Sunday, May 16, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(Clyde's Capitol Tours: Come for the eye-gouging, stay for 20 years to life.)

Seb Gorka always reminds me of an Eastern European torture specialist that you see wearing a wife beater holding a blowtorch in the background in a second rate Nicolas Cage movie.
There you have it. Right wing rednecks don't give a damn about the voice of the people, which is to say they don't give a damn about democracy itself. They will literally throw out the baby with the bathwater for their antediluvian beliefs.
Matt Gaetz's entire political existence is a Thomas Nast cartoon come to life.
Shits given: Zero.
     Fucks given: Less than zero.
     Tiny violin: Denied.

You've gotta love the post 5 PM Friday night news cycle. That's when all the good shit comes out.
Vicious, mendacious crooks.
Yeah, Donnie, fuck your garden.
Your Brad o' the day.
Your name is Sam Montoya. You tried to kill Uncle Sam. Prepare to go to jail.
The Times' bestseller list stuck a black dagger right in the black heart of Josh Hawley's "bestseller."
Fox last week: "Masks are a political stunt!"
     Biden CDC: "OK, gone."
     Fox this week: "No masks are a political stunt!"

"Experts still believe the National Guard delay on Jan. 6 was politically driven..." Duh, you THINK?
Bad man gets kicked off a bad job for a bad reason.
There's something desperately wrong with a party made up almost entirely of white old men who wish they, too, could yell into AOC's mail slot.
Oh, NOW they care about the president's mental fitness for office?
     "Prosecutors took no issue with either defendant leaving town for the vacation, court filings show."
     White privilege reigns supreme. White supremacy, in other words. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC)

Texas slathers itself in glory yet again.
If you can't take the heat, stay out of the octagon, snowflake.
     Good luck explaining this one to the Aryan Brotherhood when you go back to prison.

     A blast of withering truth from my fellow Bay Stater, Charlie Pierce.

Your Brad o' the day: Faded child star edition.
Imagine, if you will, a Thomas Nast cartoon being turned into a movie. That would be Donald Trump's life.
"This isn't about bullshit, this is about betrayal, betraying your country. As long as the 'Big Lie' lives on, the insurrection hasn't really ended. That's because this is a war on the truth. It''s a war. whose side are you on?" -Jim Acosta.

Wait, what? Trump didn't think enough of you to endorse you and supported your opponent and he's a "genius" who plays three dimensional chess?

     The WaPo's editorial board rakes the NRA over the coals for its decades of corruption.
     Rep. Jackie Speier, who was with Rep. Leo Ryan when he was assassinated in French Guyana in 1978 and was herself wounded, called MTG a "train wreck," which she is. She's a figurative bomb-thrower and it's only a matter of time before she becomes one literally. And finally...

     Like a typical racist right winger (pardon the tautology), this assclown keeps forgetting their holy 2nd amendment also allows black people to arm themselves.


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