Friday, June 18, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(Happy Halloween on the Hill o' Fools.)

   Clyde not only refused to shake Fanone's hand, he also whipped out his cell phone and began recording Fanone as if he was a criminal.
    Whatever enemies America ever had or have now, Republicans WILL support them.
    I'm not into werewolf novels but I am into mysteries, so I'd read this. His literary agency, Macintosh and Otis, seriously needs to fuck off and step aside. Keeping this novel under wraps after nearly a century is just needless censorship at this point.
    The latter day GOP: A collection of conspiracy theorists, psychopaths and Russian hit men.

     Fucking Alabama.
     "Why is he touching the man I love? Why aren't I there? Oh, that's right..."
     The Maricopa County ballots got sent to a secret lab in the Montana woods? Sounds legit.
     Tucker Carlson lost his shit other night after Juneteenth was made a holiday by Congress.
    A new book reveals that Pompeo didn't want to rescue an American hostage because making the phone calls would've interfered with his bedtime.
     "An Iowa man has pleaded guilty to felony charges for firing his handgun into a carful of Black girls near the Iowa Capitol last December, injuring one... Under a plea agreement that a prosecutor called 'generous,' the state will dismiss four charges including attempted murder and won’t seek sentencing enhancement."
     IOW, white privilege is still alive and well in Iowa.

     Joe Manchin is now officially the whipped, redheaded stepchild. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)

    More anti Semitic violence. The police insist this wasn't a hate crime even though the boy was "obviously Jewish."
     God only knows why Manchin is still allowed to caucus with the Democrats.
     White snowflake files lawsuit after being accused of "white fragility."
     Old lunatics harass kids for wearing masks. Just as Tucker Carlson told them to.
     Then maybe you shouldn't've been there, Freddie.
     $2750 in fines, eh? If they were black, they would've been shot dead.
     Florida Man, the world's worst super hero.
    "Making Juneteenth, the anniversary of the day news of emancipation finally reached enslaved people in Galveston, Tex., a national holiday is a victory. But it is a hollow one at a moment when the political party that won the Civil War and made that freedom a permanent reality is now moving heaven and earth to keep African Americans from voting." Eugene Robinson.
     Another reason to believe the south will never rise again until a big enough meth lab blows up.
     Remember the eye gouger guy at the January 6 riot? He's ex NYPD cop Thomas Webster. The DOJ released horrific new footage of his attacks on his fellow cops.
     You'd think Manchin would learn by now that Republicans will never deal in good faith no matter who's in the White House. But Manchin IS a Republican and we all know Republicans learn nothing from their past mistakes.
     If you ever wondered what Geraldo Rivera would sound like if he had a pernicious brain tumor, wonder no more.
     Crisis actors, in other words, minus the crisis.
    If a cartoonist can think of these ideas, why can't politicians? (Second tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)
     "At the firing squad, the military firing squad, you will receive not one, but two bullets on your forehead for each child that you have harmed as a result of injecting this experimental vaccine. So when you go home tonight, think about how many bullets.”
     Where the hell do these lunatics come from?

     Meanwhile, in the Bluegrass State...
     I wonder how Stephen Miller found the time in his busy cross-burning schedule to write this?
    The Vatican already told them not to weaponize Communion. These right wing assholes told the Pope to go fuck himself.

    The courts are going to make a meal of this.
    Seriously, are ANY of these lunatics competent to stand trial? And finally...

    So, the lesson, boys and girls? If you're black and pass a counterfeit $20, you get executed on the spot but if you're white and you drive your rig through a group of people protesting that death, you get off scot free.


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