Monday, May 17, 2021

Pottersville Digest

('Murrica, a nation literally of flaming assholes.)

     "Bring the children unto me, then put them in cages after ripping them from their parents' arms." Tht good enough for you, Bobo?

     Seems to me this idiot was high enough so that he didn't need a plane.
     Just "a tour group", eh, Clyde?
     Remember Roe v Wade? Say bye bye to it.
     These right wing psychopaths honestly don't believe the law applies to them.
     OK, why's the DoD doing clandestine missions for private companies and consulting firms? And why are we paying for them?
    "Mr. Luong called the university’s public safety department, but by the time its officers responded, all but four of the 15 to 20 people who he estimated had initially tried to enter the house had fled. The officers did not speak to him or other residents, he said, and instead spoke with the remaining intruders, 'shaking hands with them, reminiscing about what it felt like to be a handsome young man with hair in college.
    'You know, it was kind of ridiculous,' he said."

    Greenberg makes a shitty witness. Yet it doesn't matter what he says but what he can prove. And they wouldn't've given him that 86 page plea agreement unless he had the receipts.
    Yes, Trump issued a memo right after he lost the election that essentially boiled down to, "Get us out of everywhere." He was completely ignored.

   In case you needed further proof that all corporate executives, especially in Big Pharma, are malignant sociopaths...
     It's a fair point to make.
     I didn't vote for Biden and this is one of the many reasons why. I knew he'd pull right wing pro-Israel shit like this. How tone deaf do you have to be to clear a $735,000,000 arms sale to Israel while they're in the middle of committing genocide against the Palestinian people?
     Honestly, I don't know why these idiots are still vainly hoping that Trump will help them. Trump's interested in just one person and that's Trump. Loyalty to him was always a one way street leading to him and no one else. We on the outside can see this plain as day. How come Trump's sociopathy isn't known to those who personally know him?
     It's past time to look into Kevin McCarthy's living arrangements.
     Oh, no, this isn't Orwellian at all.
     The idea isn't just to suppress the minority vote or discourage volunteers. The end game is to stack the deck with right wing ideologues who will be 110% on board with this fascist agenda.
     Just like any other tourist, right, Clyde?
     Like a typical mob lawyer, Rudy thinks he's a made man, that he's too dignified and Trump's too famous to prosecute. If that's his defense, the smart money's on the SDNY.
     In case you think people are too harsh when they call racist white cops rabid dogs, check this out.
    Barr actually empaneled a grand jury to unmask the identity of a Twitter account sued by Devin Nunes. Your tax dollars at work, ladies and gentlemen.
    You'd think someone worth at least half a billion dollars would be able to fund their own damned Senate campaign without resorting to Trump's sleazy tricks but you'd be wrong.
    Yeah, let's talk about who the REAL welfare queens are.
    There's breaking bad, then there's breaking stupid. And finally...

    "They can mobilize the people they've turned into raging monsters, and get them to attack these communist rats who want the country flooded with rapists and murderers so that the White race suffers genocide. You know the whole story. That's the Republican Party. It's not a political party anymore. It's very dangerous." -Noam Chomsky.


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