douchewitz put the idea in Lindell's addled head that Dominion, a Canadian company, is part of the US government. Yeah,. this will end well.
You can always count on corporations to do the right thing... for very brief periods of time. Expect Google and Amazon to follow suit.

Meanwhile, here in Massachusetts...
Your Brad o' the day.
You read that right. There were five major mass shootings over the weekend.
   "It's not like this guy is some peaceful prophet of gentility. This is the man who wants to do unspeakable things to books that say mean things about him, asking his supporters to vote on whether we machine-gun John Boehner's book, take a chainsaw to it or burn the book and light cigars. Where does that rank on the they-are-tearing-us-apart meter?"
Thom Hartmann knocks it out of the park again.
     Ron Johnson essentially admitted he was a piece of shit who doesn't deserve to be reelected next year. And finally...

In the debut of her new show, Brianna Keilar had hardly said anything new, that Fox is not news, but at least she brought the receipts.


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