Saturday, April 24, 2021

Pottersville Digest

     "I mean, you know, the freaking Al Qaeda Magazine, when it used to exist, used to advise Al Qaeda adherents that a great way to terrorize lots of Americans is to use a readily available large tool, namely a car or a truck, to run down Americans as a way of committing terrorist attacks in this country." -Rachel Maddow
     God, I wish I'd thought of this. So let us call Florida's HB1 "the Al Qaeda Terrorism bill."

     For the second time in as many nights, Tucker Carlson has erupted in maniacal laughter on his show. Methinks he's been dodging the nice lady with the paper cup, again.
     Your Brad o' the day.
     As the tee shirt says, Fuck your feelings.
     Why we can't have nice things.
     If Democrats have to grab power, it's because Republicans aren't wielding theirs responsibly.
     Yes, Richard Grenell is that colossally stupid.
     It'd be difficult for even a casual political observer to see how clinging to Trump's rotting political corpse has any upside.
     Wednesday, Ted Cruz was screaming about the nonexistent Green New Deal. Thursday, he was screaming about the DOA court packing movement. I suppose tomorrow he'll be screaming about the danger posed by the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires.
     The ironic thing is, the mother is white.
     Meanwhile, here in "liberal" Massachusetts...
     For littering.

     Another day, another insane right wing conspiracy theory.
     My son was at these protests last year.
     Is this racist cop bullshit ever going to end?
     The GOP isn't the party of Lincoln. It's the party of Alex Jones.
     "And while Greene has railed against big government, the AJC found that the family’s North Fulton construction business profited for years from work on taxpayer-subsidized low-income housing."
     In other words, she's a sawed-off, Appalachian version of Fred Trump.

     Yes, please keep backing the blue by shamelessly documenting your crimes on Facebook.
     Does entry into the GOP require a lobotomy?
     Your co-Brad o' the day.
     Sure, why NOT pile on the son of a bitch?
    We seriously need to get rid of "qualified immunity". This essentially allows cops to evade civil accountability as long as they feel they're doing something legal even when they aren't. Because God forbid we should expect our constabulary to know the laws they enforce.
"Oklahoma has passed legislation that offers protections to motorists caught in riots who unintentionally kill or injure rioters. The bill also increases penalties for blocking roadways during demonstrations."
     "I didn't intend to kill those 12 black protesters with my truck, officer."
     "OK, y'all are free to go."

Mr. "Quality over Quantity" got shot down on CNN yesterday.
So, the Senate passed a hate crimes bill designed to protect Asian Americans from violence. It passed 94-1. Guess who the lone holdout was. I'll give you a clue- He loves to give fist pumps to terrorists just before they sack the Capitol.
US Fighter jets against US protesters? Seriously?
Not only had this Trump-loving terrorist gotten just a year in jail, they're also crediting him with 108 days of time served, meaning he'll be on the loose again in less than nine months. And finally...

Fake president admits to casting fake vote for fake candidate.


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