Sunday, April 25, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(They'll no doubt go down in history as the Magnificent 11.)

     Oh, they didn't die in vain? OK, show me one lasting positive accomplishment we'd achieved in that two decade-long multi-trillion dollar boondoggle that saw the Taliban retake key cities and provinces in Afghanistan.

     You'd have to go back to 19th century Tammany Hall in NYC to find cruder forms of electoral fraud than what's going on in Arizona right now. The press isn't allowed to audit the audit (except for OAN), there's apparently no security and the "auditors" are using blue pens that could invalidate the ballots. Oh, and there's Lin Wood and dark money funding this sham of an audit. The right wing simply will not stop trying to push this square pg into the round hole.

     Why do so many of these nutjobs have to come from Queens?

     Both siderism at the USAF Academy. Well, the grads aren't having it.

     I've been saying all year that the only thing that'll save this republic from the extreme right wing is its stupidity.

     I see Donnie Dumbo is still holding Cabinet meetings at Mar a Lago with his grandchildrens' stuffed animals and action figures.

     Sorry, asshole. There's no do-overs in politics.

     How dare these assholes? They don't know what persecution is.

     Actually, this Republican's Corvette was found "parked under a mini-van."

     Florida Man strikes again.

     No comment needed. Just go read Chauncey.

     Next to their reaction to Obama's eight year-long presidency, this may be the longest right wing temper tantrum in history.

     This was racial profiling at its worst and nothing was done about it... until now.

     White Republicans have been losing in droves over the last few years so it's predictable that they're literally changing the laws to unconstitutional degrees to claw back a bit of their former dominance. But they'll only wind up hurting their own voters moreso than Democratic voters.

     Your Karen o' the day.

     Chris Christie: Just as stupid as he ever was.

     After all the crimes he's committed, this psychopath's still looking at no more than five years in prison.

     As always, Rand Paul displays his brain-numbing ignorance on every subject under the sun like a playground flasher showing his junk.

    If you live in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Connecticut, then this is very good news, indeed. At this point a year ago, NY, NJ and MA were 1,2,3 in the nation

    "Two Kansas women who said they traveled to the nation’s capital on Jan. 6 for a peaceful protest supporting Donald Trump have now been arrested in connection to the deadly riot that followed the former president’s speech and tweets." Bullshit. No one travels from Kansas to DC on short notice for "a peaceful protest", especially if they're right wingers.

     Meanwhile, elsewhere in Kansas...
    "Sometime after a January 2017 drug bust near Interstate 70's main exit for President Dwight Eisenhower's boyhood Kansas home, $72,000 in cash seized by the local sheriff's department disappeared."
     The money shot:
     "No criminal charges have been filed over the missing $72,000. The Kansas Bureau of Investigation closed an inquiry into the former sheriff in October 2019 and the missing funds were 'fully investigated,” spokesperson Melissa Underwood said'."

     Senator Skeletor is "disappointed with Democrats".
     I guess Democratic voters were disappointed enough in Republicans to take away their control of the Senate and the White House. And finally...

     Words of wisdom from Dr. Fauci. We don't need to repeat Trump's lies about coronavirus. It'd just further muddy the waters.


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