Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Pottersville Digest

("Ew!", 1000 times over.)

     Banned for five years for wearing denim shorts? This is 2021, not 1921, guys.

     "Of course, I am not opposed to bearing high labor costs. I am successful because of my workers. Human capital means everything to a small-business owner. But the economics of a $15 federal minimum wage simply don’t work for small businesses like mine."
     Wow, dude, hypocrisy much? Depending on what state one lives in (and the coastal states such as NY, MA and CA have outrageously high costs of living), $15 ph would still be an insufficient minimum wage. If you phase that in over five years, the Consumer Price Index, which goes up at 3-4% a year, would make the cost of living go up by as much as 15-20% over those five years. That would rob a lot of buying power from that $15 ph minimum wage, which would already be deemed insufficient in many states. By 2026, we'll be talking about raising the minimum wage to $20-25 an hour. The fact that's it's still stuck at the ridiculous $7.25 an hour after well over a decade, and that Republicans are opposed to raising even THAT by so much as a penny, they're certainly not going to be on board with a $20-25 an hour minimum wage. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat tio Constant Reader, CC.)

     "Republican violin maestros and those in the mainstream media (often the same thing) are playing dirges for Liz Cheney, the #3 House Republican. The right wing zeitgeist has long since weighed in- She will lose her conference committee chair as of tomorrow. Of course, that will be just Phase One. Phase Two, of course, is to primary her out of Congress when she's up for re-election next year. Phase Three, it's rumored, will be to banish her, naked and shivering, on an ice floe and vigorously push it into the watery wilderness as she confusedly hums the national anthem." -Mike Flannigan.

     Who gives a fuck what that milksop thinks?
     It figures this would be the best the Florida Democrat party could come up with: Yet another Blue Dog, crypto-Republican.
     Looks as if Dick "Twister" Cheney was on the phone last night calling Republicans. Now 100 of them are threatening to abandon the GOP to form a third party.

     From the refrigerator crate desk of Donald J. Trump, dour, unsmiling political hack.

     Yes, this is what these delusional sad sacks are reduced to. Pathetic, really.
     Cartoon intermission.

     Today's addition to your Lin Wood Batshit Insanity of the Day desk calendar.
     So, Trump's stooge Chris Miller got the 3rd degree from House Democrats and, suffice to say its not going terribly well for him.
     Another reason why Chris Miller had a horrible day: One of our own: One of our own, Rep. Stephen Lynch.
     Crippled Nazi tourist reverts to middle school self.
     Yes, Tomi, because people throwing eggs at you is so much worse than Trump directing lunatics to storm the Capitol.
     So, how's that bipartisanship thingie working for you, Joe?
     Human bobble head Paul Gosar screamed, "Who executed Ashli Babbit?" during hearing about the January 6th riots.
     Specifically, the 81,000,000+ who'd voted for him.
     So, they kicked Liz Cheney out of her chair this morning the typical Republican way: In a craven gang bang in the form of a voice vote, so there were no numbers and no way of knowing of who voted how.
     Poor President Biden, battered by a 63% approval rating.
     Republican scum wages war on those who expose his and his party's lies.
     Did anyone else know that Stacey Abrams is a novelist?
     Republican governors kill more people per capita than Democrats. Well, I'm shocked all to hell. How about you?
     Sure Trump wanted the National Guard deployed on January. Not to protect members of Congress, their staff, families or Capitol Police. He wanted to use them to "protect the demonstrators that were executing their constitutionally protected rights." This was January 3rd, mind you.

     From this day forward, Kevin McCarthy has lost the right forevermore to say he "backs the blue." His staff hung up on Officer Michael Fanone, who'd suffered a harrowing experience on January 6th.
     However deliberately or incidentally, Liz Cheney has done us a great service by revealing the mainstream Republican Party for what it is- A fascist, 5th Columnist, anti democracy insurgency in service to a demented loser. And finally...

     If and when New Hampshire becomes the next Ground Zero for election conspiracy theories and recounts, thank big mouth swamp creature, Corey Lewandowski.


At May 13, 2021 at 3:20 PM, Anonymous CC said...

Somewhere Liz's dad is wondering how the current crop of Republicans can be a bigger bunch of dicks than his own.


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