Friday, June 11, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(Fauci lied, ferrets died?)

     Brought to you by the same fucking morons who gave us Freedom Fries.
     "(T)he U.S. Justice Department has to be cleaned up, has to be found out, ferreted out, punished, cleaned up, and come clean to the American people about it. Or the Justice Department will be used that way again, and again, and again, by the next corrupt president." -Rachel Maddow.
     If the Nazis had tasers, they would've used them, too.
     What the fuck is going on at the Justice Department?!
     1% white angst, perfectly distilled in 105 seconds.
     Politically shipwrecked castaway sends out another message in a bottle.
     When I hear stories like this, I wonder if there's any more justice for African Americans in this country.
     Yes, she actually graduated from nursing school.
     Like, nudge them a little with a nuclear warhead here and there? Or moving the entire earth's population to one side of the world?
     What's next, Ronnie, banning actual rainbows?
     The Boston Globe's editorial board just called for the criminal prosecution of Donald Trump, on the federal level.
     Your Brad o' the day.
     Texas AG Henry Lee Lucas is now under investigation by the Texas Bar Association.
     Your Brad o' the day: Master Race edition.
     Caitlyn Jenner. The View. Cue the theme from TITANIC.
     Sounds like, dare I say it, a witch hunt.
     Joey Scar takes apart the Trump-appointed Interior IG's inept report of the brutal takeover of St. John's and Lafayette Park.

     Meme intermission.

     It won't be Trump who'll be surprised, let me tell you.
     Looks as if Bobo's already lost that new congresswoman smell.
     "My support for President Trump, whether it's for or against, is irrelevant. That has nothing to do with this discussion. This is whether the ideology of somebody who is conservative is welcome in the Congressional Black Caucus."
     No, his support for Trump, the only "president" who ever supported Neo Nazis and Neo Confederates, is VERY relevant. The Congressional Black Caucus made the mistake of letting Allen West, the disgraced one term ex Congressmen, into their midst. They don't want to make that same mistake again. Because the Republican agenda is diametrically opposed to that of the CBC.

     "How dare you confuse us with the facts!"
     I don't know why the Republican Party doesn't just come out and admit, "We're at war with everyone who isn't a right wing, straight, male WASP."
     "These Republicans told everybody that their election results could be trusted because they were in charge and they were so good they were models. now they are signing laws based on lies. that they know are lies because they told the world they're lies." Nicolle Wallace.
     This last administration was, in a word, Kafkaesque.
     I bet you're not smirking now, are you, asshole?
     Marlboro is the town just south of me. Frankly, I'm amazed we even have a GOP. It doesn't surprise me to see them eating their own.
     "According to Strotz, they took root after Barack Obama was elected president in 2008. She denies race had anything to do with it."

"The Justice Department is not being forthcoming" is putting it rather mildly.
     Yeah, let's talk about Democrat voter fraud, shall we?

"Listen, your online friends can go back to sleep if they want, just tell them to set their alarm clocks for quarter to fascism so they don't miss the handover." -Walter Shaub.
Your Karen o' the day. And finally...

Thanks again, Zuck.


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