Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Pottersville Digest: Expanded edition

(Except if you're a woman and speak the truth about Donald Trump.)

Trump's conspiracy theories about the 2020 election started in a Texas hangar in 2018 in which cell phones were banned.
Meet California's first Surgeon General.
What the Times didn't say was that this parasite, as one can expect, is a right wing donor. Shocking, I know. Take a moment to compose yourself, if you need to.

Right wing serial cheater claims getting caught cheating is "cancel culture."
"ok Adam, operator next question.” This is what passes for Republican "leadership" these days.
White privilege will never disappear in the US. It's long since been baked into how the government does business.
"Trump’s refusal to acknowledge that he lost hinges on myriad assertions that something dubious or suspicious happened during the 2020 presidential contest. The sheer volume of claims is itself often cited as evidence that something needs to be done about election security, a claim that’s a bit like advocating legislation for mandated chimney locks given how many Americans (most of them under the age of 7) believe in Santa Claus." -Philip Bump.
Unseat all the officials elected since 2018? OK, we've long since passed the point where this is ridiculous.
White privilege strikes again.
Trump didn't radicalize Republicans- He liberated and amplified them and gave them permission to proudly show their true colors. Many Republicans have always been cryptofascists. They were just waiting for their right wing Moses to liberate them.
Thanks to the radical, racist right wing, just broaching the subject of slavery is a third rail and they start screaming about "critical race theory."
Just another Sunday night in the Houston suburbs.
"Remember that lying is not just a matter of deceit. It’s an injury. I mean this literally. Lies are intended to loosen our perception of reality. They make us feel crazy." -John Stoehr

Because Wood knows if he takes a mental health exam, he'll fail with flying colors.
"For the MAGA faithful in Windham, there’s only one choice for auditor: Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, an inventor and controversial treasure hunter who has become a sort of internet folk hero to hardcore Trump fans."
Much has been made of white privilege and for good reason. Yet what's even more insidious is blue privilege.
When did the Massachusetts Audubon Society get into the logging business?
n intermission.
     "It makes us look like idiots."

     That's because you are. You should've bailed on this long before the name "Cyber Ninjas" came out.
     Tiny violin: Denied.

Your Brad o' the day.
And anyone who told you this was some kind of steal was telling you lies, Florida Man.
     This ought to make you feel better about your financial insecurities during the pandemic: Jeff fucking Bezos' new yacht is so bloated, it needs its own support yacht.
     You bring the guillotines, I'll bring the knives and forks.

Shorter Martha MacCallum: "Forget what we said last year and focus on what we're reluctantly admitting this year."
Really, did you expect anything better from the state that started the Civil War?
     Oh nos, another woke corporation and cancel culture!

Florida Man, the world's worst super hero.
This little lady launched in 1977, the year I graduated high school. And she's still sending back data.
Sweetie, your boss Reagan stole the 1980 election by stealing Jimmy Carter's playbook then illegally colluding with the Iranians during the hostage crisis and before the election. Then there was your boy Bush in 2000 & 2004. Stealing elections is a grand old tradition for the Grand Old Party.
Oh, the projection is strong with this one.
Your co-Brad o' the day.
The GOP Big Top is about to collapse with Trump in the center ring.
     “He farted on me and I was like, nobody’s ever done that to me. That is the most disgusting and childish thing. He looked at me and smacked the hat off my head.”
     Florida Man, still the world's worst super hero.

Jenner is just one brain seizure away from turning into the neighborhood cat lady.
Preet Bharara thinks the odds of criminal charges against Trump are pretty damned good.
This breaks my heart. I loved her movies & music videos in the 80's. RIP, Tawny Kitaen.
     Another Trump fanboy goes to prison for fraud. Fancy that. And finally...

Of course cops are resisting weeding out terrorists in their own ranks. This is why #blueprivilege ought to be a hashtag.


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