Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(Justice is coming, motherfucker.)

     Meanwhile, in the great and all-inclusive state of Texas...
     Your government in action.
     The officer is female and was immediately knocked out.
    Murderous asshole who got a pardon from Matt Bevin after his family bribed him with $21,500 rearrested for same crime.
     Every year on Memorial Day, conservatives own the libs by showing us how much smarter they are than us.
     Methinks there's some serious right wing rat fuckery afoot here.
     May the baby Jebus rain hellfire upon thee for taking schadenfreude at this monstrous irony.
     Yeah, the rules tend to be different once you enter the public sector.
     And this was different from the Trump International in DC... how?
     "On another occasion, an official at the Department of Health and Human Services suggested that the shortage of personal protective equipment could be solved by using 'doggie cones.' Fauci sent a polite thank you." I'd be amazed if this didn't come from Michael Caputo.

     Asshat hat store owner deserted by hat store brands.
     This is what you get in MAGA world after a microscopic moment of clarity.
     The New Aryan Empire at last returns to its roots.
     Is anyone else starting to suspect that God is gay?
     Another example of blue privilege.
     "Second, General Flynn, retired from active duty, is subject to the Uniform Military Code of Justice and he should be court-martialed. If a former general said this, they would have him in Leavenworth, Kansas right now, ready to face court-martial. This cannot be accepted."
     To Republicans, culture war hood ornament issues is always more important than actual governance.
     Catty Fox hosts have bitchfest over the vice president's appearance on a major magazine cover.
     Strategic Organizing Center: "In all four years for which data are available, Amazon's rate of injuries per 100 warehouse workers is substantially higher than it is for non-Amazon employers in the general warehouse industry."
     Amazon's likely response: "What the methodology fails to take into consideration is the overwhelming majority of our workers who aren't murdered through our callous, sociopathic, avaricious obsession with profits above all else, including, and especially, human life."

     Marcotte strikes again. Speaking of whom...

    Marcotte's right, as usual. Enough playing footsie with Republicans like Manchin and Sinema. It's time to treat them like the enemy, because they ARE.
     Sam Venable absolutely excoriated the TN GOP with a series of questions as to why they'd blocked th formation of a January 6 Commission.
     Trump really is living in an alternate universe, isn't he?
     "There are children here, you fucking asshole!"
And look who wanted a piece of the January 6 action. Why, it was Paul Gosar!
     I've had flu bugs that lasted longer than Donnie Dumbo's blog.

Meanwhile, in liberal Massachusets...
If we don't teach children to recognize evil, then don't expect them to recognize it on their own.
This is endlessly pathetic, ergo hilarious. This is Trump's, "Please clap," moment.
You go, girl.
This story manages to encompass everything that is wrong with the gun culture in this country today.
It looks as if Texas' unconditional open carry law is getting off to a roaring start. And finally...

Another right wing snowflake melts away.


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