Monday, May 31, 2021

Pottersville Digest: Memorial Day edition

     Shut up, Hogsbreath.
     These idiots can't even ad lib their own idiocy, any more.
     Don't forget Kremlin Cruz.
     Imagine how much he'd be bellyaching if he hadn't stiffed Rudy for his $20,000 a day legal fee.
     Uh, Howard? There's no such thing as a "little" anti-Semitic remark.
    Ted Diadiun is right. In all fairness, the Republican were damned if they did and damned if they didn't vote for the January 6th Commission. But if you're bound to be damned you might as well be so on the right side of history.
    These right wing lunatics really do live in an alternate universe don't they?
    Your Brad o' the day.
     "I am not a conspiracy theorist!" says man who still thinks Trump is president at conspiracy theorist shindig.
   "Her spokeswoman, Hannah Hurley, has declined to explain why Sinema skipped the vote. Se didn't return my call and all she would say to The Arizona Republic’s Yvonne Wingett Sanchez was that Sinema 'will be entering into the Congressional record that she would’ve voted yes'.”
    "I'd like to enter it into the police record that I would've turned on the hose to put out that fire. And, no, I'm not going to say why I hadn't."

    "The remains of 215 children have been discovered on the grounds of a former boarding school set up more than a century ago to assimilate Canada's indigenous peoples, according to a local tribe."
    Well, that's certainly a nice, passive way of putting it. They were torn from their families just as we had with migrant children two years ago. Only, Canada did it for 80 years with the full weight of the Crown behind it to dislodge parents who'd owned and occupied land bristling with trees that the logging companies wanted.
   Rape, assault and murder of children is not "assimilation," It's just rape, assault and murder of children, period.

   "If Trump is actually put on trial, it will become a spectacle unlike any other in American history. Any possible verdict — acquittal, conviction or mistrial — will be received by his supporters as a great victory. No matter what happens, such a trial would serve as a flashpoint for a far-right, anti-democratic movement the likes of which has never before existed in this country. On balance, that sounds really bad."
   This guy seems to be saying, "Trump's too big to fail." If we're going to go down that line of "reasoning", then we might as well admit we're a nation of mob rule and that the terrorists have already won, even though they haven't won shit.

    All 20 miles of it, and it barely touches Oklahoma.
    Once a right winger, always a right winger.
   Frankly, I'm surprised and disappointed they never once mentioned the Massachusetts 54th, the regiment that was made famous in GLORY.
    This is a great article by a sex worker who's very aware that GOP policies create victims for the GOP.
     So, darling Nikki, are you "enjoying the long weekend"?
     Will no one rid us of this malignant leprechaun, Michael Flynn?
     Once again, quoting right wingers in their own words is "fake news".
     The Tulsa Massacre happened 100 years ago today.

     Chauncey DeVega asks a good question in Salon today: Are we moving forward into the future or are we stuck in reverse?
    Bill Kristol seems to think Democrats need to dominate the government, provided the Democrats aren't TOO liberal.
    Remember when conservatives were in the party of ideas? Well this is what passes for ideas nowadays. And finally...
    Yes, George P.'s political fortunes rest on Trump's sloped shoulders. But the good news is Trump's a very stable genius.


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