Friday, April 2, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(Considering what happened at the Capitol today, this aged well.)

     Rachel does it again. See Wednesday's show here and here.
     How to lose friends and influence no one, by Matt Gaetz.

    We have to stop pretending that Mitch McConnell has as much power as Minority Leader than he had as Majority Leader. He does not.
     I know yesterday was April Fool's Day and, while there is an actual fool involved here, sadly, the rest is real.
     Republicans are united against the infrastructure bill? Because Biden's got the "D" after his name? Seriously?
     And right wingers scream about liberal indoctrination in colleges.
     I can't believe even one teacher thought this was a good idea let alone more than one. But it is, after all, Texas.
     Speaking of bad ideas, Meanwhile, in PA, this Nazi goon thought this was a, excellent career move to make during work hours.
     I still can't believe this Jim Crow bullshit is going on in 2021 America.
    I was wondering why this sounded familiar before remembering that Trump did exactly the same thing at the shiva ceremony of his CFO's 91 year-old mother.
     This is the best part- This idiot had his fate sealed when his picture was seen on an antifa site.
     Fascism is a cancer. It metastasizes. To places like Texas, for instance.

     The GOP is now officially an also-ran party in Nevada.
     Oh, the horror. The horror.
     Matt Gaetz hired sex workers with two cash apps... and the NY Times literally has the receipts.
     The state that started the Civil War wants to indoctrinate its kids into Trump's historical worldview.
Trump thought there were airports during the Revolutionary War.

     One of Trump's Scottish bodyguards dishes dirt on his ex boss and none of it's surprising.
     What the hell is going on with this country?
     "...Ivanka may as well have been shoving $5 bills into Coke bottles throwing them into the ocean, shouting 'help a woman!' after them as they crashed into the surf, before rushing off to a $1,000-a-plate 'female empowerment' gala to give a speech about how much empowering she just did."

     There's nothing right wingers won't fundraise on and that includes George Floyd's dead body.

The hypocrisy of these right wingers is stunning.
I'm not sure it's just a wing. It's more like the torso of the GOP.
God damn it. Another dead Capitol cop.
Your Brad o' the day.
MLB pulled the All Star Game and Draft out of Georgia. Couldn't have happened to a more racist state.
I'm so glad Deb Haaland is in the Interior Dept.
     "Democracy Corps found that "the Trump loyalists and Trump-aligned were angry, but also, despondent, feeling powerless and uncertain they will become more involved in politics…."
     Please, feel free to drop out, considering the flaming sack of dog shit you left on America's stoop in 2016.

So, tax breaks create jobs, eh? The opposite is true. And finally...

     Another would-be Hitler bites the dust.


At April 3, 2021 at 12:09 PM, Anonymous CC said...

Yet over 20 states will sue Biden for revoking the Keystone XL pipeline permit because that would cost jobs.

How about forcing those companies to pay back their bailout money?


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