Thursday, April 29, 2021

Pottersville Digest

     I'm totally surprised this took place in Tennessee, how about you?
     Bible study group, huh? Two words: Study harder.
     "We heard about an injection of a tracking device," Wagner said. "Is that being done anywhere in Orange County?"
     "Chau did not immediately respond, and then the microphone picked up his audible laughter."

     And lawyers wonder why they're so reviled.
    CEOs at two of the three largest cruise ship companies saw their pay go up while they stopped paying their stranded crew and even charged them for basic necessities such as soap and shampoo.
     "After decrying Republican tax cuts that overwhelmingly benefited the rich and corporations, some Democrats, including progressive House members, are pushing to revise President Biden's infrastructure proposal to include tax breaks that will largely flow to the wealthy."
     Then stop calling them "progressives."

     Yeah. who cares about the will of the people? That's so 20th century.
     Rat fucker just keeps fucking the rat.
     Looks as if the biggest broken window belongs to Rudy.
     "UM. SO GIULIANI AND TOENSING AND DIGENOVA WERE SIMULTANEOUSLY UNREGISTERED AGENTS OF UKRAINE *WHILE ON THE PAYROLL OF RUSSIAN MOB BOSS DMITRO FIRTASH* - while working for Trump. When he was President. And they all were conspiring with Russian intelligence."
     Yep, that about covers it. All this, plus Devin Nunes.

     "A New York jury is deciding whether Americans, at a time of extreme political tensions, can call for the killing of US lawmakers under sacrosanct freedom of expression laws..."
     Excuse me, what? How and when did this country slip to the point where this is even up for debate? You cannot and should not threaten the lives of public officials, especially members of Congress. Aren't there laws prohibiting that?

     Go away, kid, you bother me.
     But, but... Hunter Biden's laptop!
     Three hours? I'm amazed it took the jury that long. This is all the right wing has: Malcontent incels and their impotent death threats on shithole right wing social media sites.
     "Redirected him to the floor"?
     Sounds as if President Biden's speech last night owned the right wingers.
     "If you're teaching, if you're having a discussion on, whatever the case may be, on slavery, and you can talk about everything dealing with slavery. The good, the bad, the ugly, the whole ..."
     There WAS no good to slavery. It was just bad and ugly.

     Another very fine Trump fan heard from.
     Another fine son of the soil heard from.
     One year ago, we'd already lost 60,000 Americans to COVID-19.
     Since then, we've lost nearly 10 times that many.

     Nazi android rips the president's speech for lack of "human warmth."
    This is exactly the way the DOJ should work: Independent of the WH and free from its control or influence. And Republicans are going out of their minds as if they honestly can't remember a time when the Department of Justice wasn't the president's law firm.
     Last night during the president's speech, the Tinfoil Caucus was in full force last night. And finally...
     A plot to kidnap the governor, decapitate her on live TV, burn down the state Capitol in Lansing at full occupancy, blow up a bridge? Yep, sounds like terrorism to me, folks.


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